Charging lithium battery material three-quarter data battery diaphragm increased 60% positive electrode material increased by 40%

Charging lithium battery material three-quarter data battery diaphragm increased 60% positive electrode material increased by 40%

Compared to the first half of the year, the production of lithium-ion batteries in the third quarter improved, but the growth rate in the year is not obvious year, the annual production situation is smoother, and the concept of light season is weak.. Positive material material from the latest data, the total output of the normal current material in September is 2.

7.7% year-on-year; the proportion of the three-yuan material market share reached 50.3%, higher than 41.

2% of the same period last year; 1-September positive material The total output is 2.263 million tons, up 13% year-on-year, and the annual growth rate is high and low. It is important that the production in the second half of 2017 is much higher than the first half of the year.

. Three-yuan materials 1-September three yuan materials statistical output of 38,600 tons, up 40% year-on-year, the current production is stable in 140,000 tons; 1- September 3 yuan material TOP5 company total production of 52,000 tons, market share 48.2 %.

Lithium iron phosphate 1- September is 47,300 tons of lithium iron phosphate, down 12.2% year-on-year, and there is a significant rebound in September, and the production of lithium iron phosphate TOP5 company has produced 33,000 tons, and the market share is 70. %, High concentration.

Lithium cobaltate in 1- September, the production of lithium cobaltate is 4002 million tons, down 1.1% year-on-year, and the output has decreased significantly since April. Digital battery demand is more obvious; 1- September, 1,32,300 tons , Market share reached 80.

3%, extremely high. Lithium manganate is 3002 million tons of lithium manganate, up 13.1% year-on-year.

. It is worth noting that due to the good demand of lithium manganate, many new manufacturers have been added since 2018, but it has not been included in statistics, and the actual production and growth rate of lithium manganese gate will be higher than the current statistics..

Negative electrode materials 1- September negative material statistical output is 148,300 tons, up 13.6% year-on-year, the demand is more robust; 1- September negative material TOP5 company total output is 109,400 tons, market share 73.7%, slightly higher than last year 70.

1%. Septic No. 1- September diaphragm statistical output is 1368 million, up 60.

1% year-on-year, the growth rate is much higher than the industry average growth rate; the total output of the 1-September diaphragm TOP5 company is 824 million flat, the market share is 60.2%, slightly higher than 57% in the same period last year. Electrolytic solution 1-September electrolyte statistics were 81,900 tons, up 1.

5% year-on-year, of which the performance is significantly stronger than the first half of the year; the total output of the electrolyte TOP5 company in the first half of the year is 53,900 tons, the market share is 65.8%, high 61% in the same period last year. Three-yuan precursor 1- September, the three-yuan precursor statistical production is 105,900 tons, up 36.

3% year-on-year; the total output of the three-yuan precursor TOP5 company is 69,200 tons, 65.3% market share, and the same period of last year 4.4 Percentage point.

Lithium carbonate in 1- September, the statistical production of lithium carbonate is 69,600 tons, which has increased significantly by 56.9% year-on-year. The company’s increase in production; 1- September TOP5 company total production is 59,600 tons, the market share is 85.

6%, although concentration High, but compared to the same period last year. Summarizing the year-on-year growth rate of the positive and negative electrode material in the third quarter is less than 9%, which is lower than the growth rate of 16% in the first half of the year, and the market performance of the third quarter is lower than expected. This is also an important raw material since the third quarter.

Most important reason. In the positive electrode material, the three-dimensional material is higher than the average level, and the growth rate is 40% year-on-year, while lithium iron phosphate decreases..

The top 5 market share of important materials companies is generally around 60%, but the TOP5 market share of the power lithium battery is as high as 80%. This is also the reason why the material company does not dominate with the battery company.

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