‘Core’ accelerator ‘hydrogen’ compensation: Xiong 韬 shares announced lithium battery and fuel power battery strategy layout

'Core' accelerator 'hydrogen' compensation: Xiong 韬 shares announced lithium battery and fuel power battery strategy layout

韬 电 电 规 规 d d 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此, 此 此 此, Putting the schedule, new energy vehicles will be big. At this point, the proportion of lithium-ion battery electric vehicles will exceed traditional gasoline vehicles, while fuel power batteries will be the final solution of new energy vehicles..

Xionghu shares held in Shenzhen in Shenzhen in Shenzhen in Shenzhen in Shenzhen, “Xiong Shares Lithium Electric Battery Strategic Planning – and VDA Sanyi Electric Core Investment Investment and Lithium-E-Division Expand Operation Ceremony”, which also reflects Strategy and layout in lithium-ion batteries, fuel power battery solutions. Zhang Hua, president of Xiong Group, excessively from lead-acid battery to the absolute spindle to lead-acid + lithium electricity + fuel electric three swords, the lithium battery and fuel power battery strategic planning will represent Xiongao from previous lead-acid batteries to absolute sales spindle The strategy will change, lead-acid + lithium-electric + fuel-saving way parallel route will lead the majestic front. Lithium-ion battery has high operating voltage, high than energy, large capacity, small discharge, good cycle, long service life, light weight, small volume, etc.

. Among them, the emergence of three-dimensional lithium ion battery technology has changed the low energy density of lithium iron phosphate ion battery, poor low temperature charge, and high manufacturing cost of battery..

The emergence of three-yuan lithium-ion battery technology has changed this market pattern, and the three-yuan lithium-ion battery market share is rapid, and the hero is the same as a three-yuan battery.. In the new energy car market, lithium-ion battery and fuel power battery is two important development directions.

Compared to lithium-ion batteries, fuel power cells have high energy density, long-range, environmentally friendly, fuel supplement, and high energy conversion efficiency, is known as “final energy”. Xiong Shares Choose a fuel power battery as one of the important development of the new energy industry. High-competitive products bring lithium-e-commerce performance for Xiongyi, the Leaphouse (2614891) 45AH battery is currently more competitive products, and the specifications of related products are only 42AH and even 37ah.

Lifting product energy density. Overall, the Xionghu VDA45AH ternary battery has the following advantages: 1 energy density is 210Wh / kg; 2 safety performance is excellent; 3 service life. Compatible with the current mature application field contains light card, logistics cars, etc.

, has brought leaps in the performance of lithium electric products.. With the formal commission of 45ah battery, it is expected that the annual output of lithium battery this year can reach 600 million watts.

. In addition to light card, outside logistics car, Xionghu has been moving and layout in low speed, passenger car market. At present, the three battery packs of this star product have been applied to light cards including Dongfeng special, Dongfeng Yunqi and other vehicle enterprises.

The number of logistics vehicles exceeds 2,500, and the operating income is 250 million. It has strong coverage in the market..

As the lithium-electric base in Xionghuhui is not enabled in 2018, he is a strong improvement in the lithium battery business. It is expected to increase the energy density of the product to 220Wh / kg at the end of the year. The first half of 2018 can reach 230Wh / Kg.

my country’s only company with domestic hydrogen-energy fuel power battery complete industrial chain is in the field of fuel power cells, which has been prepared in the hydrogen production, membrane electrodes, fuel power cells, and fuel power in the hydrogen energy industry chain. Card layout of key links such as battery engine systems, vehicle operations, widely involved in more than 10 domestic cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, to create a whole-industrial chain closed ring in the country. In the past few years, Xionghu has completed: 1 of the hydrogen fuel test experiment platform; 2 companies on the investment industry chain; 4 companies in the investment implementation of the company; 2 key technical universities cooperate, 4 car cooperation.

Building a hydrogen industry platform Xiongsu shares will bring no more than 500 million yuan in Shenzhen Nanshan District, Shenzhen Hydro Fuel Power Battery Co., Ltd..

The future operating category of this company will include: leading to the establishment of Hydro Industry Innovation Research Institute, developing fuel power battery vehicle application system, performing fuel power battery vehicle design and research, vehicle investment, sales and rent sale, and overseas technology Introduction, etc.. Hydrogen energy industry platform will cultivate at least 3 to 5 listed companies, and successfully promote 3-5 FCEV demonstration city nationwide.

Xiong Shaozhi is a leader in the hydrogen industry to create a world-famous national brand.

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