Confirm the charging cycle of the charging lithium battery

Confirm the charging cycle of the charging lithium battery

Lithium-ion battery charging cycle and lithium ion battery life have a considerable connection, and a charging cycle refers to a lithium-ion battery full charge and discharge process. If it is decomposed, a charging cycle is a full charge and a full discharge process. composition.

The number of lithium-ion battery life and its charging cycle is related, and there is no relationship with the number of lithium-ion battery charge and discharge.. In other words, the charging period of the lithium-ion battery is an expression of the lithium-ion battery, which means that the battery power is folar to full.

. From the voltage angle in the existing battery design, the single lithium ion battery is used from no-load 4.2V (capacity of nominal capacity) to 2.

75V (at this time, the capacity is zero), completes the opposite process. A charging cycle. In this process, if the battery starts charging when a voltage value between 4.

2V and 2.75V is, it cannot be counted as a charging cycle..

From a capacity perspective, 2200mAh lithium-ion batteries began to charge when there is 1100 mAh capacity, and cannot be counted as a charging cycle, but only one half cycle.. However, according to this approach, the number of lithium-ion battery charges (500 charging cycles) reaches 1000 times.

. From the level of value, a charging cycle of a charging cycle is equal to a total electric power of a full-electric lithium-ion battery, still as an example of a new lithium battery nominally 2200mAh, it can output the power of 8.14Wh, That is to say, the charged battery is enough to work at a current of 2200mA, this is the meaning of complete charge.

. The currently designed lithium-ion battery charging cycle can generally reach 500 times, which is the life of the lithium-ion battery..

The IEC standard stipulates that the lithium-ion battery has been charged by 500 cycles, with a charge of 60%.. Here, to correct consumer advertisements that “can charge more than 1000 times” as a measure of lithium-ion battery life scale, as mentioned above, a charging behavior is likely to complete a charging cycle, but there may be only half charging In the cycle, some lithium-ion battery manufacturers may make this description with unstrial parameters for publicity battery performance, and mislead consumers.

In fact, lithium-ion batteries can be counted as a charging cycle from zero to a nominal capacity to count the principle of a charging cycle without changing.. Therefore, the life of the lithium-ion battery can be improved by a certain method, but is always based on the charging period, which makes the life improvement within a limited range.

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