Charging lithium battery technology is more difficult to break through the global company, and we have also developed the following battery.

Charging lithium battery technology is more difficult to break through the global company, and we have also developed the following battery.

According to foreign media reports, there is nothing more suitable for smartphones or TSLA supplies than lithium-ion batteries.. Since the first launch in 1991, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery has become daily technology equipment and electric steam.

. General standard of the vehicle power supply. The data shows that most of the world’s more than 3 million electric vehicles are driven by lithium-ion battery batteries.

. But as the world moves towards the future of the electricity, we obviously be better than lithium-ion battery batteries to meet the future needs of humans..

“Lithium ion battery technology now has almost reached its upper limit. If you really want to improve the energy density, you must use a completely different technology..

“Mo Yifei, Professor Maryland Materials Science and Engineering” said Yifeimo, Transliteration). “Higher energy density means cheaper, lighter batteries, and can be used for a longer time at one time..

“Fortunately, some battery startups are working hard to develop better battery technology.. Their ideal new battery cost is lower, the energy density is higher, the performance is better, suitable for electric vehicles, faster charging speed, and longer driving distance.

. Since this year, start-ups in several research and development batteries believe that they have mastered better battery technology than lithium-ion batteries, and plans to introduce them into the commercial market..

Geneberdichevsky, chief executive of Sila Nanotechnology, said: “We spent 8 years and approximately 35,000 material attempts have made some commercial achievements.. “In fact, SiLA nanotechnology is just a few batteries, and they have received a lot of money recently to continue to optimize their battery technology.

. Last year, this California Aramada received a $ 70 million D-round financing from a number of investors including Siemens global winds to build their first silicon anode battery commercial production line..

It should be pointed out that the Bernchevski from the machinery and energy engineers was the seventh employee of TSLA ten years ago, and the leader designed the battery system for Tslaroadster models.. Analysis believes that the lithium-ion battery revolution currently being gradually emerged has been brewing about 10 years of research time.

. Just now, startup is prepared for the commercialization of these new technologies..

Beldchevsky said: “The materials required for a car are equivalent to 10,000 smartphones or a thousand smart watch.. “We will start from consumer equipment, gradually expand and cooperate with car partners in the next five years.

“. “BMW has now become one of SILA’s car partners..

At the moment, the lithium-ion battery has been limited in terms of material composition and physical energy density.. New battery technology attempts to increase the safety and energy efficiency of lithium-ion batteries, that is, if the battery is overheating or damage, there will be no danger of fire.

. A new battery technology is a solid battery. This battery is not only replaced with a lithium metal material, but also replaces the liquid electrolyte and diaphragm with a solid piece (usually ceramic, glass or flame-retardant polymer).

. In the industry, the first method is SolidPower, which is a solid-state battery manufacturer in Colorado, and has received $ 20 million in A-round financing in 2018..

According to SolidPower companies, the battery they are developing will increase at least 50% of the energy density.. Quantumscape, a mysterious Stanford University, also developed a solid battery in cooperation with the public.

Last year, the public increased the $ 100 million shares.. PITCHBOOK data shows that this headquartered start-up startup is now estimated $ 1.

75 billion. According to media reports, Quantumscape’s battery will make the public’s E-Golf model once can drive 466 miles (about 750 kilometers), which can compare with the traditional gasoline power car’s endless mileage..

According to the public, Quantumscape’s battery will also be lighter than existing lithium-ion batteries and faster charging speeds.. However, as a vice president of Nissan last year, a new generation of solid-state batteries may have to obtain large-scale applications next decade.

. Even in the press release in Quantumscape, we also see that it has proposed the established goal of “2025 business production”. .

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