Depth | Dynamic lithium battery is fully released

Depth | Dynamic lithium battery is fully released

The competitive advantage of foreign powered lithium batteries is important and the technical and cost control, and it has formed a certain “barrier” in the market.. “The wolf of the power lithium battery industry is coming.

“Recently, a regular directory announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology allows the industry to make such feelings. According to the “New Energy Automobile Promotion Application Recommended”, new energy vehicles equipped with foreign batteries will be subsidized in my country for the first time..

This means that after the abolition of the battery “White List” this year, my country’s powered lithium battery market is officially opened.. There are 26 passenger cars in the recommended models of this public, including 22 pure electric vehicles, including the immediate TSLA pure electric car.

. At present, the TSLA domestic battery supplier is not clear, but after entering the subsidy directory, the relevant models will receive subsidies..

In addition to TSLA, foreign brands Mercedes-Benz, Toyota also entered the recommended directory. In the past few years, my country’s subsidies for new energy vehicles and the selected power lithium battery production companies have been strongly related, carrying the battery “White List” and enters the above recommended directory, is the first step in obtaining subsidies. Therefore, in recent years, the import of new energy vehicles mainly based on TSLA has not subsidized, domestic new energy automotive companies and power lithium battery companies have also enjoyed a few years of rapid development “window period”.

However, the real maturity of the industry is inseparable from market inspections. As new energy vehicles have gradually increased, the relevant departments also develop in the direction of policy-driven drives..

On the one hand, the new energy car subsidies will decrease year by year. At the end of 2020, they will completely withdraw from the market. On the other hand, the power lithium battery “White List” is also announced in late June this year.

. Obviously, before the subsidy is completely resurrected, my country’s new energy automotive industry will first face the competition from foreign-funded peers, the dynamic lithium battery industry is the first to rush. Foreign batteries are completely released from the latest list of publications, and the new energy models such as TSLA, Mercedes, Toyota and other foreign-funded brands have entered the subsidy sequence.

. Among them, TSLA enters the catalog of catalogs, and corresponding to different battery systems energy density and battery life..

Why do the TSLA’s same model happen? This is or more than a certain extent and the supplier selected by TSLA. Since this year, TSLA has been exposed to a number of powered lithium batteries to reach “no rollover him” agreement, “Gossip” objects include CATL, LG chemistry, etc..

Tsla’s battery supplier has been confusing. According to a report of the Branch Research Department of my country Network Power Lithium Battery, it is pointed out that the TSLA model of the recommended directory is equipped..

TSLA does have always produced battery modules, but who will supply? A long-term observation of TSLA analyzed the Zhucujun, the model of the model appeared, because it was equipped with the battery cells of Panasonic and LG chemistry (ie battery). “This is the case of the first time that the model is equipped with foreign battery monomers enter the subsidy directory.”.

“The person pointed out that in addition to TSLA, Beijing Mercedes-Benz and Guangzhou Automobile Toyota have also entered the subsidy directory, they are also not domestic batteries. TSLA did not respond to the battery cell that is specifically used, but since the power lithium battery “White List”, foreign companies produced by foreign companies and cars carrying these batteries have entered the subsidy directory, just late and later. In March 2015, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the “Specifications of Automobile Power Battery”, which will be equipped with batteries produced by the company as the basic conditions for new energy vehicle subsidies.

After that, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced four batching battery production companies (ie “” List “), built a” wall “for my country’s powered lithium battery industry. Information shows that the selected 57 battery manufacturers are local companies, and the Samsung, Samsung, LG chemistry, such as Safety, Chang’an, Chery and other car companies are not listed..

Since the subsidy is hook, these foreign battery companies can only temporarily quit the market.. However, “White List” has long been detached from the development of industry.

Zhiku Jun, I learned that in practice, “White List” is not so strict, some do not use the “stipulate” battery model, and also entered the product catalog of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and at the same time, with market concentration improvement, Companies in some “White List” have reduced business or even bankruptcy. The industry analysis believes that the battery “White List” is canceled, release the power lithium battery market to foreign capital, is a key step in my country’s new energy vehicles to drive to the market. Only more companies have new companies in order to be new.

Increase production and reduce costs, realize the true development of new energy vehicles. Marketization is a general trend, outside the “White List”, and the subsidies that gradually slide are the direct initiatives of the industry marketization..

Recently, “New Energy Automotive Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)” (Draft for Comment) also clearly put forward, driving power lithium battery companies to optimize restructuring, improve industrial concentration. Reducing costs is the key to the support and encouragement of industry policies. In recent years, a batch of powerful lithium batteries in China has grown rapidly, including CATL, BYD, Guoxuan High-tech, etc.

. Among them, CATL has become the industry’s “hegemony”, the latest data shows that the occupancy rate of CATL in the domestic market has been increased to 51% this year..

Under the trend of gradually released, foreign powered lithium batteries have also launched in my country.. In 2018, LG chemistry landed in Nanjing, the power lithium battery investment project, and Panasonic also plans to manufacture batteries for electric vehicles in Dalian factory.

. It is worth mentioning that the TSLA domestic battery supplier, Panasonic and LG chemistry are hot rumors. Among them, Panasonic is a partner of TSLA “familiar”, and the beauty of TSLA is supplied from Panasonic.

. Tsla’s “playing” and “two-hand preparation” reflect the intense competition of the lithium battery industry to a certain extent. In my country, a few years of local brands have been rapidly developed.

Can this compete for foreign foreign brands? A person who is close to the power lithium battery industry says that the competitive advantage of foreign powered lithium batteries is important and the cost of technology and cost, and has formed a certain “barrier” in the market.. Take Panasonic as an example, there is an industrial analysis that although the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery is also produced, the Panasonic uses another ratio of raw materials, which can reduce costs while increasing energy density.

. However, in recent years, with the increase in scale, the cost of domestic dynamic lithium batteries is also reduced year by year..

Take CATL as an example, 2015 has a power lithium battery system price of 2.27 yuan / WH, falling to 1.16 yuan / WH in 2018, with a average compound decline in about 20%.

Domestic power lithium battery companies have also made many attempts in this respect. For example, BYD and CATL are developing CTP (Celltopack, no module power lithium battery pack) technology, trying to use a more streamlined battery pack internal design to improve battery performance, Yi Qi lithium energy, etc., also expressed the production of production in the annual report The level of automation of the line to improve the good price, reduce cost.

CTP technology has many difficulties to overcome, but recently, there is news that CATL’s CTP battery pack has entered the stage of batch imported commercial production.. At the signing ceremony of CATL and Beiqi New Energy Deepening Strategic Cooperation on December 6, CATL Chairman Zeng Qun said: “CTP technology will cover the existing and upcoming mainstream models of Beiqi new energy.

. “Improve the level of technology, reduce cost is a key manner, my country’s power lithium battery company represented by CATL is about to usher in the truly” review “of the market.

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