Cobalt price increased by 230% power lithium battery company is in ‘onset down pressure’ dilemma

Cobalt price increased by 230% power lithium battery company is in 'onset down pressure' dilemma

Cobalt is a metal raw material for making new batteries. In recent years, with the development of the motivational automobile industry, the cobalt supply of important raw materials for the power source ternary batteries continues to be tight..

According to statistics, since the end of 2015, domestic metal cobalt prices have shown that the overall trend of volatile, over 230%. The average price of cobalt has reached 5.878 million yuan / ton, and the price breaks through the high 10 years.

. The raw materials are seriously dependent on imports, and the oligarch effect continues to be prominent..

The global cobalt total reserves are extremely imbalance, and the Congo (gold) occupies 54% of the total reserves, and my country’s reserves are only 1.11%, including the difficulty of mining copper, nickel accompanying ore, and independent cobalt mines only account for only the country. 4.

7% of the reserves. my country is a poor country, but the world’s first largest cobalt demand, 2017, my country’s cobalt demand accounted for about 45% worldwide..

Various supply and demand gaps have enabled more than 90% of the cobalt dependence on my country, of which 84% imported from the Congo (Gold). Highly concentrated in production causes global cobalt resources to be substantially monopolized by Congo (Gold). On January 27, the Congo (Jin) Parliament adopted the new mining method, cobalt was raised from 2% to 5% because of the classified metal.

. After the tax increase, or will further promote domestic cobalt market price. Strong tourism needs, supply demand imbalances continue to intensify.

According to data, the global cobalt supply is 108,000 tons in 2017, with a demand of 113,000 tons, and the gap is 4820 tons.. Power car three-dollar battery is the core source driving force for promoting cobalt demand.

In recent years, the rapid development of the power industry industry has directly broken the supply and demand balance of cobalt.. Taking my country as an example, 2017 domestic power vehicle output reached 7.

94 million, up 53.8% year-on-year, and it is expected to reach 2 million in 2020..

At the same time, smartphone lithium-ion batteries are also cobalt’s downstream important application terminals. According to Bloomberg statistics, about quarter cobalt yields around the world are used in smart phones..

With the arrival of 5G era, the demand for smartphone lithium-ion batteries to cobalt is also expected to rise.. In addition, the demand for cobalt in various fields such as carbide, high temperature alloy, and mobile power supply has risen smoothly.

According to industry insiders, the 2020 demand in 2020 will reach around 150,000 tons.. Although the global demand is rapidly expanding, due to the political risk of the Congo, the mainstream mine increase is limited, the production cannot be released quickly.

. It is estimated that by 2020, the global cobalt supply shortage will be expanded to 1 to 20,000 tons..

Relevant industries accelerated reconstruction, technology thresholds are forced to improve. Sashid cobalt prices directly affect the operation of downstream battery companies, battery manufacturers have to seek other ways to reduce the dependence on cobalt, an industry trend is to increase the specific gravity of nickel, thereby reducing the proportion of cobalt. At present, the domestic power lithium battery three-yuan positive material market is mainly NCM523 (nickel-cobalt-mixed 5: 2: 3), accounting for 76%, and the hotspot in the international market has been turned to the high-nickel system NCM811 materials.

. According to South Korea SKI Battery, the company has put NCM811 in mass production. According to reports, the application ratio of TSLA current nickel-cobalt manganese is 8: 1: 1, and cooperates with Panasonic, I hope to increase the use of nickel to 85%.

. High-nickel materials have made higher requirements for the company’s scientific research capabilities and R & D investment due to high technical thresholds..

Related to Japan and South Korea, my country’s NCM811 battery manufacturing has just started, and is currently limited to cylindrical power lithium battery manufacturers, while squares and soft boiled battery manufacturers are still in safety testing phases.. The large environment of “upper squeezing pressure” caused by cobalt prices will force battery companies to pursue higher production technology, and some new entrants will be more difficult.

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