Charging lithium battery’s mainstream also the most dangerous power lithium battery big shuffling era

Charging lithium battery's mainstream also the most dangerous power lithium battery big shuffling era

Today, the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery has become the core element of automotive electricity, but in the face of the new power lithium battery, it is full of confidence, but it seems to be worried.. It is true that all industries will open the shuffle in different time nodes.

. It has not changed, and it is easy to be eliminated by the new generation. On the contrary, courage is innovative, and the future attitude will make your own capacity more powerful.

. The result is simple, the former is washed, the latter will replace the former position. In the 1970s, the concept of lithium-ion batteries was first proposed and started.

. Today, the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery has become the core element of automotive electricity..

However, in the face of the moving lithium battery big shuffle, it is confident, but it seems to be worried.. Because of technology, never recognize Matthew effect.

As far as the current new energy auto market, we are most well known to the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery and lithium-phosphate ion battery, which can be said that the two power lithium batteries have supported the global electricity development of global electricity.. However, with the more concern about the problem of endurance, charging time, safety and other issues, “old guys” began to do not from the heart.

At the same time, people are taking, complaining, and patient, looking forward to a high-energy density, high security, high efficiency, low cost, battery type, early appearance. “The old guy” is affected by the enemy, the fuel power battery, the solid state battery and other “new forces” opportunity, using the fuel power battery driven models have appeared in the market a few years ago..

Then, when the big shuffling era is coming, who will be eliminated, who continues to have a breath, who will stand out? Lithium-ion battery, the most mainstream is also the most dangerous and accurate, it should be called “three-dimensional lithium ion battery” (hereinafter referred to as a three-yuan lithium ion battery). Sony announced the first commercial lithium-ion battery in 1991, revolutionary changed the development of consumer electronics products..

Today, the lithium-ion battery is absolute mainstream, and the 3C market has been dependent on its existence. It is relatively good for new energy vehicles..

However, as foregoing, if you don’t think it, the innovative wave will play you on the backward beach.. Earlier last year, the world has a long history, the most famous scientific magazine “Nature” published an article entitled “10 years from the lithium electronic battery revolution”, this article pointed out that lithium ion battery performance and The evolution speed of the price is slowing down.

Reason, nothing more than two: one, technical bottleneck. Battery, from essentially equipment that can convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy. Therefore, the amount of electricity that can be stored in the crystal structure is a ceiling.

In the case of the mobile phone, with the continuous improvement of the hardware level, the technology and performance of the mobile phone itself is leaping, but the road to the lithium-ion battery is still faltering.. More than 20 years ago, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery has improved several times in the battery pack, which seems to be flying, and it is not enough, especially related to the update of high-tech industries such as chips, software.

. It can be said that the lithium-ion battery is from demand, irreplaceable, mainstream, and slowly slowly move forward in “alternative”. After the new energy car is applied, this “slow” is more highlighted.

. Caps enterprises cannot put a large number of three-dimensional lithium-ion batteries on a car. The reason is simple – weight.

With the synchronization of the vehicle, the actual ending capacity of the actual life will eventually be attributed to the plane, and the extent that the charging facilities have not yet met, the development of the three-yuan lithium-ion battery in the field of power lithium batteries will be the first to take the lead.. Second, materials.

The most important factor in determining the performance of the ternary lithium ion battery is the material of the battery, especially the positive material.. Nickel, cobalt, manganese, these three metal elements have almost dominated everything.

Among them, the greatest significance of nickel element is to increase energy density; use of cobalt is a layered structure of stabilizing material, and can improve the circulation and magnification performance of the material.. It is indispensable, resulting in no choice, so that the price of nickel and cobalt presents continuous surge in 2017, market supply is in short.

Although there has been a decline in the second half of 2018, the irreplaceable in a short period of time still has prompted price storage.. Many positive material companies and lithium-ion batteries have said that based on cost reasons, be sure to find alternatives.

