Chinese Academy of Engineering Yang Yusheng: The current development of electric vehicles and dynamic lithium battery industries

Chinese Academy of Engineering Yang Yusheng: The current development of electric vehicles and dynamic lithium battery industries

August 30th to September 1, “2019 my country Automobile Industry Development (TEDA) International Forum” held in Tianjin Binhai New District. This forum is the theme of “comprehensive reform and opening up, developing new kinetic energy”, focusing on future policy trends, new four-circuit, deepening reform and strengthening domestic and foreign brand cooperation, automatic driving and artificial intelligence, fuel power battery Difficult issue, etc..

The following is a speech on-site speech on the spot of the academician Yang Yusheng in my country: my country Academy of Engineering, Yang Yusheng, good afternoon, I want to introduce some of my opinions, current electric vehicles and dynamic lithium battery industries. Subsiders are still canceled in 16 months. Now the process of marketization has begun.

In the morning, it has been said that the car is now a new starting point. In fact, electric cars should also start a new starting point..

So what kind of electric cars we want to develop in this case? What kind of power lithium battery is developed? I want to tell four questions.. First, energy saving and emission reduction is the purpose of electric vehicles.

The second is only safe and energy-saving cars. The third is what batteries for safe energy saving vehicles. The fourth is to make full use of points to promote energy conservation and emission reduction.

. Let’s talk about the first question, energy saving and emission reduction should be measured from the whole cycle of electric cars, not which section, such as driving this paragraph on the road, pure electric car uses electric vehicles, fuel electric vehicles are hydrogen, not this. Where is the electricity from, where is hydrogen, how is its energy conservation and emission reduction?.

So to consider the whole cycle. So after the whole cycle is considered, some of the following. The first is long mileage pure electric car without energy saving and emission reduction, plug-in hybrid vehicle fake energy-saving emission reduction, fuel power battery electric car is difficult to save emission reduction, micro-pure electric cars are real energy saving emission reduction.

Retrievial ​​electric vehicle is very energy-saving emission reduction. Five kinds of car use five adjectives. Below I will talk about the reason, why do you say that long mileage pure electric cars do not save energy? This is a pure electric car.

It is under the case of electric energy from the power grid. Although it fuels, it consumes high, such long mileage passenger cars cannot reduce emissions..

However, pure electric cars do not have oil, and in Singapore, Singapore bought a TSLA from Hong Kong, transported to Singapore, I originally wanted to get a reward of 10,000, and the Singapore government did its power consumption, from its The power consumption is not only not rewarded, but also fines for 10,000 US dollars.. So Singapore’s policy is right, just because the pursuit of long miles, the battery is loaded with a lot of batter, the car is heavy, and the car is more powerful, and the electricity consumption is mostly carbon dioxide and other harmful things.

There are many, so Singapore’s policy is from energy conservation and emission reduction, this is truly reflected in the original intention of developing electric vehicles.. Even if the power supply of the power grid is important from the solar energy and other clean energy, high energy batteries are also cleared, and long mileage pure electric cars may not be available.

. First, the multi-load battery is high, the explosion is dangerous, the second multi-load battery, battery production and waste battery is consumed, the third multi-load battery, load drive, waste energy, the fourth battery is used , The price of the car is high, the competitiveness is low..

The fifth battery life is shorter than the whole vehicle. For the new battery to make another money, the battery is generally guaranteed for five years, the long preservation of eight years, and a car is going to open for more than ten or twenty years, so a car is equipped with Two sets to three sets of batteries, when buying a car, don’t pay attention to money, you can have subsidies..

But if the buyer is considered the second set, the third battery is to pay for him.. Moreover, the charging pile is dense, which is costly and difficult to meet the requirements, so the long miles electric car first is from the development of electric vehicle energy saving and emission reduction.

The second is to spend more money, after the subsidy cancels Poor competitiveness. So it does not save energy and emission reduction is here..

The second is what fake energy-saving emission reduction in the plug-in hybrid vehicle? The internal combustion engine system can be changed, the following is the system of pure electric vehicles.. It has two sets of systems, such a car is heavy, consumes more power.

The second point is that it is 50 kilometers outside of the traditional internal combustion engine, and now the traditional car is a lot of redundancy. This car is still a big Mara trolley, so it is no energy saving and emission reduction..

The third is that “the fuel consumption is very low”, the fuel consumption calculation method has problems, resulting in illusion. For example, a plug-in hybrid vehicle is only 1.5 liters per 100 kilometers, which is actually 1.

