Development status of titanate charging lithium battery technology at home and abroad

Development status of titanate charging lithium battery technology at home and abroad

Since the industrialization of lithium-ion batteries in 1991, the negative material of the battery has always been graphite in the world.. Lithium titanate as a new type of lithium ion battery has attached importance to the late 1990s due to its many excellent performance.

. For example, the crystal structure can maintain a height stability during the mosa of lithium ions and the escape process, and the lattice constant changes very small (volume change

Lithium titanate has a three-dimensional lithium ion diffusion passage unique to a spinel structure, and has the advantages of excellent power characteristics and good high and low temperature performance.. Compared with the carbon negative electrode material, the potential of lithium titanate is high (1.

55 V) than the potential of the metal), which results in a solid-liquid layer that is usually grown on the surface of the electrolyte and carbon negative electrode surface substantially does not form.. More importantly, in the normal battery, the lithium dendrites are difficult to generate on the surface of the titanate on the surface of the titanate.

. This greatly eliminates the possibility of forming short circuits inside the battery in the battery. Therefore, the safety of lithium-ion batteries of lithium titanate is a negative electrode is the highest safety in various types of lithium-ion batteries found.

. Most of the insiders have heard that the lithium battery life of lithium titanate as a lithium electrode material can reach tens of thousands of times, far more than common traditional lithium-ion batteries, only a few thousand times, it is ended..

Since most professional lithium events have never truly handed a lithium-ion battery product, or just have encountered difficulties in the grass.. So they didn’t calm down and carefully think about why most of the perfect traditional lithium-ion batteries usually complete 1000 ~ 2000 charge and discharge cycle life.

Whether the fundamental cause of the traditional lithium-ion battery is derived from one of the basic components in which the graphite is negative. Once the graphite negative electrode is replaced with a spinel-type titanate negative electrode, the substantially the same lithium ion battery chemical system can be circulated to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of times..

In addition, in many people discussing the energy density of the lithium-acid ion battery in many people, it is ignored a simple and important fact: that is, the long cycle life of the titanate ion battery, and the safety of different , Excellent power characteristics and good economic. These features will be an important cornerstone that achieved a large-scale lithium-electrical energy industry that is currently rising..

In the past 10 years, the research on the technical technique of lithium titanate at home and abroad can be described as a wind and clouds.. Its industrial chain can be divided into a preparation of lithium titanate materials, the integration of lithium titanate ion battery production and lithium titanate and ion battery system and its application in electric vehicles and energy storage markets.

. 1. There is a relatively good titanium titanium titanate material research and industrialization of lithium titanate materials, Japan Stone Oriental Industry Co.

, Ltd.. Among them, the titanate materials produced in the United States are excellent in performance in the magnification, safety, long life and high and low temperature.

. However, because the production method is too low, the production cost is high, which makes it difficult to promote commercial promotion..

The stone original industry is one of the largest titanium white powder manufacturers in Asia. The company has production base in Japan, Singapore..

The stone original industry fully utilizes its abundant raw material resources, successfully developed a variety of low-cost, high-magnification, and different granular titanate products with wet process.. Its performance-similar products have a greater advantage in the price of lithium titanate in the US, but is a little less than in my country’s domestic products.

. Zhuangxin Wanfeng took over the material of the lithium iron phosphate, the original German South Chemical Company, but inadequate investment and production of lithium titanate materials, the product quality is difficult to stabilize. There are a number of domestic product mass production, such as Sichuan Xingneng New Material Co.

, Ltd., Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy Co., Ltd.

, Huzhou Weizhong Power Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Beitry New Energy Materials Co.

, Ltd., Hunan Shanni New Materials Co., Ltd.

and many large-scale lithium titanate manufacturers around Anhui and Shenzhen. Sichuan Xingneng is a manufacturer specializing in the production of lithium titanate materials. The annual output of 3000T, the lithium titanate production process has customer adaptability and stability, and can be flexible without changing existing production lines and equipment.

Lithium titanate required by different customers, and maintain the stability of product technical indicators. It is possible to rely on the upstream lithium mine and titanium ore resources, which can achieve synergistic production from the original ore to the final material, thereby achieving the performance improvement and cost reduction of lithium titanate products, preventing the impact of raw material market fluctuations..

Zhuhai Yinlong completed the acquisition of 53.6% of the US Olytebi Technology Company in 2011, which became a small domestic product, and the lithium titanate material preparation, battery production, lithium titanate electric vehicle, energy storage system, FM Multiple core technologies and more than 30 patented companies such as peaks. At present, Northern Oly Tititani Technology Co.

