Charging lithium battery demand Surplus lithium resource mining and battery recovery environmental protection ‘short board “

Charging lithium battery demand Surplus lithium resource mining and battery recovery environmental protection 'short board

As the key composition element of the energy storage, lithium is in recent years in recent years, the development of battery energy storage technology has been growing in the context of demand, and the output is growing.. Although the dynamic lithium battery industry has gradually stepped more positive, but also facing environmental issues: lithium resources in the exploitation and utilization process, if it is improperly handled, it will have adverse effects on the ecological environment.

. So, will this issue continue to restrict the development of lithium-ion batteries? 01 lithium resource Quotes High Lithium Ion Battery As an important part of global cleaning energy, more and more companies are being used to produce electric vehicles. Kane Energy Research Consultant has analyzed that the annual output of the lithium-ion industry is expected to rise from 2017 to nearly 800 megawatts in 2027.

. Recently, foreign media predicts that the demand for lithium in 2025 is expected to increase to 1.3 million metric tons, which will be 5 times the current level.

. In the country, the reporter learned that in 2018, my country’s lithium-ion battery total outgoing volume was 102GWh, up 27% year-on-year, of which the power lithium battery shipments accounted for 63.7%, accounting for sustained rising.

“From the perspective of development, the current lithium-ion battery has become an important rise point of electrochemical energy storage, occupying 75% of chemical energy storage.. On the one hand, under the driving of new energy vehicles, lithium-ion battery materials and system techniques are rapidly upgraded; on the other hand, the rapid drop of lithium iron ion battery costs is also a large-scale commercial supply of lithium-ion batteries in the energy storage market.

possible. “Recently, the survey report that the storage market is not reversible, and it is expected that the storage market is expected to promote the national policy guidance and the cost of the national policy guidance and the energy storage cost of lithium-ion battery. In particular, the grid side energy storage will be able to usher in high-speed rise.

. 02 mining and recycling are easy to cause environmental pollution, and the market in the lithium-ion battery industry is high, and the drawbacks of using lithium resources cannot be masked..

As far as the mining, whether it is a brineling or a hard rock mining, it will damage the environment varying degrees.. It is understood that the proportion of brine exploitation in my country’s lithium resources is more than 70%, which is the most important means of my country’s mining lithium resources.

. This is a method of pumping a mineral brine in a hydrolyzate layer, and then the mineral water is pumped out of the mineral water, and the solution is extracted from the mixture..

This method not only has a huge water consumption, but also extremely easily impact on the waters and land during the water resource consumption.. On the other hand, the lithium ion battery recovery located downstream of the industry chain is also easy to pollute the environment due to improper treatment.

. According to relevant information, the waste-powered lithium ion battery contains a large number of heavy metal elements such as manganese, cobalt, nickel, and also contains high toxic substances such as lithium hexafluorophosphate in its electrolyte, and other volatile organic matter, these substances To properly dispose, it will not only cause waste of resources, but also cause huge pollution on the environment..

“Waste dynamic lithium-ion battery is not completely no ‘energy’, it still contains high pressure of 300V to 1000V, if it is recycling, dismantling, the operation is improper, may bring fire explosion, heavy metal pollution, organic waste gas Various problems such as emissions. “Cao Hongbin, a researcher of the Institute of Process Engineering, my country. 03 Reduce pollution needs innovation technology reports that the higher the scale of electric vehicles, the larger the production of batteries, the stronger the economy of the industry, the process of production will also develop more efficient, less pollution.

In this regard, the energy exploration technology company dedicated to R & D breakthrough mining lithium technology said that in order to meet the increasing lithium demand for electric vehicles, it is hoped to increase the elution of the brine through new technologies, and even the low-concentration brine resources that were previously unhaneous.. “Our goal is to develop fast, low cost, high recovery rate, lithium extraction separation membrane with minimal environmental impact.

“The company’s CEO Tiri Yifang said that the company’s metal organic skeleton membrane can improve production by optimizing extraction process, thereby significantly lowering lithium production prices.. “This can significantly improve production, and producers and their customers can also get higher economic benefits.

. “In addition to improving lithium technology, many startups are seeking breakthroughs in battery storage technology, they try to find a more efficient, lower” new “battery to replace or make up for lithium-ion batteries. One of the projects named “Breakthrough Energy Investment” was funded by Bill Gates and other billionaires, which designed to find solutions for zero carbon future.

. “The energy storage is obviously an indispensable part of low-carbon future, we want new technologies to maximize our limited lithium resources..

“An industry insider who is not willing to be named, whether it is to improve the mining technology of lithium resources or battery recovery technology, or further improve the battery recycling real estate industry chain, there is a huge advantage of environmental improvement. “In addition, the use of responsibility system for mining companies is also conducive to promoting safer industry standards, which can effectively reduce environmental pollution..


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