5 rising. It is a battery that is moving for seven or eighty-kilometers. There is still two or 30 kilometers away, and the oil used in two or 30 kilometers is reached one hundred kilometers.

After this, the fuel consumption will of course fall.. So this is a fake calculation method.

The fourth majority of users are not recharged, using this car as a fuel vehicle, the oil emissions have increased, and the battery is sold, not someone else, there are some people, get subsidies, licensed and not spend money Especially in Shanghai, a license is 890,000, so buying this car is very costly, it can not charge, and there is a car, the license does not spend money, so plugging the electric car is a “fallen”, not true The strong, it is fat. The Ministry of Science and Technology has already removed from the triple last year. At the 100-person meeting in January last year, Wan Steel minister announced that the Triple Ministry of Technology has set it into a pure electric vehicle, a reunite car, fuel power battery electric vehicle There have been no plug-in hybrid vehicles inside.

. The Development and Reform Commission puts the plug-in mixed electric vehicle from the electric car this year, and the National Development and Reform Commission announced a document this year, which is a direction guidance document on the development of the car, and now it has already begun..

The plug-in is returned to the fuel-ranging range.. So now the understanding of the plug-in hybrid car is slowly clear, but the various ministries are not uniform, and some will regard it as a baby.

. Below I will mention the double points, I will mention it..

The third is related to fuel power battery electric cars, why does it say that it is difficult to save energy? The fuel power battery is energy to do with hydrogen, and hydrogen is no mineral, of course, water is a mine, but hydrogen and water are not a matter, so that there is a lot of problems like this.. The first one is to have high energy efficiency, low-discharge hydrogen.

Just talked about many hydrogen in the use of electrolytic water now, if it is directly used to electrolyze hydrogen, then to the fuel power battery, the efficiency, the electrolysis is about 85%, the fuel power battery is 50%, After this, the two steps of 10 degrees turned to 4 degrees, and sent to the road, plus the fuel power battery itself consumes electricity, and its operational power is. So the last efficiency is not very high..

Some people say that the by-product hydrogen can also be used, and the actual by-product hydrogen is also limited. The by-product hydrogen from the chlor-alkali process can be used, but there is a small amount of chlorine, oxygen, and purified..

The carbon monoxide is based on the standards announced by the present, and the content of carbon monoxide in hydrogen is 2,000. It is 0.2 PPM.

In fact, the purity requirements in hydrogen are high, to transform these coal, to remove carbon monoxide, Very difficult. Because it is purified to 0.2 PPM, the cost is very high, this is an important energy consumption problem.

. The second is the safety transportation, distribution, storage, and technical issues..

Today, I have not been detailed here. Recently, there is a “Science and Technology Daily”. It has been ten days.

If I haven’t paid it now, if I will see it, I have a very large safety transportation problem.. The third question is that the life of the fuel power battery is not long enough, and it can be more than 20,000 hours during the experiment.

. Because of the high price, high production, the energy consumption of fuel power battery is much higher than the internal combustion engine. Then there is a platinum resources.

Our country now produces platinum of 4 tons. It is important to do catalyst in chemical industry. There is also a jewelry, far less, it is necessary to import about 40 tons.

Put this platinum can only take a small part to do a fuel power battery. The amount of fuel power battery is very limited. It is probably a few hundred thousand to top, so it is necessary to study without platinum, and there is less, now I can do 0.

2, 0.3 grams of kW, but the less platinum, the more easily poisoned, the faster life. Catalysts without platinum are world problems, and now they are overcome, these problems have to be solved by long-term research.

. The government should consider three problems: The first is that the film paper pump can has been developed for 20 years, carbonaceous, air pump, high pressure gas tank production is not too close, what is the reason? I am in the first more than 30 years, I have experienced my country from the development of the atomic bomb, the hydrogen bomb, it seems that it is not so difficult..

The second question is what the imported battery and import parts are installed, what is the benefit of my country’s technology development? How is the third question? Where is the demonstration? How to achieve marketization? The fuel power battery is only one of the incremental, that is, the electric mixture, in fact, it is charged to the battery, so it will compete with other power generation technologies in the future, it will not compete, so it can’t get the market, so it It is difficult to save energy and emission reduction. The fourth is why the tiny cars say true energy saving emission reduction? Its electric energy is all from the grid, but the tiny pure electric car battery is less, high security, adapting to the general needs of urban, township traffic, cheap, easy to promote. Tiny pure electric vehicles can exercise 100 kilometers in 200V, charge 8 hours, consume less, really emission reduction.

