Deep binding battery factory can bring more market share to lithium battery companies

Deep binding battery factory can bring more market share to lithium battery companies

The molan gross profit margin of the lithium battery industry is relatively high, but the scale is small and scattered, and the rising power is imported from the power lithium battery company, so the depth binding the battery plant has gains a larger order and more stable supply relationship is a smarter. choose. After the subsidiaries and epidemics, the development speed of new energy automotive industry has declined, leading to the rhythm of the equipment, the low-end output of the lithium-ion battery industry has been cleared out of the market due to funds, scale, technology and other issues.

Concentration increase, lithium-ion battery high-end equipment and complete line equipment demand. However, in the current situation, the lithium-ion battery equipment industry is in the process of extensive rising to high quality, and the industry development is still in the preliminary introduction stage..

Lithium-produced equipment industry is not large, but the rising power of the lithium battery market in the future is important from the power lithium battery company.. According to the previously announced “Energy Saving and New Energy Automotive Technology Road Map 2.

0″, the proportion plan about the purchase of passenger cars in the new energy vehicle is increasing year by year, which means that the demand for lithium-e-equipment market will sell with new energy vehicles. Upgrade gradually expansion. By 2025, my country’s planned new energy vehicle sales probably 400-5 million.

According to 2019, my country’s lithium-produced equipment demand scale and battery installation data estimates, the overall situation of the industry is 1GWH power lithium battery production probably 334 million yuan of lithium battery needs. According to CATL 2018, the total investment in 2018 is 280 million yuan. Several project investment in this year’s latest planning, the size of the lithium-e-equipment in a single GWH has been around 200 million yuan.

. The status quo of integrated industry and CATL estimates, the current demand for lithium-eM equipment in the single GWH is about $ 2-3 billion, in 2025, the demand for lithium equipment is about tens of billions, this scale is compared to the battery industry and 7000 Detone is still relatively small in the special equipment market. However, although the lithium battery industry is small, the gross profit margin is generally high.

. As far as the list of lithium-e-equipment suppliers listed in the current list, gross profit margin is basically around 30% to 50%, far higher than the battery company..

And the main rear segment of the Lithium Technology and Nebula Shares, the gross profit margin has more than 50% in the first half of 2020.. Deeply binding battery factory lithium battery company can obtain more market share lithium-e-equipment industry is not large, coupled with lithium-ion battery manufacturing process is complicated, and lithium battery companies are relatively scattered, and share the share of single equipment company is actually Smaller.

Therefore, about equipment vendors, to get a larger market share, you have to bind a larger battery factory as much as possible.. And, in the domestic battery factory, before choosing a lithium-eM supplier, it will not easily replace the supplier due to problems such as financial, technology, background, etc.

before choosing a lithium-e-equipment supplier. The deeper the extent, the more favorable. The relationship between the intelligence and CATL is a good example.

Before you become a shareholder, the sales income from CATL from CATL is no more than 2 billion yuan.. However, the pilot intelligence is less than two months after the increase of CATL, it takes a large order of 3228 billion yuan.

. Obviously, the relationship between the two in funds and supplies is getting deeper, and because of deeper relationships give more orders income to the forerunner intelligence..

However, the big battery factory is only a few times, and it is not that each device vendor can squeeze into the supply chain of the head battery factory. Where is the new entry or smaller equipment supplier from? The opportunity of the soft bag and the cylindrical market is currently dominated by companies such as CATL and BYD, so the market share of the square battery is relatively large..

But this market is not only a single battery.. Fu Can, Yiqi Lithium, the soft bag lithium battery factory such as 103 is also gradually surfaced, and the process of transforming electricity in Germany, and the soft bag lithium battery is a technology route.

The market volume is not to be underestimated. If the output is not yet started, the relevant equipment manufacturers lay out in advance, enter the relevant supply chain, also a good choice. Soft boiler lithium batteries and square batteries are concentrated in mid-to-medium and later, soft-package lithium batteries in the mid-stage manufacturing process, and square batteries typically use winding processes, after the manufacturing process is important due to soft bag It is an aluminum plastic film to be used as a packaging material, so there is a relatively large difference in the nipper, packing process, and the battery, which are different from a square battery.

. Regarding the battery factory, find a lithium-e-equipment company, nothing more than the technical, price, product quality, capital power, delivery, after-sales service, customer relationship, etc., so on new entry or smaller equipment suppliers Say, on the basis of finding the marketer, it is natural to enter the supply chain of the battery factory is naturally available in these development or enlargement of these advantages.

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