Cylindrical battery: Domestic auto market ‘false counterattack’ emerging market ‘true rising’

Cylindrical battery: Domestic auto market 'false counterattack' emerging market 'true rising'

Under the driving of TSLA (Shanghai) Model3, this year, my country’s market cylindrical battery has achieved “counterattack”. The power lithium battery application branch data shows that in July this year, my country’s market cylindrical battery installed capacity reached 4.15GWH, up 48.

4% over the same period last year, while the square battery, soft bag lithium battery installed decreased respectively. 40.7% and 61.

1%. From the supporting company of the supplied cylindrical battery, from July, this year, the cylindrical battery shipments are important in LG Chemical, Guoxuan High-tech, Panasonic Battery, Life Battery, Bike Battery, Sanyang Electronics and Yinlong New Energy, etc. Head company in the industry.

01tsla “belt” LG chemistry, Panasonic battery enters my country’s market cylindrical battery installed volume TOP3 this year my country’s market cylindrical battery installed volume counterattack, the first big hero is not TSLA. From Juli this year, the amount of cylindrical battery in my country is approximately 4152.74mWh, while the contribution of the cylindrical battery installed by TSLA (Shanghai) Model3 is about 80%.

. According to the data, this year’s 1-July Tsla (Shanghai Factory) Model3 output is 62,358 units, which are all sets of cylindrical ternary batteries..

Among them, LG chemical supporting 57,004 units, corresponding cylindrical battery installed capacity is approximately 3241.68mWh; Panasonic battery is supported by 5,354 units, except for TSLA (Shanghai) Model3 supply, Panasonic Battery is also equipped with Toyota related PHEV models for Toyota, Its 1- July cylindrical battery installed is about 307.06MWH.

In fact, the big increase in the production and sales of TSLA (Shanghai) models not only helped LG chemistry to jump in from July, my country’s market cylindrical battery installed volume, and also helped LG chemistry in the same period in my country’s overall installed volume rankings second. Data show that LG Chemicals In July, the total assembly machine in China in my country is 3291.79mWh (where the cylinder accounts for 3241.

68mWh), the ranking is second only to CATL, ranking second, slightly higher than the third bit of BYD (BYD 1 – July installed capacity 3109.57mWh); Panasonic battery, but also on TSLA’s “belt”, the installed capacity in my country has entered the top 10 camps, ranking 9th. Similar to LG Chemical, Panasonic Battery, Guoxuan High Class, Li Shen Battery 1- July cylindrical power lithium battery is also important in passenger car market.

Among them, Guoxuan’s high-tech is an important part of Beiqi New Energy, Chery, Jianghuai, Hezhong New Energy and other companies. The power supply of electric passenger models supply battery packs, and Zi Shen is important for Jianghuai, Hangzhou Yangtze River passenger car and other related passenger models Supply battery supporting. It is worth noting that due to the fierce competition in the new energy vehicle market, the manufacturer of cylindrical batteries for the new energy vehicle market will further focus on the head company.

From July, LG Chemicals, Guoxuan High-tech, Panasonic Battery, The number of cylindrical market share of force god batteries, Bike batteries, Yinlong New Energy, Sanyo Electronics, etc. have been as high as 99.28%, and it is believed that this trend will not change in the future.

. 02 Interface The tone of the rod car market cylindrical business is in fact, from above, the above data can also be seen, my country’s market cylindrical battery installation will rise against the trend, and finally Reflected on the amount of LG Chemical and Panasonic Battery, and the real domestic cylindrical battery business does not “counter attack”, and presents the trend of continued falling..

If the LG Chemical and Panasonic Battery is excluded, we can see that my country’s market cylindrical power lithium battery installed capacity is only 604mWh (which also includes 35.78mWh of Sanyo Electronics, the actual domestic battery production company cylindrical battery installed capacity only There are 568.22mWh, which is significantly lower than the 17157.

99MWH and soft boiled lithium battery 1163.88mWh, the installed volume data between the cylindrical and square and soft bag has been pulled to the magnitude gap..

In fact, from the company supporting the battery, it also confessed this.. From July-July this year, there are only 21 companies for electric vehicles supply cylindrical batteries, and just in the past July, only 7 battery production companies supply cylindrical battery installed supporting, and the number of cylindrical battery packages is in the past two years.

