Core value chain reconstruction dynamic lithium battery companies continue to innove development

Core value chain reconstruction dynamic lithium battery companies continue to innove development

On October 28, Cui Dongshu, Secretary-General Cui Dongshu, Secretary-General of the National Passenger Car Market Information, said in the 8th my country Battery New Energy Industry International Summit Forum, from the second half of this year, the new energy auto market began to show high rise, Pull the power lithium battery industry chain high rise, industry boom. With the global competitive trend of new energy automotive industries, the power lithium battery industry chain will be refactored, and domestic companies break through the continuous technological innovation..

Core Value Chain Heavy Construction Industry and Information Technology News Department, Huang Libin, Director of Operation Monitoring and Coordination, said that my country’s new energy automotive industry has entered the development period from the cultivation period, and has become an important force to lead the transformation of the global automobile industry.. The domestic industrial chain investment has more than 2 trillion yuan, which is increasingly developed new kinetic energy.

. The transaction volume of new energy markets lasts for 5 years, with a total of 4.8 million vehicles in the world, accounting for more than half of the world.

. “With the rise of new forces such as TSLA, as well as the cross-border entry of the Internet, semiconductor and other scientific and technological giants, the automotive industry competition pattern reshape, core value chain reconstruction. “The general manager of the national new energy automotive innovation technology said:” The core value of the future automobile industry will no longer be the engine, body, chassis, but the battery, chip, in-vehicle system, data.

“Under the big potential of globalization, the power lithium battery industry further increases development, market competition is fully open, and through continuous technological innovation, it has become a common choice for most domestic companies.. In terms of technical research and development, the original honesty believes that high-capacity ternary materials and artificial graphite are the mainstream positive and negative electrode materials of high energy density batteries.

. Silicone carbon material, low cobalt or cobalt positive electrode material is constantly developing, high nickel material is still important in important directions, and lithium phosphate may continue to expand in low cost markets, and solid-state batteries may become an important development direction..

“Solid electrolyte design of solid electrolyte design is a hot spot in the development of secondary batteries, is an effective way to solve lithium (sodium) secondary battery safety density. “Wen Zhao, director of the Energy Material Research Center of Shanghai Silicate Institute, my country, said that the solid-state lithium ion battery and solid electrolyte sodium chloride battery have been quantified by quantitative manufacturing by effective modification of electrolyte and interface..

Pay attention to the technical breakthrough industry, this year is an important year, an important year, electricity, intelligent, and sharing, the development of the new energy vehicle and dynamic lithium battery development.. Under the promotion of policies and market, the power lithium battery industry welcomes the development opportunity.

Dynamic lithium battery companies should pay attention to technological breakthroughs and innovation, better ginseng and international competition. Since 2020, “cobalt” batteries have become the keywords, TSLA, BYD, CATL, etc. of the dynamic lithium battery industry.

. Pan Shi, deputy general manager of Green Mei Co., Ltd.

, said that there is a low cost of cobalt-free layer, and there is a certain advantage in the field of price-sensitive, it is expected to have good application prospects in the field of electric two-wheeled vehicle, energy storage.. However, the first discharge capacity of the cobalt-free positive electrode material, the cycle performance and the magnification performance is to be improved, replacing NCM or NCA positive electrode materials still have a long way to go, and we must work hard.

Dynamic lithium battery “Cobaltization” is important based on cost consideration. Gao Fei, General Manager of Honeycomb Energy Core R & D Center, said in the forum, consumers are sensitive to prices, to promote the popularity of electric vehicles, and reduce cost is a key appeal in electricization development, and the price of power lithium batteries, raw materials Particularly important. Gao Fei introduced that the price of cobalt prices in the past decade has fluctuated, the price of cobalt materials rose to 600,000 yuan / ton in 2018, which seriously affects the healthy development of the entire industry, so there is no cobalt or less cobalt technology, or advance reserves lock cobalt price It is an important guarantee for driving the battery sustainable.

The academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Qian Yitai is more concerned about the high-security water system secondary battery. He believes that lithium-ion batteries have made significant progress in dynamic lithium batteries, but there is a safety hazard in the organic electrolyte, and the application in electric bicycles and energy storage remains to be further studied..

The water-based ion battery is high, and the water-based metal oxide battery can further increase the energy density. The water-based zinc ion battery facilitates the growth of dendrites, and is expected to gradually replace lead-acid batteries..

For my country’s hydrogen energy and fuel power battery technology, Chai Mao Rong, chief expert, national electricity investment group hydrogen energy, a technical research, breakthrough of key technologies and core materials, etc. Fuel power battery technology, rather than relying on technology introduction to seek subsidies; third, the core of the fuel power battery is material technology, industry chain length, should be strategic, to work together. my country’s new energy automotive industry has become an important force to lead the transformation of the global auto industry.

The domestic industrial chain investment has more than 2 trillion yuan.

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