, Ltd. (referred to as “Northern Olykit Titanium”) The annual output of 100t is 100T and supplies high-quality nano-grade titanate for Northern Olyet and Zhuhai Yinlong..

Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy and the R & D of the Stonehara Industry launched a strategic cooperation in the development of new titanate materials. The cost of materials will decline with its production, and it is expected to approach the current graphite negative material in the next few years..

Huzhou Micro-macro is one of the most successful companies that promote lithium titanate and other fast charge-based batteries in the domestic industry.. Lithium titanate materials produced by Huzhou micro-macro are important for ion battery products produced by themselves.

. Huzhou micro-mobility titanate-based ion battery products continue to expand domestic and foreign markets also play a good demonstration use of lithium titanate technology in electric vehicles and energy storage markets..

Shenzhen Bertry is currently the world’s largest lithium-carbon negative supplier. The company has a strong R & D team, is also one of the drafters of lithium titanate industry standards..

Shenzhen Beitrui Powerful sales network will also take advantage of the first product of lithium titanate market, 2 products of lithium carbon-covered titanate and carbon-free coated titanate. However, there is currently the primary product of ketan titanate materials..

In the case where the titanate ion battery market has not yet fully released, the company has not produced long-term plans in the production of lithium titanate materials.. 2.

Lithium titanate ion batteries and their applications in electric vehicles and energy storage are not much commercially available, and there are not many manufacturers of titanate, lithium-ion batteries, and is important to the US Olykit and Japan Toshiba Group.. The application market of lithium titanate ion batteries is important with electric vehicles, energy storage markets and industrial applications.

. The US Olyit titanate has its own unique core technology in terms of the manufacture of lithium-based ion batteries in international large-scale titanate, and has solved the so-called “flatulence” problem..

At present, its 4th generation 65AH monomer titanate lithium-ion battery has been used in the energy storage system, and there is still no significant capacity attenuation at 65 ¡ã C.. In terms of lithium titanate ion battery system, Ot.

The hybrid electric bus supplied by California has been put into operation in 2008.. Its fuel economy indicator is 106.

4kg / L is much higher than 23.8kg / L of ordinary diesel generators..

The company supplies 1MW storage system and the grid network of the local power grid, and serves a three-year technical support service at the same time.. This titanate ion battery energy storage system is important to regulate the voltage fluctuation of the renewable energy source, and control the load change rate of the unit within 1 mW / min.

. Olytitanos 1MW large-capacity high-power energy storage unit is the only large-capacity titanate-based ion battery product that is currently available in the US grid..

The number of energy storage systems exceeds 500,000, and the total charge and discharge power is more than 3300mWh. The system capacity loss is less than 2%, and the power does not have a significant decay..

Japan Dongzhi mass production is a titanate ion battery based on “scib” brand. Of these 3.2ah, 10ah and 20ah aluminum-shell square batteries are important for electric motorcycle, electric vehicles and automobile start-stop batteries.

. The SCIB battery has the advantage of rapid charging and long life. It can charge more than 90% in 10 minutes.

Repeated charging 3000 power capacity is less than 10%, which has been applied to “EV-NEO” electric motorcycle.. In terms of energy storage, Dongfeng in Toshiba is applied to the Japanese New Sunshine Plan to apply a lithium-acid ion battery to a large-scale energy storage power station and a home energy storage system.

. Another Japanese company Village has developed a new titanate ion battery using 5V nickel manganese acid for the positive electrode. The voltage difference is 3.

2V, the energy density can reach 130WH / k song, exceeding the level of the current lithium iron phosphate ion battery. There are many domestic titanate and ion batteries, such as Huzhou Weiling, Zhuhai Yinlong, Shenzhen Bolita, Tianjin Jiewei Power Industry Co., Ltd.

, Sichuan Xingneng, CITIC Nagandi Power Technology Co., Ltd. Hunan Shanno and many large-scale titanate-based ion battery manufacturers around Hunan and Shenzhen.

Huzhou Micro-Hong has been committed to lithium titanate technology since its establishment in 2006.. The company performs vertical integration of lithium titanate materials, diaphragms, electrolytes, and positive electrode materials to produce lithium titanate ion batteries.

