Ding Sheng new material landing on the motherboard foil faucet ‘tap “

Ding Sheng new material landing on the motherboard foil faucet 'tap

On March 27, the domestic aluminum foil leading company Jiangsu Dingsheng New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ding Sheng New Material”) officially disclosed “The first public release of A-share stockings”, this is in the aluminum foil processing industry A company that has worn for many years, will be on the motherboard, the company’s stock code is 603876.

sh. The company disclosed by the company April shows that Dingsheng new material is important to study, production and sales of aluminum plate with foil, and important products include air conditioning foil, single zero foil, double zero foil, aluminum strip, new energy battery foil Wait, 2017 Dingsheng new material business income reached 9.2 billion yuan, up 29.

78% from the previous year.. With the rapid development of new energy vehicles in recent years, it is foreseen that one of the substrates of the new energy vehicle lithium-ion battery, the main product of the Ding Sheng new material will maintain high rise in the future, this Ting Sheng The new material intends to use some of the funds raised by the annual 50,000-ton dynamic lithium battery electrode for aluminum alloy foil project.

After the project is reached, it is expected to achieve $ 1.467 billion in the year, and the overall profitability of Dingsheng new materials will be more Stairs, the company’s production will also meet the rapid rise in market demand. During the 2015 to 2017, the revenue of Dingsheng new materials increased by 6.

418 billion yuan to 9.2 billion yuan, and the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the mother’s shareholder also rose from 161 million yuan in 2015 to 273 million yuan..

In addition, Ding Shengxin also expects the company’s first quarter of business income to 2.7 billion yuan, an increase of approximately 14.89% to 34.

87% from the same period of the previous year; it is expected to be owned by the mother company in the first quarter of 2018. Net profit is 53 million yuan to 63 million yuan, and it has risen by about 16.65% to 38.

66% from the same period last year.. Established in 2003, only a few years later, it has become a business giant of nearly 10 billion billions.

After the rapid “growth”, it is a grasp of the opportunity, and its keen strategic vision.. Air-conditioning foil is one of the main products of Dingsheng new materials.

The product is the highest amount of domestic aluminum foil products. my country has entered maturity in recent years, and the market demand is stable. The market space of the air-conditioned foil is huge.

. Before and after 2005, the hydrophilic coated air-conditioning foil alternative light foil became the mainstream raw material of the air-conditioning heat exchanger, and the new materials used Zhenjiang and Hangzhou’s location advantages, timely seized market opportunities, and entered the air-conditioning foil market..

After short years of development, now Dingsheng new materials have jumped into the air-conditioning foil market, but also become a group, Gree Group, Hisense Group, Haier Group, Japan Dajin Group, LG Group and other large air conditioning production. Company core supplier. It can be seen from the product structure of Dingsheng new material, air-conditioning foil products are the company’s highest source of income, show that 2015 to 2017, the company’s air-conditioned foil revenue is more than 30%, with added value The higher hydrophilic coating foil is more than 25%.

It is understood that it is understood that the sales of the real estate market have increased, and the demand for downstream air-conditioning market has increased.. It should be noted that the market competition has also tended to be fierce while the air-conditioning foil develops.

. In this context, Ding Sheng new materials also adjust the product structure in time, while developing air-conditioning foils, timely, timely, single-zero foil and double zero foil in the consumer field in time..

It is understood that the single zero foil, the double zero foil has been widely used in the package, cooking, frozen, wrapped preservation, etc.. In recent years, my country has risen rapidly on household aluminum foil.

In 2005, the consumption of household foil is 23,000 tons. The consumption of 2015 has risen sharply to 267,000 tons, and the composite increase rate is 27.78%.

. According to the present invention, 2015 to 2017, the single and double zero foil coordinate camps of Ding Sheng new materials contributed about 45%, of which the total sales volume of single-double zero foil production was about 1.70,000 tons, single and double zero foil traffic Jumping in the forefront of the market.

Single zero foil and double zero foil business volume not only improved the company’s profitability, but also entered the product of Dingsheng new materials into the consumption of downstream packaging, household use, optimized the company’s customer structure, opened up stable and rising consumption Demand, which reduces the company’s business cycle fluctuation risk. In the future, Dingsheng new materials will further expand the production scale of single zero foil and double zero foil, improve the income of single zero foil and double zero foil..

The battery foil has a new performance rising point in recent years, the demand for new energy vehicles ushered in the explosive rise, and the Dingsheng new material once again proves that the keen long-term strategic vision, and the company has quickly arrested on the basis of having a strong power. The opportunity to expand new energy aluminum foil products. The battery foil produced by Dingsheng New Material is one of the substrates of the new energy vehicle lithium-ion battery.

