Composite increase rate exceeds 30% my country is starting a powerful lithium battery industry

Composite increase rate exceeds 30% my country is starting a powerful lithium battery industry

Demand-of-power-based dynamic lithium-ion battery equipment industry has continued to benefit from the rapid development of new domestic energy automotive industries, and the dynamic lithium-ion battery has become an important part of lithium-ion batteries. The demand for dynamic lithium-ion battery equipment begins to break out in the second half of 2015..

Organity predicts that new energy vehicles are still emerging industries in the next 10 years, and the composite rate of lithium-e-equipment industry in my country will exceed 30% in the next five years.. According to power lithium electricity per GWH equipment investment of 500 million yuan, my country’s powerful lithium battery industry is approximately 35 billion yuan in 2020.

The market generally believes that global new energy vehicles have risen to the beginning, my country is an important market for new energy vehicles. Therefore, domestic lithium-e-equipment is still determined in the next three years, and the leading quality domestic equipment company is expected to benefit..

This demand conduction is directly in order, according to industry insiders, lithium battery increases and product upgrades are rapidly improved in the demand for equipment. In 2017, new investment in the 2017 lithium battery is expected to remain over 100 billion yuan, plus 2016 The unfinished order of the new hundred billion investment, the lithium battery manufacturer is generally not orders this year..

The industry leader has emerged in Japan and South Korea, which has emerged in Japan and South Korea. It has a significant technical advantage, but the domestic equipment has been deprived, and it is expected to be in Japan and Korean..

Industry experts said that in addition to building a dynamic lithium-ion battery, it is also necessary to build a leading company of production equipment, and increase the support of leading companies in technology transformation and research and development.. As a leading company, we must increase the coverage of the whole industry chain, and the integration of mergers and acquisitions, and the pursuit of scale effects.

. At present, domestic leaders have emerged..

Winning Technology: Expanding production scale leads industry development in 2015, first pushing lithium electrical fortune equipment “turnkey” project, innovation industry business model; 2016, the first nickel-hydrodynamic lithium battery line automation equipment under the industry, becoming domestic and global The only manufacturer of the entire line of lithium battery and nickel hydrogen new energy dynamic lithium battery equipment. At present, we will win the core supplier of mainstream power lithium battery manufacturers such as Guoxuan High-class technology, with absolute technical advantages and firm customer base..

In addition, through the acquisition and new subsidiaries, the technology business is won by the core of the lithium-ion battery, and the mid-end device extends to the back end of the battery, and the battery PACK automation equipment, combined with MES technology, lithium battery line vision control technology And lithium battery line intelligent robot, realize the intelligent solution of “Clear Equipment + Robot + Software Control”, effectively improve the company’s lithium-ion battery equipment overall service capacity. On March 14, 2017, winning the scientific and technological announcement plan, intended to build a “winning technology lithium-ion battery automation equipment production line construction project”. After the completion of the project, 1025 lithium electrical equipment, the company’s lithium equipment Production scale will be further expanded.

Pilot Intelligence: R & D International First Lithium-ion Battery All Automotive Flow Creating Intelligent Factory In 2008, it has entered the field of lithium-e-equipment. After years of accumulation, the pilot intelligence has become a very small number to give Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, ATL, CATL, BYD , Ltd., Etc.

, high-end customers supplies, the company, has made an introduction to the import replacement of domestic equipment.. Insurance, July 2016, the leadership intelligent independent research and development of the world’s first lithium-ion battery full self-animal flow line, to create a smart unmanned factory for battery manufacturers, and achieve the most direct effective solution for industrial 4.

0; 2016 12 Month, the introduction of intelligent lithium-ion batteries and 3C high-end intelligent equipment production bases, the project is expected to invest 1 billion yuan, the production of lithium-ion battery equipment is important to give Panasonic and other world-renowned multi-dynamic lithium battery manufacturers. In January 2017, I spent 1. 1.

35 billion mergers and acquisitions, Titan, which is undoubtedly the pilot intelligence to become a lithium-selling equipment.. It is reported that Titan’s new powerful products are power soft bag lithium battery equipment and system, power hard shell battery equipment and system, and rear-end lithium battery production equipment such as cylindrical battery equipment and systems.

. After the acquisition is successful, the pilot intelligence will extends the listed company’s lithium-ion battery production equipment business chain, and strive to build the most powerful lithium-ion battery automation production equipment brand and service method. “Small and US” companies have collated as an important way to reduce costs, improve product consistency, and high-end, intelligent, intelligent, and intelligent, and my country’s lithium-e-equipment company transformation and upgrading must also “small giants”: Do not cross the field, but you can seize the new energy “wind” with advantageous technology products, and ultimately you can maximize the interests through strategic cooperation in the industry.

. “One flower is not spring”, the development of the dynamic lithium battery industry, in addition to the industry leader, there must be “small and beautiful” company. Zhengye Science and Technology Business Technology has formed a wide range of brand influences in the field of domestic lithium-electric non-destructive testing.

. The company’s lithium-electric X-ray test business market share is as high as 70%, firmly grasping BYD, ATL, Tianjin Zhizhen, China Aviation Lithium, Japan Panasonic and other domestic and foreign customers. Automatic X-ray inspection machine (XG5610), is a new equipment for orthodox orthodium 2016 independent research and development.