“NCM811 (nickel: cobalt: manganese = 8: 1: 1))” The appearance of the three yuan lithium ion battery can have a strong check-behind question. In principle, relevant “532” and “622”, 811 have further improved in nickelity, and the cost is reduced while the energy density is added..

With the further development of the future, the cobalt-free lithium-free battery is gradually surfaced.. But everything has two sides, NCM811 is not impeccable.

More than one expert has pointed out that the higher the ratio of nickel, the worse the thermal stability of the entire positive material.. High temperature is unstable, low temperature efficiency is low, which is the short board of the three-dimensional ion battery.

So, safety has become an obstacle that must be prioritized.. So many power lithium batteries will focus on safety, and Jeffreyyambrick, Vice President of Honeycomb Energy Technology Co.

, Ltd., is very optimistic about NCM811, but also recognizes that stability is the problem that must be concerned: “NCM811 pay attention How do we guarantee stability at high temperatures, we have optimized. The R & D team in the honeycomb energy is improved by the positive electrode material, so that the positive electrode material can be normally operating in zero, 140-150 degrees Celsius, which makes the impedance increase in the impedance of 3 orders of magnitude to form an open circuit, to ensure the safety of the battery.

. “Frank, now talking about the end of the three-yuan lithium-ion battery, there is a breakthrough once the material is in the day, or the technical advantage of the ceiling, the technical advantage of the three-yuan lithium-ion battery will be expected to be in the energy technology. Get play again.

The lithium phosphate ion battery, what is going to strictly saying that the lithium phosphate ion battery is also one of a lithium ion battery, which refers to a lithium ion battery that is lithium iron is used as a positive material material.. Therefore, the most essential difference between the ternary lithium ion battery is the positive material.

Lithium iron phosphate ion batteries have obvious short boards – low energy density, only this point, it seems to take it to death. However, don’t forget, the advantages of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries are also outstanding, and the lithium iron phosphate ion battery in new energy logistics vehicles, passenger cars, and trucks is the biggest reason is due to their high stability and low cost..

In a short period of time, the lithium iron phosphate ion battery has a stable market in a small urban, and the commercial vehicle field has a stable market. Plus the 2021 new energy vehicle policy cancellation, the lithium iron phosphate ion battery will be more useful..

Although the energy density does not have a lithium ion battery, the lithium phosphate ion battery does not stop the upgrade of the upgrade, breaking through 200Wh / kg is not an idiotic dream. “There is still a lot of space on the lithium iron phosphate ion battery to continue development, we have never given up the lithium iron phosphate ion battery, continuous investment, I think this is a correct decision, do the lithium iron phosphate ion battery Will not involve nickel metal, cobalt metals, etc., there is a big development.

“Cai Yi, Dean of the National High-Science Engineering Research Institute, has a confidence in the development of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries.. In 2017, Watma’s use of lithium iron phosphate material reached nearly 20,000 tons, accounting for nearly 30% market share.

. Although in 2018, Watma affected by the crisis, the demand is more concentrated, and the supply system changes very large..

However, BYD, Beitry, Pertry, etc., is still planning to further expand, which also reflects a fast-moving lithium battery company’s future of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries..

New technology has no play “true energy security is hydrogen energy, real new energy cars are fuel power battery vehicles. “Ming Tiando Chairman Wang Chaoyun is quite confident about the new energy field of yourself..

The reason why Wang Chaoyun regards fuel power battery as a real new energy, not just because he is related practitioners, more importantly, his understanding of this technology. He said that as long as hydrogen and air, there is a fuel power battery, which can be converted into electrical energy and heat by electrochemical reaction..

As far as this point is concerned, he is not reasonable.. What is the pure electric car around us is electric drive, where is electricity from? Referring to data more than a year ago, the proportion of thermal electricity accounted for 73.

93%, and the proportion of hydropower accounted for 18.26%..