. In recent years, in order to adapt to market demand, Huzhou micro-macro has a production of more than 80,000 lithium titanate-based cell products of Nissan and 2 times the production of 2-fold lithium-lithium-ion batteries of 2 times..

As of the end of 2014, the 10-minute fast rechargeable battery system of Huzhou Microehong has been equipped with more than 3,000 hybrid electric bus, important to the UK, the Netherlands and my country Chongqing and other places.. In terms of storage market, Huzhou micro-macro has installed a titanate ion battery energy storage system for grid FM and grid demand management in Vermont, USA, USA.

. Zhuhai Yinlong currently produces lithium-acid ion battery products with 20ah and 65AH softchain lithium batteries and 25ah, 30ah and 55ah cylindrical batteries, performance indicators have reached the titanate ion battery of the US Olyce. Battery 100% DOD has more than 16,000 times, 10% DOD reaches 1.

6 million times. These batteries have passed the third-party detection of the Northern Automotive Quality Supervision and Test Identification Test Edition (201). In terms of application, Yinlong’s new pure electric bus uses cylindrical, long life, charge and discharge, fast-free, battery-free, battery life can reach 30 ~ 80km, fast charging is only 6 ~ 10 minutes, or you can use night valley Slow charge 30 ~ 60 minutes full.

The series has been successfully placed in Zhanjiang, Hebei, Shijiazhuang and other places.. Yinlong specializes to invest commercial operations in September 2014 to Beijing bus design and development.

. The car is also designated as the official designated vehicle for Beijing APEC conference..

In the storage market, Yinlong and the national power grid and Southern Power Grid have undertaken 2 MWH and 1 for Zhangbei Fengguang storage demonstration station and Shenzhen Baqing battery energy storage station respectively. Partial module, battery box design, and system solution of 600kWH titanate system. Shenzhen Bolida can prepare a good LI4TI5O12 material with a unique material treatment method, and through technical research projects, the production process of lithium titanate ion batteries, high-performance Li4TI5O12 design and preparation have made significant progress, The current product has a 17ah, 20ah and 25ah cylindrical batteries, solved the problem of lithium titanate ion batteries to be flatulence, obtaining high-performance lithium-ion battery products, and has achieved authority third-party test report.

Bolida company started from high power Li4TI5O12 electrode material material, studying Li4Ti5o12 material interface side reactions revealed that gasification and gas mechanism and settlement mechanism on LI4TI5O12 electrode materials in the dynamic lithium battery in power lithium batteries and achieved significant breakthroughs. Tianjin Jiewei got the company’s o’rop-titanate lithium titanate production technology transfer, and combined with its own technical accumulation in the production of polymer soft bag dynamic lithium batteries. The company successfully broke through the flattening problem, and has already had the technical and ability to mass production of large-scale monomer-titanate, the battery capacity reached 60AH, and the accumulated shipments were 20 million AH.

. The battery can withstand continuous charge and discharge of 10C, with a life of more than 10,000, the temperature range is -40 ~ 60 ¡ã C, an important application to fast charge bus and frequency modulated energy storage power station. Lithium titanate ion battery technology development Difficulties and Its Development Direction 1.

For my country’s development of lithium titanate ion battery technology, lithium titanate-based battery technology in my country’s various storage batteries should occupy a day, place, people and Advantage. Light use life, the low cycle life of the lithium titanate ion battery is much better than the lead-acid batteries; its efficiency, cost and electrochemical properties are better than sodium sulfur and liquid flow vanadium..

Lithium-e-electric products come to an important market in the years, portable appliances such as mobile phones and laptops, etc.. my country’s mobile phones and laptops are large, but most of them are not domestic brands.

. Therefore, domestic lithium-selling lithium-selling capacity on portable appliances is lost in Japan and South Korea products..

However, the applicable market for lithium titanate technology is a mixed electric vehicle, special industrial applications and energy storage applications such as FM and grid voltage support.. These markets are still in the starting stage in the world, who is not known for the cattle ear.

. Lithium titanate technology is expected to become the leader in these markets..

my country’s population base accounts for about 1/5. Due to many population, my country’s electric vehicles, energy storage and industrial application markets are a huge market coveted by multinational companies in many countries..

In recent years, my country’s government has attached great importance to the development of electric vehicles and energy storage industries, and various countries encourage policies.. My domestic titanate-based ion battery system in Chongqing and European mixed electric bus, Zhangbei’s scenery storage demonstration station and Shenzhen Baoying storage power station have been several years of commercial application data accumulation.

