Cloud Picture Holdings: Litships Lithium Iron Lithium Lithium Industry Chain Incubation New Profit Rising Point

Cloud Picture Holdings: Litships Lithium Iron Lithium Lithium Industry Chain Incubation New Profit Rising Point

China Films Network News (Reporter Kangxi) Cloud Map Holdings In November 9, in the interactive platform of deep intelligence, future companies will rely on their own phosphorus, and the advantages of phosphorus chemical is reasonable layout phosphate industry chain.. At present, the company has planned 350,000 tons of battery-level phosphate and related supporting projects, and no lithium iron phosphate project is not carried out.

. The company’s phosphate project is intended to be divided into two joint construction. The first phase of 100,000 tons / annual phosphate is expected to be completed in March 2023; the second phase of 250,000 tons of phosphate and related supporting projects are expected to build production in December 2023.

. On September 4, Yunchao Holding Notice, the company intends to set up 500 million yuan in its own (self-raised) currency funds, in Hubei Province, Songzi City, Hubei Province, set up Yuntu New Energy Materials (Jingzhou) Co., Ltd.

(referred to as “cloud map new energy”), And by its investment in the construction of 350,000 tons of battery-level phosphite and supporting 300,000 tons of wet phosphoric acid (fold pure), 300,000 tons of refined phosphoric acid, 1.1 million tons of phosphorite ore, 1 million tons of sulfur acid, 600,000 Tons of slow control, 1 million tons of phosphite, comprehensive utilization and 20MW waste heat power generation. According to the report, the company has been deep cultivating the chemical industry for more than 20 years.

At present, the phosphate fertilizer industry chain starting from phosphate ore resources has been established, and the imperitative industry chain mainly-based phosphorus chemical industry chain is built, and the integrated industrial advantage is built, and it has accumulated in phosphorus chemicals. Rich production management related experience and technical reserves. In this context, the company relies on the rich phosphate resources in the North Niuzhai North Mining Area in Lebo County, along the “phosphate ore-phosphate-phosphate”, further extends the industry chain, and entering the new energy market coincides with it.

. Cloud Map Holdings said that the company proposed to establish a new energy source of cloud maps, and produced 350,000 tons of battery-grade phosphate and related supporting projects by its construction. It is based on new energy vehicles and energy storage sectors and phosphate positive materials market.

Delicious decision making for supply and demand. The important purpose is to use the company’s own resources and industrial chain advantages, seize the development opportunities of the new energy industry, and fill in the company’s integrated industrial chain, consolidate the company’s cost control advantage and industry synergy, further enhance the company’s anti-risk capability And core competitiveness. This investment is conducive to the company’s new profit rising point, and it is conducive to expanding the company’s compound fertilizer and phosphorus chemical industry scale, which in line with the company’s continuous development strategy.

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