Deeper lithium battery business mud, large southeast face

Deeper lithium battery business mud, large southeast face

With the acceleration of the integration of lithium battery industry, a group of companies in a batch of results in front of the leading risk. On April 28, Datongwan (002263) announced that the company will terminate the implementation of “annual production of 300 million AH high-energy power lithium ion battery construction project”. It is understood that the implementation of the project is the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary Zhejiang Green Sea, and the project is expected to invest 795.

6 million yuan.. As of December 31, 2017, the company has invested 83.

7.68 million yuan, and the project is 10.53%.

. Southeast Notice, because the relevant departments of the state are unclear, the downstream demand is weak, and the company’s power products are in the case of the market demand, take care of the expansion..

At the same time, there is a large price increase in raw materials on the lithium ion battery, causing the price of the finished product market unclear. In order to circumvent the above risks, it will stop implementing the project..

As an old style plastic film, plastic packaging products company, big southeast, I want to transform lithium-eV, now, now, due to lack of core competitiveness, the lithium battery seems to be the “tilter bottle” developed by the company.. It is understood that there is an important part of the lithium-e-commerce business that is currently in the southeast, which is important is that the lithium battery compact membrane and lithium-ion battery are, and it is not a novice involved in lithium electricity.

The large southeast is more than 7 years, and the lithium-ion battery is also at least for more than 7 years. 5 years. Financial data shows that in 2016, the Dadongsoni-ion battery isolation film business revenue is 1565,500 yuan, and the total collection is 0.

16%; the lithium-ion battery business revenue is 74.874 million yuan, and the total collection is 0.79%.

. In 2017, the company’s diaphragm sales only 17.148 million square meters, down 30.

94% year-on-year; the sales volume of lithium-ion battery was 1333,700, a year-on-year decreased by 24.35%. On the one hand, the lithium battery business is not satisfactory.

On the other hand, the company has also progressed slowly, 2016 and 2017, Dadong Net profit lost 186 million yuan, 568 million yuan. According to the Southeast 2017 report, due to the company’s continued net profit for auditing, the company’s stock has been implemented from the risks of retreat from May 2, and the stock is abbreviated from “Great Southeast” to “* ST southeast”. The snow is added, the first quarter report shows that the big southeast realizes the revenue of 291 million yuan, up 31.

8% year-on-year; net profit loss is 64.577 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 169.2%.

This means that the dilemma of the big south is still not improved.. It is worth mentioning that the big southeast of the dilemma or will usher in the controlling shareholder.

. On January 2, 2018, the major southeast announcement announcement, the company’s controlling shareholder Dawan South Group is talking about the transfer of equity transfer, such as the agreement sign and finally completed the transfer, the company’s control will change. Comments: Da Southeast is deeply trapped in lithium-eugenic business mud, which is the dynamic lithium battery industry to start the shuffle.

As a listed company that has been working in the lithium industry, it is a listed company that is close to 7 years. Whether it is a lithium-ion battery diaphragm or a power lithium battery, did not form himself Features, lithium battery accounts are less than 1%, and its expansion plan is just the air building..

The lithium battery industry does not have no threshold, if there is no core advantage, I want to rely on the company that takes off the concept of new energy, and finally falls, it must be quite ugly.

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