In addition, the upstream and downstream of my country’s lithium battery industry have already become climate. In addition to the complete battery material supply and equipment manufacturing capabilities, the production power of lithium-ion battery products is also daily, and Han three is the world..

This makes my country’s lithium-producers from traditional lithium electronically produced to lithium-ion battery products production with congenital conditions.. my country has already had a company like Sichuan Xingneng, Zhuhai Yinlong, Huzhou Micro-macro, etc.

in the production of lithium titanate materials.. Representatives from the production of lithium titanate ion batteries, the company has the company’s micro-macro, Zhuhai Yinlong, Shenzhen Bolida, Tianjin Jiewei.

These companies have established their own sales channels in electric vehicles and energy storage markets at home and abroad.. It is particularly worth noting that Shenzhen Bolida has a series of specialized technology and intellectual property from material production to battery production and system.

At present, my country’s lithium battery is still rarely available manufacturers with independent intellectual property rights.. 2.

Bottlenecks made of lithium titanate materials, battery and battery packs. Since there are many other lithium-electricity uncomfortable superiority, why is it in my country’s energy industry and world energy sector? The reasons have the following three aspects: 1 lithium titanate material production of lithium titanate materials is not complicated in principle. However, it is necessary to use the negative material of the lithium-ion battery, which must not only pay attention to the material has a suitable specific surface area, particle size, density, and electrochemical performance, but also to be able to adapt to the production process of large-scale lithium-ion battery.

. One of the reasons why the lithium titanate material in many conventional lithium-electric production lines is that the pH of the material is 11 or 12, and the hygroscopicity is extremely strong..

2 Lithium titanate ion batteries in fact, direct use of conventional lithium ion battery production lines to produce lithium-ion battery products, not as simple as just converting graphite. Because the content of the lithium titanate material on humidity is much higher than conventional lithium ion batteries..

In order to control the humidity, some preparation processes should be adjusted to adapt to the special requirements of the production of lithium titanate products.. In addition, some production equipment should also do corresponding improvements.

If there is any condition, it is best to redesign a compact, compact, fully enclosed automated production line for lithium titanate ion battery products.. 3 Lithium titanate ion battery packs and conventional lithium ion batteries, currently produced at home and abroad, the titanate ion batteries produced at home and abroad are often seen in a group in which a micro-gase is often seen.

. The gas that occurs when these gases and fresh battery is different..

The former can remove the battery production process. But the latter is in the process of battery use, or it is difficult to prevent under the current process conditions..

The author believes that the chemical reaction mechanism of gas in the study cycle should be a good research topic.. In addition, since one of the superiority of lithium titanate ion battery technology is its high power performance.

Although the battery itself can withstand a large current charge, the thick single battery is still not suitable for high-power applications because the battery is too thick to cause a large current to occur.. Therefore, the lithium-donated ion battery for high-power titanate is not lost as a reasonable choice.

. 3. In the future development direction of lithium titanate technology, it is necessary to integrate lithium titanate material as a lithium-electricity negative strength, advantage: ultra-high safety, overeating life, high and low temperature range, high power, high power, Low cost and green environmental protection.

Disadvantage: The energy density of lithium titanate is low, strong water absorption, high environmental requirements, production process should be updated accordingly, new processes should invest necessary equipment and higher requirements of humidity control, and lithium-ion batteries The application market has not been fully opened. Conclusion In the current environmental environment of my country’s government to promote the development of new energy and its related industries, how to promote lithium titanate ion battery technology and its application in electric vehicles and energy storage markets for my country’s titanate ion battery industry Now or never. About the domestic Zhuhai Yinlong, Huzhou micro-macro, Shenzhen Bolita, Sichuan Xingneng, Shenzhen Beitry, etc.

have some independent intellectual property advantages and sales channels should be a unique opportunity.. Many people have not realized that my country’s intellectual property advantage in titanate technology in terms of titanate technology is currently not available in the so-called “mainstream chemistry” mainly based on lithium iron phosphate ion batteries.

. Develop high-capacity high-potential positive material to improve the energy density of lithium titanate ion batteries is a one-step chess that cars Super Japan. Of course, it is necessary to study the entire lithium-ion battery chemistry system, such as high-potential electrolyte and anti-oxidizing diaphragm.

. my country’s lithium-e-industry development of lithium-e-based ion battery technology will receive an electric car, energy storage and industrial application marke.

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