Its emissions are equivalent to 3 liters of oil. If a miniature pure electric car is charged at night, it is equivalent to 100 million KW pumping storage power stations, which can save 1.5 trillion yuan to build a station fee.

. Tiny pure electric cars can be used as a low-speed vehicle with a lead charcoal battery, safer. The fifth is why the extension electric car is energy-saving? This is the second generation of the incremental car.

The so-called first generation is BMW I3. This engine is 0.7 liter displacement.

After the battery is running, the extrusion machine starts power generation, which is only the relationship of power supply, and there is no optimization combination. The second generation of increased range is to optimize the power system. The first is that the engine displacement is about half, but its fuel feed rate is high.

. The second is the engine efficiency optimization because it can adjust power at a very narrow speed, and it is not like a general engine to have a wide dynamic range..

The third is that the battery is less, the cost is low, the fourth is that the car is alleviated, more energy saving. So I summarize it, there is 7 advantages, the battery is small, the amount of subsidy is small, easy to market, more than 50% of the fuel stroller, more saving money, can not charge, free to build charging pile, and can be far away, if There is a charging condition, and the energy-saving rate in the city can reach 80%. Now the fuel car production and refueling facilities can inherit, so traditional mutually can reduce a lot of waste, it does not have a pure electric car mileage, charging, price , Battery, etc.

. The second is that the incremental process is a fusion of fuel vehicles and electric vehicles, energy saving and emission reduction..

This is the 12-meter reunable passenger car made by Shenyang Huadong, 12 liters of fuel consumption of 100 kilometers, 16 kilometers of fuel consumption of 100 kilometers, Canada Planb 100 kilometers of fuel consumption of 17 liters. Nissan car Note used E-Power system, 100 kilometers fuel consumption only 2.9 liters.

Shandong Texas made a surrequisitic low-speed car, used by motorcycles, with lead-acid batteries, 100 kilometers of fuel consumption, 2017, more than 10,000 vehicles. The fifth is the most recent, Hong Kong East Group’s 50 increased SUVs, from Foshan, Guangdong, passed Jinggangshan to Wuhan, 20th arrived at Kaifeng, 1800 kilometers, no charge, temperature between 38-40 degrees, full air conditioner This is unimaginable about pure electric cars..

Its average speed is 90 kilometers per hour, with average fuel consumption of 3.9 liters per 100 kilometers..

A SUV’s car fuel 3.9 liters per kilometer, and the fuel feed rate is very high, more than 50%. This example has been spread wide online.

. The second problem is that it is only safe and energy-saving cars..

I list the requirements of this car, high security, energy saving and emission reduction, easy to use, low price, less energy, convenient maintenance, long use. Safety high-quality car users can enjoy, TSLA pure electric car burned more than a dozen cars in 2017, burning 11 vehicles in 2018. In February this year, March, April, May, July, almost one month.

According to incomplete statistics, my country has 103 fever in 2017. It is burn 51 in 2018. This 51 has played a question mark, because some people intend to delete the news of the burning car, so the statistics are not allowed.

More than 90% of them were pure electric vehicles with a three-dimensional ion battery. I burned 11 cars from this month of 21 this month..

Shenzhen electric flow bike burned 5 vehicles in 2018, 4 of which are battery spontaneous combustion. So the three yuan lithium electricity, the people in the car can’t escape, people in the car have no rescue, why will there be such a situation? I tried to strengthen the competitiveness of various electric vehicles, and painted a table just now..

Seven indicators 5 kinds of car to score, the total points, long mileage pure electric vehicles 12 points, plug-in 14 points, fuel power battery car 11 points, miniature pure electric car 27 points, increased range 33 points, This is my opinion, I hope that everyone will take it back to play, see if this is a trend.. Seven indicators are equal rights plus, practical security should be weighted, energy saving and emission reduction is the purpose, should be weighted, if these two are new, then the total points gap larger.

So please try it, see how the results. The third generation of extension electric vehicle technology introduced that the Duke of Jiangsu proposed to power generation direct drive electric vehicle, and the second generation is different. The power generation is not used by the battery.

The third generation is the electric motor to the electric motor, which reduces the battery. The energy loss of charging discharge is about 10%, so it can improve the fuel economy. In addition, the life of this battery is also growing, because the big current is not passed, so it intends safe, energy saving, convenient, long mileage, saving money.