Thermal power generation and hydraulic power generation, as the name suggests, the former uses the thermal energy that occurs when the coal resource is burned, and the latter is converted into electrical energy through the power generation power unit, and the latter is converted into electric energy.. You don’t have to say that everyone can understand that whether it is the source of resources, or the subsequent emissions, most of the electricity is not possible to achieve clean and non-pollution, which is also a traditional energy source, so what is the new energy? Speaking back to the topic, as a hydrogen fuel power battery, its working principle is the inverse reaction of electrolytic water, so that oxygen in hydrogen and air is chemically reacted, and then electrical energy (charge transfer formation current) and water, the reaction is a fuel power battery.

heap. There are two characteristics of hydrogen fuel power cells to pay special attention, one, which uses the most abundant hydrogen element in the universe, and there is no problem of resource depletion; second, the only waste of the discharge is “water during the whole process) “, There is no pollution problem. In addition, hydrogen fuel power battery cars is high, basically, and the time of refueling is almost.

In terms of battery life, there are several models of production, such as Honda Clarity, Toyota Mirai, etc. can reach more than 500 kilometers..

However, the fuel power battery also has its problem: one is cost, the other is safe. It is not described in the technical level here to give a few fresh examples: the current cost of the hydrogen station is about 20 million yuan, which is not a land cost..

Since the hydrogen storage equipment for the hydrogen fuel power battery car, the cost is also very high.. According to Toyota and Nissan’s Japanese official website, Toyota Mirai is doubled in Japan’s price than Nissan Leaf.

. In addition, the security is also a big problem, the hydrogen is unstable, encountered air flammable, and colorless and tasteless, if the hydrogen storage bottle can’t do the absolute seal after the collision, or discharge hydrogen in time, once the vehicle collides, the consequence will be unimaginable. From the current technical level angle and performance perspective, my country’s hydrogen-fuel power battery technology and Japanese and Korean level are almost close.

. Regarding security issues, he is very confident in the technical level..

“At the end of 2018, the Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the chairman of the Central Committee, and the chairman of my country’s Science and Technology Association, Wan Steel,” Pure Electric Vehicle’s short board is the renewal mileage and charging time, but can not meet the large-scale remote bus , Double-class rental, urban logistics, long-distance transportation and other market demand. To this end, the industrialization focus should be expanded to the fuel power battery vehicle..

“Although there is still such a problem, the advantages of fuel power batteries are too high-out, and the temptation of the company is too large, if it gives it, scale is not completely impossible.. Solid state batteries are more far more than the fuel power cell, but from the battery structure perspective, the current ternary lithium ion battery is closer to, the solid-state battery and the latter are the most obvious difference, that is, the electrolyte is solid state.

structure. Don’t underestimate this change, Fisker has declared that their solid state has applied for a patent, and its energy density is 2.5 times the traditional lithium-ion battery, with a 10-day resumption of 160 kilometers.

. Related to ternary lithium ion batteries, solid state batteries have high energy density and high stability, but in terms of conductivity. At present, there are many car companies, and the powerful lithium battery companies are in layout to develop solid-state batteries, including the mass, Toyota, BMW, Bosch, Hitachi, David, etc.

A number of patents such as solid electrolyte membrane and lithium-ion battery, lithium ion battery are obtained.. At present, the research and development of solid-state batteries is still in the technical reserve stage, and there is still a long way to go from the scale of scale.

. “At present, special hot solid-state batteries, judgments in the industry, which truly successfully demonstrates operations in new energy vehicles with equal slightly higher energy, or is at least 3-5 years. “Sun Xiaodong, chairman of Anhui Light Lithium Battery, gives a landing schedule in his mind.

. The meaning of the solid state is not in a short period of time, but it looks at the future..

Whether it is technical characteristics or acceptance, solid state batteries are a perfect option in many people’s eyes. Although this perfect existence is from the final scale, it is easy to start from the “transition” technology from the semi-solid flow battery, perhaps much more easily..

In general, a certain field will not only allow single technology to exist, and multiple techniques complement each other.. The lithium iron phosphate ion battery and the three-yuan lithium ion battery are fully broken through the bottleneck, and the merchant car and passenger car market; the fuel power battery and solid state battery layout provide for the former supply technical direction support.

The focus of the shuffle is not to wash off who, but will eventually leave any. .

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