COC is mainstream, but don’t be used by ‘cobalt’

COC is mainstream, but don't be used by 'cobalt'

The propaganda effect created by the “cobalt” battery set off, as if “new life” is in front of him. However, we are seriously thinking about the concept of “cobalt”, will be suspected of sinus. What is “cobalt”? Lithium lithium phosphate is also very “cobalt”! If it is not clear, this statement is easy to bring people.

Tsla is ambiguous, “” “. We didn’t wait TSLA, but wait for the hive. Honeycomb Energy Technology Company first debuted two cobalt batteries on May 18.

It’s very cow, these two batteries use NMX-free materials, supply high-cycle life, high security and high energy density technology advantages.. The first product is based on a 590 module, the capacity is 115ah, and the energy density of the battery reaches 245Wh / kg.

. Since it is done on the basis of the generalization battery size design, it can be equipped with most new pure electric platforms, and claims that 15 years of 12 million kilometers warranty can be claimed..

The second is a product that is developing with the Great Wall, which is a cobalt-cobalt length of the L6 sheet. The capacity 226Ah, through the matrix PACK design, can realize the 880-kilometer battery life. According to Yang Hongxin, Chairman of Honeycomb Energy, two “cobalt” batteries are the earliest production in June 2021.

Undoubtedly, if this technique officially landed, it can really cross the mileage anxiety.. However, since there is still more than one year, we may wish to observe, how high is this “cobalt” gold? “How cobalt” does it, although this announcement says it is tantamount to “bright sword”, but the details are still to be built.

. In addition, we can’t forget that CATL also has its own “cobalt” technical reserves, this is the time of 2019 results, but CATL is still more modest, but did not speak more information..

Looking back, why now use the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery used by the car enterprise to use cobalt? Where is the difficulty of “cobalt”? (In advance, some basic knowledge, such as cobalt reserves, NCM or NCA, 523/622 / 811, please first Baidu, we will say directly. ) In fact, the use of cobalt is to inhibit the “nickel lithium mixing” phenomenon of lithium-ion batteries..

Because, if the “nickel lithium mixing” phenomenon occurs, the microstructure in the three-dimensional ion battery may thoroughly chaos, which will cause battery life and capacity shortened, and even other dangers.. In addition, cobalt can also reduce the impedance value of the material, improve material electron conductivity, improve magnification performance, reduce the internal resistance of the battery, etc.

, in principle, in principle. Moreover, because the cobalt is too expensive, even if the TSLA is falling, the electrolytic cobalt is now 250,000 yuan / ton, and the reserves can not hold the rising demand, so TSLA is the Lord who can burn the money. Give cobalt.

So, what is the hive to reach “cobalt”? The first, is cationic doping technique. That is, by increasing the upper limit voltage of the material, increase energy density by 40% (lithium iron phosphate). The hive says that “two chemical keys can be more elements” to replace cobalt, can be stabilized at high voltage of 4.

3 to 4.35V, and the energy density is increased and the cost is lowered..

The second is single crystal technology. Single crystal has a stronger particle strength, more stable structure, and pressure resistance can be improved by 10 times..

So, single crystal cell life can be 70% higher than polycrystalline high nickel terns. According to this comprehensive, it is like Hao Lei, director of honeycomb energy market..

In fact, there are many people attempts to use positive electrode materials such as lithium manganese acid LiMn2O4, lithium manganese acid Li2MNO3, nickel lithium LiniO2, including spineli-manganese acid lithium Lini0.5Mn1.5O4, but the positive electrode material such as nickel-rich Li2MNO3, nickel Most positive electrode materials are not as good as the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery on high temperature performance, energy density and cycle life.

. The third consideration is black technology – nano networked cover. By coating a layer of nanodexide on a single crystal surface, the side reaction of the positive electrode material and the electrolyte can be reduced, and the material cycle performance under high voltage can be effectively improved.

. However, because the hive does not supply more details on these three technologies, we can only verify after the birth of next year..

There is also a very realistic match problem to solve, just like Turki, President of That Lithium, “The biggest problem with lithium nickel manganese acid lithium manganese acid is currently not found and matched.. The existing hexafluorophosphate electrolytic solution system is decomposed because the voltage is not 5 volts, and the battery will fail.

. “The hive chooses nickel manganese to perform” cobalt “breakthrough, the difficulty of matching should not be considered? In addition, we can see from the” Technological Innovation Curve “of the hive, to 2022” cobalt “battery energy density More than three yuan lithium ion batteries, so we don’t have to expect too high. Moreover, in 2022, the real competitor will come.

