Charging lithium battery technology innovation is accelerating new energy vehicles into mainstream choices

Charging lithium battery technology innovation is accelerating new energy vehicles into mainstream choices

On the 12th, the 15th Dynamic Lithium Ion Battery Technology and Industrial Development International Forum hosted by Tsinghua University, the Physics, Shunyi District People’s Government, held in Shunyi, 36 theme reports: Dynamic lithium battery materials, development and Application, development ideas, evaluation standards and other topics, etc.. With the development of new energy automotive industry, battery life, low temperature performance, battery life, etc.

have become the most concerned issue. Resolve the contradiction between high energy density and safety of lithium ion batteries, reduce lithium-ion battery costs, break through material technology bottlenecks, improve the recycling management system, etc., becoming an important challenge in the development of industrial development, enhancing vehicle power lithium Ion battery safety, life, low temperature characteristics, reduce costs, become the direction of industrial technology development.

Wu Feng, academician, my country, believes that under the request of the security safety to meet national standards, today, the energy density of lithium-ion battery has exceeded 250 watts of time, and the number of times can be reused for 2,000 times.. “It can be said that overall performance has several steps.

“Wu Feng believes that the market in the current new energy car is huge, as the heart of the new energy car, the development of the dynamic lithium battery is crucial. In the future, the power lithium battery will achieve comprehensive balanced development in energy density, safety, service life, cost, etc., which has become the mainstream choice of market.

. According to reports, my country’s lithium-ion battery industry has developed rapidly. Under the key support of national science and technology projects, my country’s lithium-ion battery industry has achieved significant progress in key technologies, key materials and product research in the field of power lithium batteries.

. According to the data, Beijing pure electric cars have entered the marketing stage, the product structure optimization is upgraded, and the relatively complete industrial chain is built. As of July, Beijing has promoted 350,000 pure electric vehicles, built more than 200,000 charging facilities.

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