China Aviation Lithium Electric: 2018 Sanyue Battery is more advantageous in 20% charging lithium battery market

China Aviation Lithium Electric: 2018 Sanyue Battery is more advantageous in 20% charging lithium battery market

Recently, China Aviation Lithium (Luoyang) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Aviation Lithium Electric”) and Hatrus University signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, reaching a series of consensus on product procurement, project research and development, resource sharing.

. China Aviation Lithium Electricity, from a long time, the strategic cooperation framework agreement has a positive impact on the company’s future development, especially the expansion of the market, which is conducive to the consolidation of the leading market position of the company’s lithium-ion battery market industry..

It is understood that in 2016, China Aviation Lithium and Ocerative Exchange was 32.48 million yuan, accounting for 2.3% of China Aviation Lithium Business Revenue.

. In the manufacture. The company’s important products of the phosphate ion battery is targeted by bus and logistics car markets.

It has a relatively stable customer base. It has always been improved for the product improvement in contact with customer needs; the passenger car market has cultivated important major customers, the end of 2018 to 2019 It is important for the production of releases that these big customers. The following is an important part of the recent investor relationship activities of its parent company Cheng Fei (002190).

It is expected that the market production is released in the future, will it have excess? Company sales plan? Luoyang third phase has begun to deliver batch. We have been paying close attention to market dynamics, and there may be excessive local production in the future, but the capacity of the market is constantly expanding..

Our important products of the lithium phosphate ion battery are for bus and logistics car markets. There is a more stable customer base. It is currently making product improvements for the customer’s needs; the passenger car market has cultivated important major customers, the end of 2018 to 2019 The annual release of the year is important to these major customers, if the volume of the car factory, our output is far from demanding.

Moreover, the company’s products have certain competitive advantages in technology and quality indicators, and we have confidence in product participation and market competition.. 2, the company’s half-year report is the decline in the performance of the lithium-ion battery due to policy impact, specific? The country’s subsidies for new energy vehicles have fallen rapidly, and the new energy passenger car market has been imposed.

. The company is based on lithium iron phosphate products, the market is concentrated in the bus sector, and the new political impact is large, and the production release is limited, the company’s lithium-ion battery performance has declined. We are actively cultivating the market’s key customers to ensure the sustainable development of the company’s lithium-ion battery business.

. 3. What do you think is the battery company? We believe that the market pays more attention to the company’s comprehensive strength and long-term sustainable development capabilities, which involves the core warranty link, which is also the reason for some car companies to choose our reasons.

. Regardless of the background, investment planning or brand effects, we all have a certain competitive advantage, and it has always been docked with some domestic cars..

4. Is the company’s products in the energy storage project? The application of lithium-ion batteries in the energy storage market is also a very important part. The future importance is not even less than electric cars, but the current economy is not obvious.

. In the future, with the improvement of technology and the decline in manufacturing costs, it will stimulate the outbreak of the energy storage application market..

5, currently the ratio of lithium iron phosphate and ternary batteries? future plan? This year, the amount of three yuan is very small, and the proportion of the next year will reach 20%. The proportion of the three yuan and lithium iron phosphate may fall.

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