Depth | Power Lithium Battery ‘War’

Depth | Power Lithium Battery 'War'

Japan and South Korea return to our country, local companies rob the “time difference”. my country’s dynamic lithium battery industry pattern is undergoing severe changes. On the one hand, the differentiation of the industry is exacerbating.

The market share of the head company is getting higher and higher, and the survival space of the marginal company is further squeezed.. The latest data released by my country’s Automobile Power Lithium Battery Industry Innovation Alliance, in May this year, my country’s new energy automobile market has achieved a total of 4 dynamic lithium batteries to achieve loading, reducing 2 in April, while 61 significantly from last year.

Reduce 20. Among them, the top three companies ranked a total of 7.5GWH, accounting for 75.

6%; the top five companies have a total of 8.4GWH, accounting for 84.8%, and the head company market share is significantly.

. On the other hand, my country’s powered lithium battery industry is about to face the impact of foreign power..

暌 暌 日 电 电 公司 公司 公司 公司 电 电 公司 公司 布 布 布 布 布 布. On June 12, Geely Automobile announced that it has an indirect subsidiary of 99% equity, Shanghai Huapu National Run and LG Chemical will set up a joint venture company, an important engaged in production and sales of electric vehicle batteries, and each parties hold 50%. Equity.

It is worth noting that Geely has previously established a joint venture with CAT1. Obviously, the car is not willing to “put the egg in the same basket”, but by bundling a number of different companies, to master the voice of the new energy car core components..

Also take similar strategies, there are multinational car giants and Toyota. In this year, Toyota and Panasonic announced its establishment of a car battery joint venture company, but in June this year, the new CATL and BYD’s two my country battery manufacturers are partners; and the public is signed with CATL to ensure our market In addition to the battery supply, in May this year announced that the Saxony State Self-built Power Lithium Battery Factory in Germany, June 13, announced to the Swedish electric vehicle battery production company Northvolt to invest 900 million euros, jointly carry out electric vehicle batteries R & D and production..

Between the car enterprises and power lithium batteries, it is no longer a simple supplier relationship, and the way of cooperation has become more complicated, involving the game.. “It is obvious that the vehicle enterprises are seeking to master more words, and the operation of the battery business is inevitably, and the interests of the future car enterprises and battery companies will be more intense.

. But at the same time, in the face of foreign-funded car companies and Japanese and Korean batteries, the domestic new energy automobile industry chain is born, and the trend of hugging will be more obvious..

“On June 17, the Secretary-General of Zhongguancun New Battery Technology Innovation Alliance said in the interview with Zhiku Jun.. Japan and South Korea’s rolls have come back to in recent years, and the policies have been vigorously promoted, which not only makes the new energy vehicle market grow rapidly, but also drives the development of related industrial chains.

. Under the wave, my country’s powered lithium battery company wind sound. However, CATL and other batteries have risen quickly, and they are inseparable from the government’s support for local companies.

. On June 20, 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was announced in accordance with the “Specifications Conditions for Automobile Power Battery Industry” (“Conditional Conditions”) Company Directory..

Samsung, LG, SK, etc. Japan and South Korea’s power lithium battery companies in China have failed to enter the list. And this directory is directly related to “New Energy Automobile Promotion Application Recommended Model” (under the referred to as “recommended directory”) hook.

Using new energy vehicles that meet the “Specifications” company power lithium battery can be used to board the “Recommended Directory” to get new energy subsidies.. This invisibly built a “protective wall” for my country’s powered lithium battery companies.

. At that time, Changan, Great Wall, SAIC, FAW, Chery, Geely, Jianghuai and other LG and Samsung batteries have to re-find local battery suppliers, CATL is hot. From the consent of the policy, the products produced by battery companies entering the recommendation directory can directly promote the development of local battery companies, and help to eliminate low-level batteries, and there is no technology Power company elimination.

“From the subsidy policy of new energy vehicles, the energy density of the battery has a high demand, and the demand for high-quality production on high quality production is very large.. In the popularity of electric vehicles, many consumers have concerns about battery safety.

The quality requirements of the battery are also higher, and CATL has already had a brand effect.. These factors make car companies more preferred CATL.

“A high level of a new force of the car is said to Zhiku Jun. With the gradual explosion of my country’s new energy auto market, CATL became the “fragrant” of the car enterprises..

