China Lili Group terminates the band billion restructuring abandoned the rechargeable lithium battery area

China Lili Group terminates the band billion restructuring abandoned the rechargeable lithium battery area

Ten billion, planning a major restructuring plan for nearly one year, press “Termination Key” in early 2019. China Lili Group announced in the evening of January 10, announced to end the acquisition of Shenzhen Bike Power Lithium Battery Co., Ltd.

, which also means that the Chinese Litho Group gives up the field of lithium-ion battery.. The China Legal Group explained that this will be a decision made in conjunction with macro situation and the actual situation of the company.

. According to the reporter of the Securities Times ¡¤ E Company reporter, with the restensets of lithium-ion battery subsidies, the Zibei Group considered the target company’s estimate, and finally decided to quit, and transferred the electronic field..

At the same time, Wang Weifeng, Chairman of the China Listening Group, announced the general manager of the company, and his previously served as the general manager of the subsidiary.. Termination of the acquisition of Bike Power last year, the China Lixi Group announced the major asset restructuring announcement, announced to the way of issuing shares and paying cash to include Shenzhen Bike Bi Bi Bi Bi Bi Bi Bi Bi Bi Bi Bi Character, Tibet Hazao Trading Co.

, Ltd. The target company equity. Preliminary expectations to travel or reach 10 billion yuan.

In order to resolve this major asset, the Chinese Listening Group has prepared for nearly one year, stopped on February 5, 2018.. Since then, on July 28, May 28, and continues to promote major asset restructuring.

Until this year, the China Lili Group announced the termination of this transaction.. Regarding the term of the major asset restructuring, the China Listel Group explained that during the major asset restructuring period, facing the secondary market significantly fluctuations, deliners such as macroeconomic environmental factors, combined with the actual situation of the company, the company’s future development plan , More uncertainty for this major asset restructuring.

The company earnestly listened to all opinions and consistent with the transaction parties, in order to fully safeguard the interests of all shareholders and transactions of the company, decided to terminate this major asset restructuring. China Lili Group said that this time the major asset restructuring is a prudent research by the company, and the results of the relevant parties to agree, will not adversely affect the company’s business development, business performance and financial situation..

The insider reveals the “term” stop button “, because the company believes that with the restensets of lithium-ion battery subsidies, the Sino-Degree company is expected to be high, and the continued acquisition will bring a larger Risk, so in the form of steady, eventually make the above decision. The market also has a message that Bike dynamics intends to launch a bookkeeper..

As a shareholder of Bike, Changxin Technology has said this month. It is learned that the Bike’s power has received information collection form for the relevant departments, and won the on-site visit to the CO..

Box power is currently undergoing joint-stock reform. The Powerful Group in the focus of electronic fields also stated in the notice that has made new strategic plans for future development: continued to do high quality, focus on high quality development in specialty cables, polymer new materials, optical communication, photovoltaic. Expand electronics, focus on expanding optical cables, photovoltaic industry chains, overseas business and overseas projects including energy storage products.

Continue to promote technology innovation, increase automation intelligent manufacturing technology, enhance the company’s development, maintain industry leadership status. Securities Times reporter noted that on December 11 last year, the China Liebi Group announced that it will fund the stock of 1.68 billion yuan through non-public issued stocks, acquire the controlled subsidiary Zhongli Electronic Information Technology Co.

, Ltd. 49.14% equity, change it Wholly-owned subsidiary.

China Lili Group said: this time the equity of the proposal of China is conducive to the full play of the industrial advantages of medium and profit electronics, enhance the company’s performance, and promote the company’s further extension of the communication product industry chain, improve the company’s high-end communication product structure, and expand sales scale, Enhance market competitiveness and sustainability ability, laying a solid foundation for the company’s long-term strategic plan. On January 10, the China Lili Group received a SFC’s acceptance of the above-mentioned issuance..

The Securities and Regulatory Commission believes that the application materials are complete, in accordance with the statutory form, decided to accept the administrative license application. When the “Shandong Home” is announced that the Board of Director and General Manager Chen Bozhen, the company’s directors and general manager Chen Bozhen will no longer serve as the company’s general manager. After the company’s chairman Wang Bo, the board agrees to appoint Wang Weifeng as the company general manager.

. Up to now, Wang Weifeng directly holds 7.2 million shares of China, accounting for 0.

83% of the company’s total share capital.. What is worth paying is that Wang Weifeng, who was born in 1980, and Wang Bo Xing’s father and son relationship, he served as General Manager of China.

The emergence of the “father and child file” of the China Lili Group also released the signal to improve electron competitiveness and steady.. According to the announcement, Wang Weifeng graduated from the MBA of the University of J20, Shanghai Jiaotong University, has served as deputy general manager and general manager of many companies.

. Especially in the general manager of Zhongli Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd.

, it is also in line with the new positioning of “key to expand electronic products” in the announcement. Case is a light car.

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