Charging lithium battery high nickelized electrolyte leading company profitable space

Charging lithium battery high nickelized electrolyte leading company profitable space

Recently, the lithium-ion battery has a wave of rising, and the high nickel ternary sector has increased.. In order to increase energy density, battery high nickel is a general trend, this is unquestionless.

However, the market is different, we believe that in addition to the positive electrode, the value of the electrolyte session will have a big increase in the value of the electrolyte session after the battery high nickel, and may even be competent from the changes from 523 to 811, and should be added ! Battery high nickellation brings great challenge to the electrolyte. High-nickel ternary positive electrode is strong, low stability, catalytic use of nickel elements under high temperature conditions, can accelerate the decomposition of the electrolyte, oxidize the electrolytic liquid, gas gas, and a crack and eluted manganese, cobalt, etc. Metal ions also destroy the SEI film on the negative electrode, resulting in a serious impact on the capacity, cycle and security of the battery in a high temperature environment.

The most important of the high nickel era is the additive. In the three major components of the electrolyte, the change in lithium salts and solvents is not large, and the key to improve performance is still in the additive..

The high nickel era, reducing the reaction activity of the electrolyte on the surface of the electrode, and improving the interface compatibility should be solved by special additives.. In recent years, LIFSI, DTD, RPS, and electrolytic liquid plants have been continuously emerging, such as the new unibutaneous development of the LDY196 type positive electrode film additive, inhibiting the decomposition of the electrolyte on the positive electrode and the dissolution of metal ions such as manganese and cobalt.

There is also a negative electrode film application, which can improve high temperature storage and cycle performance, and develop two high nickel electrolytes, which are applied to cylindrical and soft bag / square batteries, and the cylindrical electrolytic solution is 100 weeks after capacity Still more than 80%. The value is significantly higher than that of ordinary electrolyte, bringing profit elasticity. After we think that the high-nickel era, the profit elasticity of the electrolyte link may not be less than the positive electrode.

. At the end of last year, the electrolyte of the electrolytic solution of the ordinary phosphate ion battery was 3-4 million per ton, 523 three-yuan power lithium battery electrolyte 5-6 million per ton, 622 three-yuan power lithium battery electrolyte 6-8 million yuan The price of each ton, 811 electrolyte will only be higher..

Leading companies on high nickel electrolyte, more elasticity. .

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