But the car company is popular with CATL, but also lets CATL begin to produce the situation that cannot keep up with the needs.. Domestic car companies such as SAIC, Guangqi, Dongfeng, FAW, Geely also decided to establish a joint venture with CATL to ensure a stable supply of batteries.

. However, with the gradual sliding of new energy car subsidies until cancellation, leave the Japanese and Korean dynamic lithium battery companies in my country’s electric vehicle market, it is accelerating the footsteps of the world’s largest new energy auto market, my country’s powered lithium battery industry will Enter new wash period. In fact, Japanese and South Korea’s power lithium battery company has a long time after the subsidy.

. In July 2018, LG Chemistry and Nanjing Jiangning Binjiang Development Zone held a signing ceremony. The LG Chemical Plan invests 2 billion US dollars in the Binjiang Development Zone to build a powerful lithium battery project.

The project has started working in October last year. Production; Samsung ring new dynamic lithium battery new second phase plant officially started in Xi’an last November 29. Some insiders said to Zhiku Jun, starting the layout in 2018, it is for the battery in China to work smoothly.

. The construction plant is the first step, and the battery order for my country’s car companies is the second step..

It can be seen from Geely to LG chemistry, even if it missed my country’s electric vehicle market for several years, Japan and South Korea battery companies still have strong attractions.. “The signal released by the country is to encourage foreign battery companies to build a plant in our country.

In the next two years, the competition between my country and foreign leaders will certainly exacerbate. “Yu Qing is expressing the Zhiku Jun. The local battery company expansion grabs the day and Korean power lithium battery accelerates the pace of my country’s market, my country’s powered lithium battery company is also running with time.

“Japanese and South Korea’s battery company’s release is also time, seizing this time difference, domestic battery companies expect to speed up and reach a certain proportion of battery procurement agreements. “Yu Qing is expressing the Zhiku Jun. After several years of marketization, the domestic power lithium battery industry has been initially formed, “excess structural production, but insufficient quality production”, after a round of survival stations, CATL and BYD two leading companies leading the situation.

In the past few years, CATL reached a cooperation agreement through and many domestic and foreign car companies.. At present, CATL has reached a supply agreement with local mainstream car companies outside BYD, and there is a big order for BMW, Daimler, and Volkswagen and other transnational car enterprises.

In the near future, we have cooperated with Volvo and Toyota, CATL. Still expanding “friends circle”. The increase in battery packing, profits are gradually climbing.

In the first quarter of this year, CATL net profit reached 1.047 billion, a larger than 153.4% ​​year-on-year, has exceeded many domestic leading host plants, including my country’s second largest power lithium battery supplier BYD.

In the first quarter of this year, BYD net profit is 750 million, but the important profit source is the new energy vehicle.. To a certain extent, although the power lithium battery is already one of BYD’s important business, its production is supplied to its own new energy, it is difficult to see the actual profitability of BYD power lithium battery business.

. However, the rise of CATL has given BYD to see huge business opportunities..

In October last year, Chairman and President of BYD said in an interview with Zhiku Jun, under the great strategy of BYD, the independent split of BYD battery has been put on the schedule.. In addition, Wang Chuanfu is also disclosed, will carry out the IPO of BYD battery sector when appropriate, is expected to be listed around 2022.

BYD’s battery business will form a separate company for financial accounting.. In fact, an important reason for the development of BYD battery business is that it is insufficient production.

In BYD’s strategy, the battery must give priority to internal digestion.. However, from last year, BYD began to build a new battery plant in the country in Qinghai, Chongqing, Hunan Ningxiang.

. On 6 June this year, Wang Chuanfu said in BYD 2018 general meeting, it is now a lot of battery, but the quality battery is still in short supply, BYD will moderately expand the output according to the actual situation. It is understood that according to the plan, the annual output of BYD dynamic lithium battery planning is 65GWH.

. In 2018, BYD’s total new energy vehicle power lithium battery and storage battery installed capacity was 13.37GWH, that is, BYD plans to increase the production of powered lithium batteries by nearly 4 times in two years.

. At present, BYD has been sold directly by direct power lithium battery sales, set up a joint venture, introducing strategic investment, etc..