The incremental or oil saving is not our ultimate goal.. I want to remind two questions, if my country’s fuel consumption is less than half of the fuel consumption, the annual crude oil is 200 million, the environment improvement, energy security is improved, my country has taken a big step to the auto power, and the people of the country are very happy.

. Second, the battery of the pure electric car is more, the car weight, the power consumption is not necessarily the ultimate goal..

If everyone recognizes that the development of electric cars is for energy conservation and emission reduction, the policy will change. After changing, pure electric cars should not be the ultimate goal..

I also thought that pure electric cars were good, I started to slowly realize that the problem of pure electric vehicles began.. So in the past eight nine years, I have been talking, I can’t engage in a long-distance pure electric vehicle, to measure the energy-saving and emission reduction of the whole process, cooperate with the engine and battery, which is the best effect.

. The future increase engine can not boil the oil, no new carbon dioxide emissions, I am actually such an idea, all by the solar supply energy, solar wind power, photovoltaic power generation, charge the power station, charge the battery, more than 700 million The straw, can have more than 100 million alcohol, now the sweet sorghum project is taken by Tsinghua, the country has a large amount of sugar, and this sorghum is long, so that a large amount of ethanol can produce a large amount of ethanol. Supply fuel, like now in Brazil, there are alcohols for cars, many cars are alcohol, gasoline, so all by solar energy to supply increased electric vehicles, it is possible to not boil.

Therefore, the incremental process is not a transition like pure electric cars, but the main force of the future.. The third question is what battery is there any battery? High nickel-three yuan should not be a focus, as long as the subsidy is canceled, or the subsidy does not hook the mileage, it does not hook the battery than the energy than the energy, and the high nickel three yuan has no risk to do.

. In addition, the full solid state battery is far away..

In addition, the iron phosphate battery should be the main force, improve the life, reduce costs, and now some places have reached eight hair from one piece.. The second is to recover brake energy.

This is a very important content of automobile energy conservation and emission reduction. Recycling brake energy requires 5C-35C fast charge battery..

The graphite electrode can be made, but it is difficult to charge, the so-called lithium ion battery is made with graphite, and the lithium-based ion battery can be fast, but its price is high, it is low, so it is necessary to develop high security. Cheap fast charge capacitor battery, this battery we propose Discharge ratio. Although we applied for a patent, everyone can use.

After this battery is well, it is doubled than the energy than the lithium carbonate, the price is one-third of the lithium carbonate to a quarter. The last problem is to make full use of points to promote energy conservation and emission reduction. Now the positive point is determined in the pure electric mileage, which is not conducive to energy conservation and emission reduction, and one problem is that the length is excessive.

. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is consulted by the Double-Points “Parallel Management Measures”, and a preliminary opinion is that a few points of pure electric vehicles equal to the reference score multiplied power consumption adjustment factor, which weakens the mileage factor, I agree. However, it is recommended that the first suggestion is the current reference points equal to 0.

006 R plus 0.4, this R is a pure electric mileage. It is recommended to change the R, further weaken the mileage, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and the additional score Reduce a little, making the government points balance more powerful.

The second suggestion is 2 points in plug-in electric vehicles, and it is changed to 1.6 points in the comment on the opinion. It is very unreasonable.

Now the Development and Reform Commission has listed in the “Regulations on the Administration of Automobile Industry” as a fuel car, so the points are canceled, but in order to take care of the current status and habits, especially some company companies ran to the department, I can take care of him 1 point.. The third suggestion, it is recommended to give 1 point for the extension electric vehicle, and the current suggestion of 150 kilometers of pure electric vehicles are flat, promote energy conservation and emission reduction.

. Finally, the first, the first, the government’s policy should be reform, electric vehicles and power lithium batteries must be safe first, rather than mileage first, than energy first, must change this concept, change this policy. Further, it should not be required to increase the energy, new dangerous.

Now the battery indicator is an indicator for a year, this battery is not taken, it is very dangerous.. Second, the company has to reform: under marketization, the battery must be reduced, improve safety, energy saving and emission reduction, reduce the price.

Instead of pursuing long mileage pure electric, multi-load battery, waste energy, new emissions, increase the amount of waste battery. Third, improve security, adhere to energy conservation and emission reduction purposes, there are four specific practices. First, points and energy-saving and emission reduction hooks, further and pure electric vehicle mileshots.

Second, pure electric vehicles are tiny, encourage development of low-speed vehicles, and the battery is fixed with the market. The third is to develop incremental technology, with a variety of electric vehicles, fourth is to develop fast-charged cheap phosphate ion batteries or battery capacitance, thank you all!.

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