Charging lithium battery is expected to be the cheapest power storage selection

Charging lithium battery is expected to be the cheapest power storage selection

According to the US “Jouo” magazine recently, the British Imperial Institute of Technology announced a new model forecast. The results show that in the next few decades, lithium-ion batteries are expected to be the cheapest choice for electric storage in most application scenarios..

In the 1990s, the R & D staff of Sony, Japan formed a negative electrode in carbon (oil coke and graphite), and successfully developed a lithium-ion battery, and the traditional lithium ion battery was a negative electrode with lithium or lithium alloy.. The lithium ion battery is used as a secondary battery (rechargeable battery), and it is important to operate from lithium ions between the positive and negative electrodes, and the lithium ion is embedded in carbon, which overcomes the high activity of lithium, and solves the traditional lithium ion battery.

Safety problem. The latest research report is an important author, the Imperial Polytechnic University, Oliver Smitt believes that the future lithium-ion battery will dominate the vast majority of power system applications due to low cost and performance..

Schmith and its research team have established a model for analyzing 9 electric storage technologies, including large batteries, pumping storage power stations, etc. in 12 application scenarios..

The results show that the current cheapest power storage method is a pumping energy storage power station, that is, excessive electricity can take water to the upper reservoir when the power load is low, and then power generation by putting water to the next reservoir when you want. However, according to the model prediction, over time, the cost of the water storage power station will not decrease, while the cost of the lithium ion battery continues to decrease..

The study said that from 2030, the lithium-ion battery will become the cheapest power storage option, and this conclusion applies to most application scenarios.. By 2050, the cost advantage of lithium-ion batteries will be more obvious.

. The lithium-ion battery has become an indispensable existence of ordinary people since the birth of the born in the 1990s..

From the mobile phone that is not departed every day, the consumer-free drone flying in the sky, the electric car running on the road, the lithium-ion battery is driving their energy hero. Undoubtedly, the lithium-ion battery will continue to laugh in the power storage in the power storage in the future..

However, the new technology revolution has a cloud, once the new energy storage technology has breakthrough, halfway kills the bite gold, nor is it possible. .

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