Charging lithium battery diaphragm material

Charging lithium battery diaphragm material

The lithium ion battery diaphragm is in the structure of a lithium ion battery, and the diaphragm is one of the key innermost components.. The performance of the diaphragm determines the interface structure, internal resistance, etc.

of the battery directly affects the characteristics of the capacity, cycle, and safety performance.. Excellent diaphragm is important to improve the overall performance of the battery.

The difficulty of the diaphragm technology is the engineering technology of the aperture and the preparation of matrix materials.. Among them, the engineering techniques of the apertures include diaphragm porous processes, production equipment and product stability.

. Preparation and modification techniques of matrix materials include polypropylene, polyethylene materials and additives. The difficulty of pioneering engineering technology is reflected in the low void ratio, the thickness is uneven, and the intensity is different.

. The functional diaphragm of the lithium electrical separator is reflected in two aspects of the functional separator in an ion battery: one is to supply safety guarantees for the battery..

The diaphragm material must first have good insulation to prevent the positive and negative contact short circuit or the short circuit that occurs by burrs, particles, and dendritic thorns. Therefore, the diaphragm has a certain stretch, puncture strength, not easy to tear. And basically maintain the stability of the size under the high temperature conditions of the burst, and the large area short circuit and thermal out of the battery will not be melted.

. The second is to provide an alternative battery to realize the charge and discharge function, the micro-hole channel of the magnification performance. Therefore, the diaphragm must be a film having a higher porosity and a microporous distribution.

The material itself is characteristic and the film formation of the film forms the migration of lithium ions in the battery, which is reflected in the performance parameters, ion conductivity.. With the increasingness of the diaphragm material, the equipment and the easy-to-wear process are increasingly mature, the high requirements of the cutting machine blade will vigorously promote the demand for cutting blade of high-tech content and high quality stability, and also supply the tool industry Good development opportunities.


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