Charging lithium battery products production Shang Can Hui new energy committed port stock listing application

Charging lithium battery products production Shang Can Hui new energy committed port stock listing application

Hong Kong Stock Exchange information shows that on October 15th, Can Hui New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. submitted to Hong Kong stocks on the market, showing exclusive sponsor to create financing.

. Can Hui’s new energy is important in my country’s domestic and export markets, manufactures and sales of lithium-ion battery products in China and export markets, especially the electronic equipment for consumption lithium-ion batteries emerging and upgrading..

The company’s lithium-ion battery products consist of a battery and battery packs, with a total of 89 sets of models in the last actual feasible date.. Its battery products have different battery capacity, which can be used as components of various types of electronic devices, such as mobile phones, 3C products, electronic toys and self-balance.

. According to Ai Rui report, in 2018, my country’s consumption lithium-ion battery market and 2018 my country’s lithium-ion battery emerging and upgrading branch market share is about 0.3% and 1.

6% respectively.. In addition, according to the 2018 export sales, the third place is ranked in the emerging and upgrading of my country’s consumption-type lithium-ion batteries, with a market share of approximately 6.

6%.. IPO’s third year, for three years, 2017 and December 31, 2018 and as of July 31, 2019, the company’s income recorded RMB 122 million, respectively.

Yuan, 252 million yuan, 327 million yuan, 180 million yuan; the profit in the year is about 7.7 million yuan, 26.5 million yuan, 42.

8 million yuan and 21.3 million yuan. As of 2016, after three years and last 31 December 2018 and last 31, 2019, the income of domestic sales accounted for 29.

2% of total sales, respectively. 44.6%, 38.

0% and 33.8%, while export sales accounted for 70.8%, 55.

4%, 62.0% and 66.2% of total sales, respectively.

. Some domestic customers are located in the Pearl River Delta. According to Iryi report, the lead-acid battery is different, the lithium-ion battery is relatively environmentally friendly, almost no harmful waste from air, water and soil during production, use and treatment.

. Lithium-ion batteries are also affected by memory, and memory is one of the important disadvantages of nickel batteries..

Therefore, lithium-ion batteries are increasingly applied to newly developed electronic products, and replacing lead-acid batteries and nickel batteries used in traditional products, the share of overall battery sales in my country increases from 17.9% in 2018 to 2018 42.9%.

my country’s lithium-ion battery market scale (according to sales) increased from RMB 71.2 billion in 2014 to RMB2004 billion in 2018, the compound annual increase rate is 29.5%, which is expected to be RMB 424.

7 billion in 2023, composite The annual increase rate is 16.2%. Aspects of fundraising: Construction costs will be used as new production bases (including a production building, a research laboratory and other supporting facilities); new machines (including production machines and research and development machines) will be used as new production bases Acquisition and implementation; will be used as additional operational capital and other general company uses.


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