Charging lithium battery demand is ushered in China Enterprise Expansion ‘Varumette’

Charging lithium battery demand is ushered in China Enterprise Expansion 'Varumette'

Enji shares become a global lithium-ion battery diaphragm is also a matter of past two years.. Two years ago, the main business of Enji Shares is also focused on the supply of a variety of packaging printed products, packaging products and services, but on October 18, 2018, the company announced that the innovation shares were renamed Yejie shares.

, Announce the official transformation of the main business into a lithium ion battery diaphragm business. Industry insiders interpret this renamed news that this is because the demand for lithium-ion battery separators will usher in the demand for lithium-ion battery separators with new energy vehicles..

In 2017, the main business has not fully adjusted, Nijie shares achieve net profit of 368 million yuan (retrospective adjustment), after the 2018 transition lithium-ion battery diaphragm business, net profit increased by nearly 200 million yuan, reaching 518 million yuan, The lithium-ion battery diaphragm business has also been lost from the initial small, and the production of 1.3 billion square meters / year, the separator sales ranked to the world. Li Xiaoming, Chairman of Enji, revealed the “Securities Daily” reporter, and it is expected that by 2020, the company will also achieve production of 4 billion square meters / year.

. Through the above data, the growth of Enji Shares seems to be “one night”, in just a year, the product sales will climb to the world. However, in all aspects, the head of Enji Shares – After Li Xiaoming, the “Securities Daily” reporter summed up the keywords: 99% sweat, the horizon is unique, the whole year has no break, the head is drilled and never stopped Now.

Demand violation: New energy prospects broke out with huge gaps with 5G popularity, consumer electronics represented by mobile phones will usher in new wave update replacement. Although the energy storage lithium-ion battery is high, the market is relatively small, and the current domestic and foreign lithium-ion battery demand increasing is important from the new energy vehicle area..

Regarding the Enji shares of the car lithium-ion battery separator as an important product, it is now welcoming the sharp “wind”. Li Xiaoming said: “The global lithium-ion battery industry is in an outbreak, especially the power lithium battery will become an important rise point..

The world’s major manufacturers are currently with the pace of production expansion, my country will be the largest market.. “It is based on the rapid development of the above industry, as well as the estimates of lithium-ion battery market demand, and Enji shares have maintained the production scale of peers.

. “Securities Daily” reporter learned that as of the end of 2018, in the field of lithium-ion battery diaphragm in my country, the production scale of other companies did not exceed 500 million square meters / year..

With regard to the advantages of domestic market share, Li Xiaoming said: “From the domestic market share of wet diaphragms, Enji shares have reached 20% of the total share in 2016, and the expansion of production in the two years, as well as product quality Improved, the 2017 share increased to 27%, and it has reached 45% by the end of 2018. “. The product has been affirmed by the market, the correctness of the production expansion decision is inspected, which is also the Yen Jie shares now “full”, the origin of the confident, Li Xiaoming said.

Machine no break: Ensuring high quality, good products, August 14, 2018, Niji shares announced the “Distribution of Shares to purchase assets and raised supporting funds and related trade-in transactions and new shares listing” announcement, officially put Shanghai Enjie New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Enjie”) is included in the company.

According to reports, in May 2011, Shanghai Enjie officially started operation, the main business is a lithium-ion battery diaphragm, and the production equipment of this factory is almost every moment in addition to maintenance. , I have already got out of 8 years since I acquired it..

“Our equipment has never stopped in the New Year”. Li Xiaoming said that when Shanghai Nijie, only 6 membrane production lines, the shortage of separator production was started in 2016, and there will be no new dozens of production lines in 2016..

When talking about the high-performance wet diaphragm of Enji Shares, and the high-end function coating diaphragm in international competitiveness, Li Xiaoming said: “The whole year has no service line is our production quality and cost control.. Li Xiaoming also said that the production of separator cannot be judged by the yield utilization rate in the general sense.

On the contrary, the goodness of Niji shares and the stability of the diaphragm quality have been far better.. Li Xiaoming also special introduction: “The whole year has no production line means that the production and scale must be expanded, and there is no 700 million square meters -8 billion square meters of production to achieve scale effect, quality and cost is difficult to get control.

. On the other hand, the company’s production scale also means that a large number of large-scale orders can be accepted..

5 years Objective: Sales volume occupied by the global half-Wanjiang Mountain, Huawei 5G technical products are pressed by the United States, making my country’s science and technology company in the “people’s self-danger”, these companies can accompany them like Huawei, with homemade leading technology to open situation? At present, most domestic companies face the difficult relationship between “technical breakthrough”. Over the years, Enji Shares have also been “reflect”, Li Xiaoming believes that: “The development of Enji shares has benefited from this era, but also supports domestic policies to support this industry..

Enji Shares have established to their own: 5 years later, 45% -50% global market proportion. “The puzzle of Nijie shares is: According to the current market situation, 2018 domestic shipments account for 16%, and overseas shipments account for 3% of the global market; to achieve 45% -50% The global market share, not only the size of production, but also technical breakthroughs. “Although we still don’t claim to be the best lithium-ion battery separator producer in the world, we look at the shortage of diaphragm, we are worthy of the world’s first sales.

“. Li Xiaoming said, “Compared with Japan, Germany, etc. Can achieve excellent horizontal world.

“From the recent investment in R & D capital in Enji, it has shown the determination of” mullying “. According to the information disclosed by the company, the investment in R & D investment reached 96.499 million yuan in 2018, up 13.

14% year-on-year; in the first quarter of 2019, the company R & D cost is 224.893 million yuan, up to 43.10% year-on-year.

. Technology is once again improved and the global proportion is half, and the Enji shares may have a long way to go, Li Xiaoming believes hundreds of times, the decusion. 5 years later, then see you!.

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