Charging pile management is expected to go from the ‘Warring States’ to ‘unified’

Charging pile management is expected to go from the 'Warring States' to 'unified'

It is reported that the construction of charging piles in my country is in full swing, but the oil occupation, low utilization rate, and the location of the location are not uncommon.. Some industry insiders revealed that the effective charging rate of the current charging pile is less than 20%.

Recently, the mainstream charging pile companies in China have jointly launched an electric vehicle charging pile communication agreement, and the management of future charging piles is expected to go to “unified” from the “Warring States”.. “Charge is difficult” may be that the charging pile “cannot be used”, more time no “bit” can be charged.

In the most popular waterfront park in Zhuhai, this Plan has 7 vertical charging piles, but almost all passengers are occupied.. Unlike the operators of each electric pile, the charging gun interface is not unified.

There is also a national standard. There is also a private pile in the national standard. In addition, there is also different ways in the payment method, some can use mobile payment directly, some The special “charging card” can be paid, and the owner said “I want to charge it at any time is not convenient”.

In general, there are three cases that the charging pile cannot be charged. One is that the communication failure cannot be charged, and the pile is damaged, and there is a wire cable or distribution box damage or power off. In the case of the current charging trapping operation, most is communication failure.

. Some insiders have analyzed that there is no specific requirement for charging pile construction materials. Many companies will use cheap communication modules or building materials in order to control costs.

Use, operators stop running the charging pile in order to reduce cost. According to incomplete statistics, there are thousands of companies related to charging piles, and there are 2-3 new companies every day, and domestic charging pile markets can be described as “Warring States Period”..

It is understood that each company will continue to implement electric vehicle charging pile communication protocol standards, this standard implementation can break the barrier of different pile pile information. In this way, the electric car owner can check the geographic location of different brands of charging piles through an app, and learn whether the charging pile is fault, or whether it is used for medium basic situations.

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