Charging lithium battery is favored for more than 10 new companies in a week

Charging lithium battery is favored for more than 10 new companies in a week

Dongfang Wealth Choice data shows that as of 27th, 134 people in Shanghai have disclosed agency research records last week (May 21st to May 25).. The lithium-ion battery sector has become the focus of institutional attention, with more than 10 lithium-ion battery industry related companies receiving institutional investigation.

When the promotion of the promotion of 49 institutions last week, the investigation activities were divided into 3 batches and survey, including Morgan Stanley, Singapore government investment and other foreign institutions.. Aspects of the promotion, the company is currently 16,000 tons, of which lithium cobaltate is about 3,000 tons, and the rest is a multi-material, and the output is still more tense.

. The new union receives 46 institutional research, Morgan Stanley, Singapore government investment, etc..

This also shows that some foreign investment recently on the strong concern about the lithium-ion battery sector.. In the new unibanga, it has entered the second quarter, and the price of lithium-ion battery electrolyte has stabilized.

From the perspective of cost income, the price is limited in the second half of the year.. Win Technology last week to receive 14 institutions such as Morgan Stanley.

Winning science and technology says that the company is the only supplier that can supply lithium-ion battery intelligence production line. The company’s complete line model has high quality, low energy consumption, fast delivery, climbing fast and direct rate, and has been recognized by industry customers..

Yanhu Shares received 14 institutions survey last week, and the company’s salt lake lithium project naturally became the focus of communication between the two parties.. Salt Lake Shares said that the company’s indirect controlling subsidiary Qinghai Salt Lake Buddha Lanke Lithium Co.

, Ltd. has 10,000 tons of lithium carbonate. In 2017, the Lithium Lithium Lithium has produced 8002 tons of lithium carbonate, and the operating income is 744 million yuan, achieving net profit of 420 million yuan.

. In addition to the above companies, Lithium-ion batteries and other lithium-ion battery industries such as Xinwangda, Lan Xiao Technology, Western mining receive agency research last week.

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