Colored metal supply and demand pattern differentiated zinc cobalt lithium substantially good

Colored metal supply and demand pattern differentiated zinc cobalt lithium substantially good

Since April, it has been dragged down by black goods, and there is a color metal and even commodities weaken.. As of 24, Wenhua Commodity Index fell 4.

34% this month, and colored sections fell 5.44%..

“At present, the fell in the metal market is a significant increase in rising last year.. “An Taiko Manager Wu Xi said in the recent Antai 2017 Nonferrous Metallic Market Report meeting, starting with strong rebound in some varieties in early 2016, from the supply end, due to the structural supply and demand of each variety of metal markets The relationship is significant, and the decimalization of the trend of commodity field in 2017 and 2018 will continue.

. Zinc and lithium hydroxide supply reservoirs “This year’s non-ferrous metals are more optimistic and zinc. Zhu Wei, the analyst of the Metal and Mining Industry of Bloomberg Asia Pacific, said in other colored varieties, and the current supply of zinc supply is not large.

. Since last year, due to the supply, the price of zinc has skyrocketed nearly 60%. Although the production of zinc concentrates overseas this year and domestic zinc concentrates are active, the new incremental important make up for the large number of closing mines in the first two years, and the overall supply level is difficult to recover to 2014.

According to the statistics of Antai, the zinc concentrate in 2017 and 2018 maintained short-shortage. It is expected that the 2017 global zinc concentrate supply gap is 2.54 million tons.

. Another variety of varies of supply and demand is lithium hydroxide, and its driving force comes from rapid rising demand..

Under subsidies, high-nitilian three-yuan battery development is quickly pulling lithium hydroxide demand. Li Bingxin, deputy secretary-general of the Lithium Industry Association of my country’s Nonferrous Metal Industry Association, said that the average annual growth rate of lithium hydroxide in the next five years will be maintained at 25%, higher than lithium carbonate..

Although the current domestic production of positive material is still based on lithium carbonate, the three-yuan lithium electronization output of the layout of major production companies is used in the use of lithium hydroxide.. It is estimated that before 2020, the supply of lithium hydroxide in global hydroxide is mainly due to the shortage, and the global shortage is 2100 tons in 2017.

. In addition, the price of cobalt in the upstream cycle is still advantageous..

According to An Taiko, it is expected that domestic metal cobalt production will be reduced in 2017 due to the effect of cobalt salt.. Overseas markets continue to discontinue some smelting companies, 2017 cobalt supply is possible to further reduce.

In terms of demand, it is expected that my country’s cobalt consumption is 50,000 to 52,000 tons in 2017, adding 10% year-on-year.. Copper aluminum contradictions gradually resolve the supply side reform policy issued by the electrolytic aluminum industry in April to become the focus of recent attention in the industry.

. In the view of Yao Xi, director of the Anteco Consulting Research Center, this round of reforming the implementation of illegal production may exceed expectations, currently estimated or will involve 3 million to 5 million tons of new-added aluminum production. Anteo estimates that this year’s domestic electrolytic aluminum market is more than 230,000 tons, while the global electrolytic aluminum market will continue to shortage, about 1 million tons this year.

. “In 2017, the excessive pattern of aluminum supply is still there..

“The chief of China Merchants Securities, Chief Metal Analyst, said Liu Wenping. There is also copper in the same face to supply pressure..

In March, the copper in Shanghai, London, reached the stage of stage, and the copper price was taken down.. Start in April, the copper inventory of the previous period was two weeks.

“The current copper is sustainable, it may be maintained until May. Chen Dongpo, “China Aluminum International Trade Co., Ltd.

Non-Aluminum Metal Business Center, Chen Dongpo believes that on the one hand, low-cost alternative raw materials scrap copper has been consumed, the raw materials start to turn to electrolysis copper; on the other hand, 4, May It is the peak season of the year, which will prompt the copper inventory to consume. However, he expects that it is impact on domestic funds, and the copper prices may continue to take, fundamentals and price trends in a short period of time..

Overall, the excess grid of the copper industry is improved.. According to Antai Science, global bronze supply is expected to shrink to 250,000 tons, and last year is 300,000 tons.

. my country’s fine copper supply is also expected to fall from 541,000 tons in 2016 to 280,000 tons this year.

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