Charging lithium battery diaphragm industry fire Henan Yi Teng estimates less than two years to rise 1.6 times

Charging lithium battery diaphragm industry fire Henan Yi Teng estimates less than two years to rise 1.6 times

After 2015, after the land of Landing A shares, the lithium-ion battery diaphragm company He Nan Yi Tengxin Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Henan Yi Teng).

Home listing company Del in the future became its new “listed path”. According to the latest disclosure of Del, the company intends to purchase 85.3846% stake in Henan Yi Teng through issuance shares and payment cash.

The company’s 100% equity is as high as 2.4 billion yuan..

This valuation has risen by about 1.6 times more than 910 million yuan in Haoingda’s acquisition..

The reporter noted that the skyrocket of Henan Yi Teng estimated is a full fire in the entire lithium-ion battery separator industry.. According to the “suspension progress of the purchase of assets of the purchase of assets” released on the next August 23, the company and the important transaction of the company have reached an agreement on the issuance of the issued shares and payment cash purchase assets.

. It is reported that the estimated value of Henan Yi Teng 100% equity is 2.4 billion yuan.

. Previously, Del was announced in January this year that Henan Yi Teng was 6.75 million yuan in Henan.

. After the transaction is completed, the company will hold a 7.5% stake in Henan Yi Teng.

. After the completion of the equity is completed, Del is increasing Henan Yi Teng with a self-funded billion..

After the completion of the aforementioned transaction, Del Future holds 14.6154% of Henan Yi Teng. After the reporter reviews the industrial and commercial information, it was found that Del’s future shareholding and capital increase of Yiteng in Henan have been completed.

. It costs 190 million yuan, won 14.6154% equity, and this estimates, Henan Yi Teng 100% equity is estimated to 1.

3 billion yuan. In December 2014, the A-share listed company Haoingda (now Hermei Group) announced the reorganization method, the company intended to purchase Henan Yi Teng 100% equity in a combination of issuing shares and payment cash..

At that time, Henan Yi Teng’s evaluation value was 911 million yuan.. The restructuring of the Securities and Regulatory Commission in March 2015.

The Securities and Regulatory Commission believes that the restructuring document has not fully disclosed the business development strategy and business management model of listed companies after the transaction, and the risk and response measures for business transformation and upgrading.. At this acquisition, the valuation of Henan Yi Teng has risen to 2.

4 billion yuan.. The reporter noted that with the rise in valuation, the performance of the Yiteng shareholders of Henan Yi Teng also rose high.

. According to Del, Henan Yi Teng’s important transaction, the other party’s initial commitment of 2016, net profit after deducting non-regular profit or loss, 2017, 2018, 2018, increasing 30% per year, three years totaled 800 million yuan. In fact, Zhu Jizhong has a generous performance commitment, and the overall red fire situation in the lithium-ion battery diaphragm industry is undoubted.

. In recent years, it has benefited from the rapid pulling of the power lithium battery market, and the global lithium-ion battery diaphragm production increase is obvious..

The performance of the corresponding company is also rapid. This can be seen from the business situation of related listed companies..

At present, the listed company with lithium-ion battery diaphragm business is sure, and Zhangzhou Pearl has been disclosed for half a year.. The victory precision diaphragm business has been 117 million yuan in the last half of the year, the gross profit margin is as high as 51.

36%; the Guangzhou Mingzhu diaphragm business revenue is 2.39 billion yuan, and the gross profit margin is more than 69.45%.

. Henan Yi Teng’s income and earnings increased significantly. Financial data shows that 2012 ~ 2014, Henan Yi Teng’s revenue is 42.

5148 million yuan, 7410.7 million yuan and 116 million yuan, net profit is 2.15 million yuan, 13.

3244 million yuan, and 18127,700 yuan.. From January to November 2015, the company achieved a revenue of 180 million yuan, net profit was 66.

787 million yuan.

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