Charging lithium battery manufacturer Interpretation Why is the charging lithium battery electric car battery life is getting shorter?

Charging lithium battery manufacturer Interpretation Why is the charging lithium battery electric car battery life is getting shorter?

Lithium-ion battery manufacturer interprets why lithium ion battery electric car battery life is getting shorter and shorter? Today, the development momentum of electric motor vehicle industry is very rapid, and the models in the market are all, and more and more people buy lithium-ion battery electric cars.. Although electric cars have a lot of benefits, for consumers, the battery life has always been their most worried, because the current battery technology has tended to bottleneck, although most of the electric vehicles can meet home, but long-distance travel It’s very worrying.

. The current electric car is important to use the lithium-ion battery, and the advantages of lithium-ion batteries have many advantages, but the development of lithium-ion batteries is still not perfect enough. For example, low temperature is its natural enemy.

. The temperature in winter will affect the reactions of the lithium-ion battery, which will result in electricity attenuation, and the power at the time of charging will also affect the power of lithium-ion batteries..

First of all, it is necessary to tell you that electric car battery performance will naturally decay naturally, this is normal, especially in winter, the charging and discharge of the lithium-ion battery is between the positive and negative poles, the lithium atom is completed one charge and discharge Circulating, electrode structure will have a very weak change, but it will reflect the moon in the long term.. The reason for the battery life of the lithium-ion battery electric vehicle is short, and the vulcanization and loss of water, the polar short circuit and the disconnection, the monomer battery break, and the uniformity of the electric vehicle battery pack are caused by the electric vehicle lithium-ion battery continuation km.

Short important reason. 2, the temperature is lowered: when the temperature of the lithium ion battery increases, the activity of each active material has increased, and the positive electrode is oxygenated, the oxygen potential is also decreased, so the charging reaction is fast, the charging current is large, and when charging Lower charging voltage. 3, the problem of electric car itself: Common tire pressure preferences will increase the resistance of the resistance when the ride increases, so the battery will be low, and the brake adjustment will also have a driving resistance; in addition to the battery external motor is also one The core of the electric vehicle, if the motor wear has a motor bearing card, the motor magnetic steel is severe, etc.

, which will lead to severe discharge, and the consumption of battery power is short.. 4, resistance problem: The capacity of the lithium-ion battery does not change, and the change is that the resistance is large, compared to the resistance of summer winter, to achieve the same power, only increase the output, so in capacity In the case of constant, the battery looks quickly.

. In addition, the resistance inside the lithium ion battery is related to temperature, the lower the temperature, the higher the internal resistance, so it is very fast in winter..

5, charger: Charger About electric vehicle lithium-ion battery has a very important purpose, some people charge electric car is not used to use the original charger, if the charger is not original, it is difficult to realize the battery when charging “Full”, charger indicator light color does not necessarily be true full power, so many times the use of non-original charger will cause “false full power” phenomenon, and the mileage will be used when riding Shortening. How to improve the lithium-ion battery electric car battery life 1 Do not fully charge, because the winter resistance increases, the corresponding storage capacity will decrease, so the longest charge can be charged for 12 hours, but in winter, it is best not to exceed 8 hours, the most Good is 6 hours, otherwise it is easy to cause drums. 2 The faster the electric vehicle is run, the energy consumption speed of the battery will also increase, and the long-term high-speed riding will greatly lose the original battery level.

. Therefore, when driving, keep it as low speed or uniformity as possible, it can guarantee the best endurance mileage of electric vehicles..

3 often check the tire pressure, keep the tire pressure in the correct tire pressure, must check the tire pressure every two weeks or at least monthly monthly. Incorrect tire pressure can cause power consumption, short mileage, reduce the comfort of driving, reduce tire life and reduce driving safety. 4 can be paid in a place where the vehicle is parked or the underground parking lot, or the vehicle cover a layer of insulation, the purpose is to improve the temperature of the vehicle itself, when the temperature of the vehicle is higher than the external temperature Time, so that the electric car’s battery will be in a constant temperature state.

. When we start the electric car, there will be more power to the battery..

About lithium-ion battery electric vehicles should hold objective attitude, correctly look at its progress and insufficient, use normal charging methods and charging time during charging, do not over charge and discharge, try not to quickly charge, as long as it is usually used correctly Whether there is a problem. Nowadays, technology is getting more and more developed. I believe that one day, cars can have new breakthroughs in battery technology.

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