In addition to July, BYD and Changan Automobile set up a powerful lithium battery joint venture (production 10GWH), BYD is negotiating with many mainstream automotive manufacturers around the world.. Wang Chuanfu said at the general meeting of shareholders, BYD has negotiated battery cooperation with many OEM manufacturers around the world, and has already got some orders.

. In addition to becoming a Toyota battery supplier, the outside world may also cooperate with BYD..

During the Shanghai Auto Show in April this year, the Volkswagen Group CEO Dissee sent a cooperative invitation to Wang Chuan in BYD booth, “I hope that you will have the opportunity to come to Germany, explore the possibility of cooperation on the battery”. Some insiders said to Zhiku Jun. For local battery companies, it is necessary to reach more in-depth cooperation with the company in Japan and South Korea’s powered lithium batteries, and take more orders.

. Localized industrial chain resources, cost control, and technical level, is an important means of consolidating and even enhances market share. In addition, the local power lithium battery company further expands the market space.

. Not long ago, CATL announced that it will enter the electric ship industry..

In addition, CATL and BYD have been developed and produced in European layout dynamic lithium batteries, waiting for the European electric vehicle market.. “The current dynamic lithium battery field faucet aggregation effect has been very obvious, and the first ten companies will occupy more than 90% of the market share, and other companies are expected to transform other markets (there is currently some signs), such as energy storage base stations.

, Portable energy storage products, electric tools, smart home, digital consumption. In addition, overseas battery consumption segment, there is also a big chance. “Yu Qing is expressing the Zhiku Jun.

The interests of the car enterprise, the new energy vehicle is the big trend of the global auto industry, and the car companies have an increasingly strong control of the electric vehicle nuclear power lithium battery.. However, the battery and traditional mechanical industry are different.

For automotive companies, the power lithium battery is indeed “interlaced” industry, especially the components of the battery, “battery”, and natural industry barriers between the traditional automobile manufacturing industry.. At present, from the perspective of industrial division, most car companies are important to make battery packs (PACK) and battery management systems (BMS) in the field of power lithium batteries, while the battery is purchased from outside.

. At present, there are three modes of cooperation between cars and battery companies: first, with the supply chain system of traditional cars, through the global scale procurement, effective control costs; second, host factory and battery company cooperation, this is At present, the development trend can ensure the stability and product quality of the battery, and to master some core technologies in the deep cooperation of the battery company, promote the improvement of self – technical level, such as Toyota and Panasonic, CATL and SAIC, Guangzhou Automobile, FAW and other domestic cars Enterprise; third, self-developing, more familiar in the outside is BYD, but BYD itself is transformed from a battery company to do vehicle, itself has certain research and development foundations. In the Qingjiao believes that the depth of the car will be a trend in the future for a long time in the future.

. “First, guarantee supply, the second is to control costs. More important reason is that in the early days of the new energy vehicle, the fuel car modified electric car phenomenon is generally, but the new energy vehicle body structure and traditional fuel cars have a lot of difference, and the car is not understanding the battery.

The product has poor product performance. And there is more safety hazards in the battery. “Yu Qing teaches.

However, there is industry insiders telling Zhiku Jun. As the core parts of new energy vehicles, car companies must understand batteries, master more battery core technology, can launch a product with higher end market recognition. This is also an important reason for Geely and CATL and LG reach a deep cooperation.

. At present, battery technology is in a period of rapid iteration and change, and the competition of dynamic lithium batteries will rise to the height of industrial chain..

The whole car must have advantageous advantages in the new energy vehicle field, and we must continue to lay out on all aspects of the battery industry chain.. From traditional fuel to new energy vehicles, traditional car giants are reluctant to leave the stage center.

. It is vigorously promoting the power of electricization, in order to master more core power lithium battery technology in his own hands, not only spend nearly 1 billion euros self-built battery factory, but also obtain new technologies through the acquisition of battery companies to improve research and development level. In addition, Great Wall Motors will also produce powerful lithium batteries from the Great Wall independent, ready to market, will not only supply to Great Wall.

Of course, the vehicle-enterprise layout dynamic lithium battery is also facing many risks.. “In the process of layout battery business, the difficult difficulties in the face is important for the difficulty of dispersing pressure and technology route.

. “At the end of the Qing Dynasty. .

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