New low. It can be seen that although Tsla as the “head of the big brother” as the electric car, it has been “powered” cylindrical battery, but other main units are more preferred to have more energy densities under the pressures of this and improve their battery life. Lithium battery, which also makes the cylindrical battery are more concentrated.

At present, the global cylindrical dynamic lithium battery order is important in the hands of partial head battery production.. 03 Most of the company’s cylindrical business has been “transformed” on the other hand, under the demand guidance of the host factory, domestic battery production company is also adjusting the cylindrical battery in the electric vehicle field, or reduces the yield layout of cylindrical power lithium battery, or steering new Market, or focus, high-end models.

Among them, the cylindrical battery service transformation belongs to most. It is understood that companies have planned transformation in 2018, and after 2019, after my country’s new energy vehicle financial subsidies slide sharply, the market competition is intensified, the cylindrical battery ushered in the test, no Less Power Lithium Battery Production Company transforms cylindrical battery services to small power, electric tools, horticultural tools, and smart home. Recently, Hengdian East Magnet Announcement In the first half of 2020, the company’s new energy battery industry has been adjusted by market positioning and customer group, actively develops electric two-wheeled, electric tools, vacuum cleaner, portable energy storage, and diversified markets.

Develop and multi-field customers cooperate, so that the new energy battery industry has gradually achieved full-scale production, and the operating results are significantly improved.. As a cylindrical power lithium battery production company, the Hengdian is actively adjusted to adjust the product market, so that its new energy battery sector operates significantly, it is completely different from previously in the electric vehicle market “to be cold”.

Another company that used to supply cylindrical batteries for electric vehicles – Tianpeng power supply. If the company’s 2019 cylindrical battery business actual sales increase in the small power lithium battery industry, the high-speed rise is obvious; in the first half of this year, the company’s cylindrical battery business achieved business income of 496 million yuan, up 10.55% year-on-year, realize net profit 4865.

82 Ten thousand yuan. In order to meet the needs of small power markets, Tianpeng power supply is still amplified in cylindrical battery production..

In the first half of the year, the production of lithium-ion batteries kept in an orderly, a 21700 cylindrical battery new production line has entered the facility installation phase.. “According to Tianpeng Power.

It is reported that Yi Lithium can also transform the cylindrical battery business to the consumer battery and small power market since 2019. “Home appliances are rapidly developed, no rope electric tools, horticultural tools are developing fast. Sharing the convenience of the convenience of the convenience of the convenience, the small-scale power market such as the short-distance green travel, and the demand for high performance and high-security cylindrical batteries is increasingly added, bringing new market opportunities to the three yuan cylindrical battery.

. “According to Yaqi lithium, the company’s three-yuan cylindrical battery expanded the consumer market, successfully entered the electric tool and electric two-wheeled car market, and the recognition of these two segment market quality customers, the customer demand has risen steadily. Wisdom Energy also said in its 2020 and half year report, its main cylindrical battery of the far East battery (Yichun) is vigorously developing head companies such as electric two-wheeler, electric tools and small appliances, has become a calf, Nagnbo One of the new Japanese electric light vehicle core suppliers, and the electric tools such as Baoxiao, Kane and other electric tools and small household appliances have reached cooperation, and the cylindrical battery business is welcoming the new development opportunity.

. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently in powerful god batteries, Guoxuan high-tech, Bike battery, Far East battery and other companies have gradually expanded its cylindrical battery business to small power, electric bicycles and other markets, and winning a large single. Obviously, despite the “role power” of TSLA, the domestic cylindrical battery is increasingly reversed in the electric vehicle market, and TSLA has started working with CATL, developing a ferrite ion battery, future Do not exclude the application of a square, soft-boiled lithium battery on a larger range, more models.

Of course, the cylindrical battery is not completely disappeared from the electric car market due to its flexible, low cost and process maturation, and it is believed that there will be some host mills to continue to select a cylindrical battery according to the position of the model. However, the cylindrical battery is in electric cars. The overall trend of the market should be small; while electric light vehicles, electric tools, smart home, intelligent wear, etc.

are becoming a new home for cylindrical batteries.

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