Denui fire completes the mergers of Waterma charging lithium battery pack Add ‘Ninty’

Denui fire completes the mergers of Waterma charging lithium battery pack Add 'Ninty'

In March this year, Duiru Firefight disclosed the method of planning to buy Watma 100% equity. On August 30th, the company announced the “release shares and payment of cash purchase assets and raised the implementation of supporting funds and new shares listing”, which means that the transaction is successfully completed..

Since the March of this year, Duiru Fire has been disclosed in the process of acquiring 100% equity of Shenzhen Watma Battery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Waterma).

. The reporter noticed that in the evening of August 30, the company announced the “release shares and payment of cash purchase assets and raised the implementation of supporting funds and new shares listing”, which means the transaction is successfully completed..

The company’s new shares will be released soon announced that the announcement of Dumeri Fire, August 30, on February 22, Watma Shareholders will adopt a resolution to agree to the total Handa’s 100% of Waterma. Equity transfer to the company; on February 29, the relevant proposal of the transaction deliberately considers the company’s board of directors; on April 12, the company’s board of directors reviewed the relevant bills such as the major asset restructuring (draft); April 20 On the 8th, the company held a temporary shareholders meeting, considering the adoption of the proposal related to the transaction; on 19th, the company received approved approval from the SFC; July 20, Woterma’s original shareholder held Temar 100% equity is over the company name; August 18, the company applies for new shares registration procedures for the purchase of assets and fundraising funds; the company issued a new shares of the stock has been obtained. Shenzhen Stock Exchange approved, new shares listed on September 2nd.

The reporter noted that with the completion of the company’s acquisition, Watma’s shareholders finally transferred. In fact, Watma has been in the Pagoda Industrial and Changyuan Group last year, and it intends to incorporate it into the sac, but finally can’t. In April 2015, the Baota Industrial Announced, the company intended to purchase a share of Shenzhen Watma 100% equity to a specific object.

But only 9 days later, the Pagoda Industrial Notice Water Distribution. Regarding the reorganization of the failure, the Baota Industrial Interpretation said that the company believes that assets do not have transaction restructuring conditions..

Since then on July 21, 2015, Changyuan Group announced a major event suspension notice, and planned to purchase Shenzhen Watma 88 through major asset restructuring. 8889% of the equity. However, after the preliminary discussion, the intermediary institution entered the survey, the two sides were discussed on the valuation.

On November 2, 2015, the Changyuan Group announced that due to the company’s suspension, the capital market and the departmental asset affixed industry occurred. A large change, the valuation of the assets of the assets of the company and the assets of the company and the target assets are difficult to reach, the company decides to terminate this major asset restructuring. Last year, Watma Electric Core Yield The world’s fifth is worth noting that the company has also encountered the attention of the regulatory layer.

. At the end of 2014 and 2015, Watma had a new registered capital and an equity transfer for the purpose of 900 million yuan, 3.3 billion yuan, and the company’s transaction gave Waterma 5.

2 billion yuan of valuation.. Therefore, the Shenzhen Exchange has issued a question to the company, requiring the company to explain the fair and rationality of Watma’s high prices.

. The reporter noticed that the high profit commitment is also made about this high transaction..

According to the “Profit Commitment and Compensation Agreement”, the compensation obligator is committed to Waterma 2016- Net profit at the end of 2018 will not be less than 4. 04 billion yuan, 9. 200 million yuan and 15.

1.8 billion yuan. So what is the Watma asset? The reporter noted that in the Eastern Seikong on August 18, the report was shown in the reply letter of the exchange.

In 2015, the output of Waterma production cells is ranked fifth, accounting for 4. 92%. In addition, Southwestern Securities have announced the reporting report that Watma is the earliest research and development of lithium iron phosphate new energy automobile power lithium batteries, automobile launching power supply, energy storage system solutions and take the lead in achieving scale production and bulk applications.

One of the ion batteries, Watma is vigorously developing the lithium iron phosphate route to address the market demand and technical route changes to the three-yuan battery market, improve the risk ability of Watema anti-risk and profitability.

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