It can effectively improve the performance of the power lithium-ion battery. The prospectus shows that the battery foil of Dingsheng new materials in 2015 The proportion of the total revenue has risen year by year, and the battery foil is sold from 7078.08 tons in 2015 to 177,08.

07 tons in 2017.. From 2015 to 2017, the gross profit margin of Dingsheng new material foil products reached 29.

67%, and the gross profit margin of three years was significantly higher than the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin. This also means that the battery foil products have become new. Income.

According to the written certificate issued by my country’s Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association, in the battery foil products, in recent years, Dingsheng new materials have quickly become the leading battery foil industry, the company’s battery foil product production, the market share of the report period Head name. In the future, with the intensive introduction of the government on new energy vehicle support policies, the improvement of the overall performance of the power lithium battery and the infrastructure, including DC charging piles, the demand for battery foil is expected to usher in huge rise..

In this context, as one of the leading suppliers of my country’s battery foil market share, Ding Sheng Shares have plans to raise funds 801 million yuan in the Shanghai stock exchange, of which 610 million will be put into annual production of 50,000 tons of power lithium batteries. Aluminum alloy foil project with motor. After the project is completed, Dingsheng new materials will fully enter the higher added value higher battery foil production, and it is expected to form a good complementary effect with the company’s existing product structure, Dingsheng new material forecast, the project is reached, it is expected Average annual revenue of 1.

467 billion yuan, the company’s overall profitability will be more stepped. The product added value is currently, and my country’s aluminum pressure extension industry has two characteristics. First, my country is a country with leading sales of aluminum plate with foil sales, more domestic aluminum plate with foil production company, overall scale is small, technological innovation capability And new product research and development capabilities, leading to low entry thresholds, low industrial concentration.

According to the end of 2016, there were more than 400 companies above my country’s aluminum pressure extended industry, including the average production of aluminum plate with aluminum strip with only 59,000 tons, not as a one-third of the average production of European and American developed countries.. The malignant competition of low-end products is not conducive to the overall development of the industry, and it is also not possible to meet the needs of future terminal consumers about the foil products of high-end aluminum plates, which means that the leading company will rely on scale advantages, technology and talent advantages, customer resources.

Advantages, etc., in our competition, take the lead in achieving global market layout. Compared with other competition companies, Dingsheng new materials have the above mentioned advantages mentioned above.

. It is understood that Ding Shengxin is a leading company in China’s aluminum foil market, and the production and sales volume is much higher than the domestic average..

In 2015, 2016 and 2017, Dingsheng new material’s aluminum foil production and sales, exports and market share were ranked by similar companies in China.. The scale advantage is an important guarantee for marketing advantages.

On the other hand, it is possible to reduce the fixed cost of the product, reducing the unit fixed cost of the product, and enhance the market competitiveness; on the other hand, the company also Production efficiency can be greatly improved by internal to digging and technical transformation.. In addition, in domestic and global aluminum processing products, delivery speed and timely degree of delivery is the most basic requirements for measuring aluminum processing company services, and it is also the key to ensuring normal operating production of the downstream company, and the scale advantage of Dingsheng new materials will It will greatly improve the company’s rapid supply, this is difficult to enter the other similar companies in state-owned enterprises.

. In terms of technology, whether a product has high value, which is a key factor affecting the price of the product..

Throughout my country’s aluminum pressure extension, there is a low technical content, and the added value is relatively mature. Foil products and battery foil products are lower. Multiple products of Dingsheng new materials can see the “high value” figure.

The prospectus showed that the higher value of the new material added value is relatively high in income. Taking the battery foil as an example. The added value of the product is higher than other aluminum foil products, and the gross profit level is also higher than other products.

. In this annual output of 50,000 tons of power lithium battery electrodes with aluminum alloy foil project, it will also enter the added value of higher battery foil production fields..

In addition, the development of pure electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles has put forward higher requirements on the lightweight and energy saving of automobiles. In this large background, the company began investing in the construction of brazing foil projects, which has high technology. The content, more steps, the process process is complex, and the added value is high, which is conducive to improving the company’s profitability.

. In the future, Dingsheng new materials will continue to consolidate the company’s leading position, improve the company’s market share, will break through the products such as battery aluminum foil, comprehensive into new energy, new materials, etc., will eventually develop into an industrial chain complete, product structure Reasonable, technical research and development innovation ability, customers cover wide, international influence, leading the market development direction, leading the market development direction.


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