Charging lithium battery is easier to explode than the battery? Truth

Charging lithium battery is easier to explode than the battery? Truth

You are all walks of walk, and the little brother will give me a few more lithium. It is a liar. The lithium-ion battery is so expensive.

I still love to explode. You are not to live! Not long ago, I chatted with the boss in an electric car door, and I happened to have a “wonderful” customer..

This uncle looks up to 60 out of his head. Although it is not very good, it is also the owner. Little brother will naturally not neglect.

. The latest car is a small turtle king electric car, buy a car plus modified, before and after, there is a big thousands of dollars in the store..

Grandpa likes to ride a battery car to go out, and ride the farthest from Puhuanggu to Tanji Temple. The coming back will toss a small one hundred kilometers, and young people have very little one..

Caoyai came this time to come to the store to change a large-capacity battery, the previous battery has been used for more than two years, and it is very powerful.. The clerk is also awkward, it is recommended that the uncle’s latest lithium-ion battery pack, after all, the lithium-ion battery pack is more beautiful, the old man is more convenient.

However, the old man does not seem to be affection, but start “education” clerk: “Lithium-ion battery is more dangerous, do you understand or I understand? You look at those fires, all lithium-ion batteries. Although the lead-acid battery is sinking, but it has been relieved. I ride an electric car for ten years.

The lead-replaced lead-acid battery is not 5 groups. I have never been there. I have to change it.

7250 lead acid, that is the one of black graphene, Maji. “Lead acid safety lithium-electric danger has this idea of ​​the idea. Many of the author will chat with the owner of the store.

The boss also said that there are still many people who have already raised this problem when they buy a car. There are also some users. With the same uncle, the name of the lead-acid battery is not cheap, and the second is concerned that the lithium-ion battery fires explosion.

. “But I also run a small ten-year electric car, and the lithium car is not selling, but I really have to say that I have heard a few, but that is someone who has modified welding. Child, the original battery has really, I have never heard of it.

. “Do the lead-acid batteries have a fire explosion?” “The author asked a sentence. “I have something to do in our store!” The boss is impressed by this matter.

“The battery is charging in the housing, and it is, it will be over, fortunately, there is no big thing.”. “However, the car and battery we sell are big brands.

I have fewed I have heard that there are things, but they are more recycling old batteries. They have more accidents.” The boss has added a sentence.

. After that, the author has a questionnaire for the safety of lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries..

The results show that 30% of users think that lithium-specific lead-acid batteries are more dangerous, and nearly half users have no clear understanding of the security of the two batteries.. Lithium-ion battery is dangerous, is it true? Let’s explain one of the batteries exploded? Explosion means the instant release of the pressure.

Battery is not closed in many cases, whether a lithium ion battery or lead-acid battery is designed to increase the internal pressure abnormality, even if there is a short circuit in the battery, the internal pressure will promptly Release, will not cause big risks. So since the battery has taken into account the potential risks at the beginning of the design, why often see the case of the battery explosion in the news report? First, many so-called “battery explosions” cases are actually not battery explosions, but short circuits or failures in the controller or electrical system caused, this explosion is very small, there are only some sounds and sparks, this is fire Is the biggest danger source. Second, when the battery or the other components of the vehicle are burned, many people will still be exploded by the body of the plastics.

. The most serious situation, the battery really exploded. One case is that the inferior battery itself does not design a safety valve or the safety valve is damaged, and it cannot be used.

When the internal pressure of the battery is excessive, explosion. Another situation is that the battery charger fault is overcharged, and hydrogen is precipitated inside the battery. When hydrogen and oxygen are mixed after a certain proportion of mixing occurs.

Lithium-ion battery is really dangerous than lead-acid batteries? The fact is not so since the understanding of the battery will explode, which is safer in the lithium-ion battery and lead-acid battery? From the battery structure, the current lithium-ion battery pack is basically packaged, and the lead-acid battery is essentially maintenance-free lead-acid battery, if their internal pressure is too large, and the safety valve is abnormal. If the danger coefficient of the two is basically. If the battery is overcharged, the content of the electrolyte in the 18650 battery is quite limited, and the amount of the precipitation of hydrogen is also extremely limited, but with respect to the lead-acid battery in the electrolyte of dilute sulfuric acid, if it occurs, the internal hydrogenation of the battery occurs.

The phenomenon is serious, and the chances of knocking have also increased significantly.. From the perspective of the battery’s safety protection point, a safety valve is designed on the 18650 battery, which can not only release the internal excessive pressure, but also physically disconnect the battery and the external circuit connection, which is equivalent to physically partitioning the battery to ensure Battery package security.

In addition, the lithium-ion battery pack is usually equipped with a BMS protector. It can accurately control the state of each of the battery cells, directly solve the problem of over-release..

On the contrary, lead-acid batteries seem to be proven by safety protection in addition to the safety valve, BMS protection has little, and many inferior chargers can even be filled with power failure, safe guarantees and lithium-ion batteries.. Of course, if you use a lithium-ion battery that is almost the price and lead-acid batteries, this situation can not save you.

In the end, there is a little, if it is because the unexpected collision causes the battery structure to be destroyed, the lead-acid battery seems to be more secure than the lithium-ion battery.. However, in this level of accidents, battery materials have long been exposed to open environments, and they have not talked about the explosion.

. Summary: The battery is not a bomb explosion, which causes inferior products to see the safety redundancy design from the battery. The qualified lithium-ion battery and lead-acid battery can fully guarantee the safety of the user, and there is no significant safety difference.

. However, due to the large number of low-end small electric vehicles and skateboards on the market, most of them use a lithium-ion battery with poor quality, relatively easier, this also left a lithium-ion battery insecure to consumers. illusion.


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