This equipment is important to detect the 18650/26650 lithium-ion battery, and the case of the negative ear and shell wall in the 26650 lithium ion battery (distance, touch distance, untrusted state of the ears) is a high efficiency. , Professional, high-quality lithium detection equipment. This winning equipment has a detection efficiency of 130ppm, and detects speed first in other similar equipment.

. As a very important process link of the battery module and the PACK link, the coherency, stability and safety of the battery is much influence on the consistency, stability and safety of the battery. The power lithium battery laser welding portion, the process is difficult, and the welding is Process requirement.

The big laser ranks first in the top three of the world, the domestic laser equipment occupancy rate is first. The application of the company’s equipment in the field of power lithium battery is important in the welding process of the battery, and the overall automated laser welding solution is supplied to the customer..

At present, the big laser is based on lithium electric laser welding technology. Through “combined with horizontal” strategic layout, it has been investing in the acquisition of lithium-e-equipment companies such as Dongguan Junzhuo, Shenzhen Platiniens and Jiangsu Jinfan Exhibition. Dynamic lithium battery manufacturing process equipment closed-loop industry chain.

Jiyang Intelligent Jiyang Intelligent is a professional manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitor production equipment and automation production lines, providing new energy equipment for domestic and foreign supplies and related equipment. On the product line, Jiyang intelligent will focus on the wound production segment and the distribution into a circulation. I hope that the future can really be integrated in the future, and connect the entire equipment production line.

. Sheng Hong Electric Shenzhen Shenghong Electric In the lithium-ion battery production section deep cultivated electrical component capacity and battery pack testing equipment, and also launched a storage-energy bidirectional converter, new energy vehicle charger, etc. in the downstream lithium-ion battery application Product Series.

It is worth mentioning that the energy-saving test equipment has become a trend of power lithium battery manufacturing, while Shenghong Electric autonomously developed energy feedback power lithium battery testing into equipment, by recycling, a large amount of heat dissipated in air, reducing alleviation Function of air-conditioning load throughout operation. Data show that this energy feedback device is more than 90% energy saving efficiency..

Times High Class Supreme Society has begun to cooperate with the United States Maxwell, US Maxwell, in 2006. It has grown the automatic vacuum drying system in eight years. Technology has occupied industry market.

. Its self-developed automatic tunnel vacuum drying system is characterized by “same parameter + intelligent control + no artificial + no need dry room”, completely subverts the design of traditional stand-alone drying equipment to ensure the consistency of the battery on each manufacturing node , Power lithium battery production efficiency increased by 3-8 times, fully satisfied with high-quality, high-quality dynamic lithium battery large-scale production demand. Moreover, the system also has a cost advantage, and the equipment price is 80% of the same performance import equipment.

. At present, the BYD battery production line has been used throughout the automatic vacuum drying system..

The breakthrough battle to catch up with Japan and South Korea is not the ultimate purpose. This is the best era, but it may be the most torment era for the powerful lithium battery company..

Although mainstream companies are trying to automate the automation of the device, it seems still not to meet the real needs of the power lithium battery company.. According to industry, there are currently about 70% of lithium-eM equipment in China have realized localization, but it is basically medium and low-end equipment.

It still relies on Japanese and Korean imported equipment on the core equipment (the high-end product of the former mid-mid-Middle Road coating winding machine is still Large relying on imports). We also see that all equipment from the company’s new Fujian Pharma project production line is introduced by South Korea, and its production is more than three times the domestic general production line, and A product rate is more than 98%..

“Domestic dynamic lithium battery on equipment automation, intelligence, etc. will also increase significantly. If domestic equipment companies cannot adapt to this change in a short time, the market will soon be robbed by equipment manufacturers including Japan and South Korea.

. “Yoshou Intelligent Chairman Yang Rukun said. However, catching up Japan and South Korea is not the ultimate goal of domestic power lithium battery companies.

. The original intention of the international market cake and promoting the long-term progress of the core technology is the direction of the company’s efforts..

my country’s electric vehicles have risen to national strategies, and the production and sales are leading worldwide.. But recently many developed countries have begun, including Germany, Europe, Japan, and strategy is doing adjustments.

. Once these countries have started to force, what kind of impact on my country’s powered lithium-ion battery equipment company will be worthy of attention. Looking at the global market, Tslamodel3 orders have more than 500,000 orders, and the demand for lithium-ion batteries exceeds 35GWH, and as battery costs continue to decrease, the mass, general, BMW is expected to increase the investment of electric vehicles and launching a model similar to Model3, In the future, the demand for lithium-e-electric equipment will increase with the surge in the motility lithium-ion battery.

. Excellent domestic equipment company will have hope to join the global lithium-e-equipment competition pattern. Analysis believes that my country’s dynamic lithium-ion battery manufacturing is still in the “primary intelligence” phase, the pass rate is approximately 90% of the entire industry.

. The product market terminal puts forward more and more stringent requirements, and the degree of automation may have a small gap with advanced levels of foreign countries..

If key processes and equipment can’t keep up, the company is difficult to have vital, so the equipment company can only win industry identity, and ultimately become a powerful compete for the international market.

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