Code betting new energy South Korea Modern Auto spending $ 6.7 billion to develop fuel power cells

Code betting new energy South Korea Modern Auto spending $ 6.7 billion to develop fuel power cells

Modern automobiles have another increase in investment, betting hydrogen energy development. South Korea’s Modern Motor Group announced on Tuesday that it will invest about $ 6.7 billion to develop its hydrogen fuel power battery technology.

. Modern Group plans to increase the yield of the fuel power battery system to 40,000; in 2030, it plans to invest 7.6 trillion won (about $ 6.

7 billion), and the output is increased to 700,000.. Modern Group has been a supporter of hydrogen fuel technology.

The second-generation fuel power battery electric vehicle NEXO’s battery life has reached 380 miles, than Toyota’s “Future”, Honda’s “ClarityFuelcell” and TSLA’s “Models100D” is stronger.. Modern is also the only company in the establishment of a fuel-powered battery system.

. After working on Wednesday, the modern car group stock price rose by 5%..

In September this year, modern cars announced that they will work with Swiss H2 hydrogen energy and fuel power battery operators. In the next five years, 1,000 hydrogen powered trucks are sold in Switzerland. It is expected to be launched at the end of 2019.

It is the world’s first commercial hydrogen power truck.. TSLA and Daimler will also launch an electric truck in 2020 and 2021.

Modern Automobile Group has increased investment in fuel power cell technology, showing this Korean car company not only hoped to have a good in the hydrogen fuel power battery car, but also hoped to maintain competitiveness in future hydrogen energy society.. Zheng Yizhi, vice chairman of the modern group, said that this investment aims to promote the development of “hydrogen society”, “We will expand our role in the field of automobile transportation, help hydrogen into economically viable energy, in the process of transition to clean energy in the world Play key use.

“Compared to pure electric vehicles, the hydrogen fuel power cell can replenish fuel, long-range, weight is also light than the lithium ion battery, more suitable for long distance transportation. Hyundai also hopes to use a hydrogen-fuel power battery to drone, ships and forklifts, and other uses such as power generation and storage..

However, the cost of hydrogen fuel cars is higher, which will promote slow. Modern planned NEXO hydrogen fuel power battery SUV in 2019, Carsdirect expects its basic model price of $ 59,345, high-profile WSSE62845 US dollar. Moreover, hydrogen is used as the cost of fuel, but also higher than gasoline.

. Modern Group wants to seize future development space in advance to deal with sales. In the third quarter, the net profit of Modern Group fell by two-thirds and 30.

6 billion won (about $ 270 million), the low level of seven years.

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