“Cobalt” or “four yuan”? To say “cobalt” is subversive technology, I am afraid I can’t talk. Why do you say this? Because, “cobalt” is very difficult to say from technology..

There have been domestic and foreign experts say that “cobalt elements cannot completely eliminate alternatives in a short time in terms of ternary materials.. “And, forward-looking technology research and development and mass production are two things, after all, NCM811 batteries have just started applying.

According to the latest data from the research institution Evtank, the domestic three-yuan lithium-ion battery installed volume increased to 72.87% this year, while the lithium iron phosphate ion battery (LFP) further fell to 22.93%, a lithium-manganese acid (LMO).

) And less than 5% of other batteries. Therefore, the current status of the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery is still very stable..

In addition, in February, the industry is also discussed on the “cobalt” statement of TSLA and believes: First, the “cobalt battery” of TSLA refers to lithium iron phosphate (LFP) ), Including foreign media has also confirmed this. Moreover, even if the TSLA really uses “cobalt” positive electrode material lithium ion battery, the annual reduction of cobalt amount is only a few hundred tons..

2020 global cobalt consumption is expected to rise by 11% to 148,000 tons, and the annual average growth rate of about 7% is expected during 2020 to 2025, so TSLA’s technical route changes, in fact, the overall impact on cobalt consumption is relatively limited. Second, at this stage, there is no company in China to achieve the true meaningful batch production and sales of cobalt positive material materials..

And industry people also believe that TSLA is important for lithium iron phosphate is based on cost consideration, and does not mean that there is a problem with the performance of the ternary battery.. After the complex, the low-distribution version of Model3 is expected to fall by 20% to 30%, and the initial car cost is expected to drop 20,000 yuan.

. This also means that the price will drop to about 250,000 yuan..

In addition, we must not only look at the domestic battery company such as the hive, but also to see what their international opponents are doing.. In fact, more companies are layinging nickel-cobalt manganese (NCMA) “four yuan” lithium-ion battery.

The general car of the leader, published an independent developed Ultium power lithium battery pack in March this year.. Ultium should be the first NCMA tetra-lithium ion battery, which can reduce the cobalt content in the battery by about 70% by adding aluminum.

This battery pack capacity is 20 times higher than that of the conventional cylindrical battery pack. Can reach 400 miles (about 650 km) or higher. Moreover, in order to successfully achieve the promotion of production construction, General Motors and LG chemical joint ventures (approximately RMB16.

2 billion) set up joint ventures Ultiumcellsllc to jointly develop and produce. According to the content of the “Honeycomb Strategic Planning and Product Conference” last July, the hive ourselves in the development of NCMA tether lithium-ion batteries, but is still in a conceptual stage, September 2018 Honeycomb company project, at the time It is expected that the pre-development of materials in the end of 2019. The determination of the material is planned in December 2020, and it is expected to reach the quantity of four-yuan battery in November 2022.

. From time to time, it will be slower than “cobalt”..

But no matter what to say, once the quantity of the quantity of the quantity of four yuan, the impact is still very high. The cost of the battery pack can also be lowered, will drop to $ 100 / kWh (about 694 yuan / kWh), that is, the ultimate target price that really can realize the cost of fuel car. This may be the most important opponent by the “non-cobalt” nickel-manganese acid ion battery released by the hive release.

. Dr. Li Wei, Dr.

Li Wei, Physics Research Institute of my country, said that “battery is a very complex system, commercialization of a new material, must be synchronized by all supporting materials, which is a relatively complex, long-term development; After completing, there are small trials, trials, mass production, and constant revision during the period is also a long process. Therefore, battery technology innovation is indeed a relatively slow thing..

“Similarly, we have completed the technical research of” cobalt “batteries that have completed the” cobalt “battery. It is only a” conceptual product “. From the process,” cobalt “batteries complete the material development work last year, this year’s March completed Material System Optimization and April Materials in April, after the announcement, to the August system, then after various reliability and performance, the amount of cobalt-free batter is achieved in November 2021, and the speed is already Quite fast.

Therefore, the land of “cobalt” batteries should be unquestionated, too high-profile propaganda will be counterproductive, we should still do the basic work before this. Besides, whether it is “four yuan” battery or “cobalt” battery, is not the final solution. We can look at the technology development graph of hive, and ultimately its goal is still going to the solid battery.

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