Charging lithium battery virtual standard capacity is not known as one!

Charging lithium battery virtual standard capacity is not known as one!

This is a story behind a charging battery delivering capacity! The virtual standard is actually hypocritical, enlarges the original parameters (exaggerated) to attract eyeballs; Talk to the battery capacity. 1, what is battery capacity virtual standard? Battery capacity is virtual standard is an enlargement or exaggeration of actual battery capacity, the purpose is to attract consumer eye and can sell good price..

Example A: Assuming that the battery capacity of a 18650 lithium-ion battery is actually 2200mAh, the manufacturer identifies 5000mAh on the battery, then this is a battery capacity dummy. Example B: This article is “The story behind the charging battery is not known!” Belong to behavior. 2.

What is the benefit of the black heart manufacturer after the battery’s virtual standard? Important is to “sell a good price”. Example C: Assuming a lithium-ion battery pack of 3.7V2000mAh, its battery energy is 7.

4Wh, then if its lithium-ion battery pack is identified as 3.7V5000mAh, then its battery energy becomes 18.5Wh.

If the tax price is included in each WH, then the battery manufacturer can sell 27.75 yuan, which is quite forward about the battery factory of the black heartshop..

Further extended: Battery energy = battery nominal voltage X battery nominal capacity. 3, those most easy to dirty? The fumet capacity is like the start of the cottage mobile phone battery. It is reported that the early popular cottage ringtone is large.

It is more than 3500mAh, which is more than 3500mAh. At that time, the capacity of the square aluminum shell battery should be very difficult. Hard.

At this time, the virtual standard starts to bend, such as mobile SD card virtual standard capacity, mobile phone memory virtual standard capacity, U disk virtual standard capacity, mobile power virtual standard capacity, etc. There are a lot of stalls in the station, and these charging treasures are mostly 1 million mash, and the price is about 30 yuan, you can imagine it..

4, how to identify battery capacity dummy. Taking this picture as an example, this battery picture is a virtual standard, so as to explain the case. The battery logo is 186507.

4V-5200mAh, which is also clear that it is a lithium-ion battery group consisting of 2 18650 cells, then why is it a virtual standard? To make a simple analysis together: a, if the two batter is connected in series, the voltage is 7.4V, this is not an abnormal. B.

Normal 18650 The battery capacity is mostly 2600mAh, and there is no abnormality in parallel 5200mAh.. Guan Jian is that the single 18650 battery is not 5200mAh, including the imported Samsung battery, Panasonic, Sony battery, etc.

. Extended knowledge: This 18650 lithium battery syndrome voltage is 3.7V, connected in series, in parallel new capacity.

Assuming that the battery capacity used in the map is 2600mAh, then the problem is coming.. If the two batteries of the lithium ion battery pack above are in series, then its identity should be 7.

4V2600mAh.. If the two cells of the lithium ion battery pack above are parallel, then its identity should be 3.

7V5200mAh.. Therefore, it is determined that the above-drawn battery identifier has a lot of doubt, of course, whether the battery is done, can be detected to watch the battery discharge data, you can also wipe your eyes when buying the battery, after all, anything is a point The money is purchased, “the good quality and low price” itself is a pseudo-proposition.


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