Charging lithium battery company rushing the branch of the creative board new forces’ sides of the shore

Charging lithium battery company rushing the branch of the creative board new forces' sides of the shore

At the importance of value chain reconstruction, business ecological remodeling, new energy vehicles do not allow the focus of bookkeeper. Ouyang Ming, Ouyang Ming, is expected that the new energy automobile industry will usher in the development of peeling in 2020..

By 2025, new energy vehicles should be owned by 50 million vehicles to 80 million vehicles.. Automobile securities analysts said that as effective financing methods, landing of bookkeepers on the new forces of the car is very beneficial.

. However, the reporter noted that although the Banguangban has a lot of benefits to the automotive industry, most new energy car companies, the automotive market company still keeps watching, and there is no wonderment. In contrast, many dynamic lithium-ion battery companies are listed by the company’s list, become new favorite.

In this regard, Merchants Securities Automobile Industry Analyst Wang Liu Sheng said that the battery is one of the important costs of new energy vehicles, and the car enterprise with battery technology will be in charge of more resources. The breakthrough of battery technology will also become one of the important competitive advantages of the company..

“New energy vehicles serve as heavy industries in assets, the early investment is huge, the entry threshold is high. “Wang Liu Sheng believes that Komantry Bokens successfully listed, meaning that scientific and technological innovation capacity is double recognition, brand awareness and brand influence will inevitably improve, and the company can further expand business..

The new force of the car is the “board” as a “board” as a company financing sector that promotes the national science and technology financial reform and innovation.. With the continuous development of new energy, unmanned, shared travel and other innovative technologies and innovative business models, the direction of ripe, such technological innovation is the direction of key support.

According to the exchange documents, new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles, key parts, power lithium batteries and related technical services companies, have become the key recommendation of the sponsoring institution.. As an outstanding representative of the new energy car new forces, it is the best that the car is not letting.

According to the data, after landing the New House in September 2018, the total increase of more than 100% in two days.. In 2018, the sales of more than 10,000 units sold more than $ 400,000, achieving revenue of 4.

95 billion yuan.. However, with the arrival of the company’s solvent, the share price is in a long-term breakform.

. Up to now, the highest price of this stock is $ 11.60 / share.

The minimum share price since 52 weeks is $ 2.50 / share, and the average price in the past 52 weeks is $ 6.58 / shares.

. The tour of the “my country TSLA” aura, undoubtedly the difficult situation in the sales of electric vehicles, the new loss, the decline in the stock price. And the Weima Automobile and Xiaopeng car, which is the first echelon of Juanlai, have repeatedly stated that they will actively consider different financing methods, but the two sides have not officially confirmed the news of the sprint book.

. In an interview, Weima Auto Chairman, said that Komantry Board is a big advantage for some young entrepreneurial companies, especially technical content and research and development costs..

“At present, the company is still watching, there is no detailed plan for this area.”. Current important energy is still doing products.

This year’s goal is to achieve self-hematopoietic development, earning profitability next year.. “Gu Hongzhong, vice president of Xiaopeng Auto, also disclosed that Xiaopeng has received more than 10 billion yuan in equity financing and bank loans, but the money is not only the same half of the sale.

. About IPO issues, Xiaopeng will close attention to the market, and prepare itself to build, IPO is a water to the stream..

“Will consider bookkeepers, but there is no listing schedule. “It is worth mentioning that with the new three-board investment finance continues to meet the capital needs of cold and future. The outside world is generally believed that the Great Wall Huaguan has been subsequently replaced by subsequent capital planning.

When the “Securities Daily” reporter puts forward to the Great Wall Hua Crown, the Great Wall, the Great Wall, the Great Wall, the Great Wall, and the company have not given a direct response, but emphasizes the information disclosure system. Requirements, everything is subject to notice. As for the automatic driving initial company, whether it is the Momenta, Pony, Weride, or Zuimple, Pire, Weride, the commercial vehicle L4 level, and the technology, etc.

, the current distance is now The listing requirements still need time. At present, although Kobang’s board has many good benefits to the automotive industry, after the campaign, there is a huge imagination space and market space, or due to the conditions, or actively give up the opportunity, or worry about market value. Stability, temporary non-wound.

Lithium-ion battery company rushed to the wonderful when the new energy vehicle, the lithium-ion battery and the license company, but the lithium-ion battery and the license company blew the horn to the Kangchuang. The reporter noticed that 7 of the cocibrican campaigns received in the previous publication, and 7 of the automotive new technology applications..

Among them, there are 5 Bai Technology, Nai Technology, Jiayuan Technology, Hangjia Technology and Li Yuanchen, etc. 5 for the dynamic lithium-ion battery. The Hongquanian joint is the vehicle network, and the Austrian environmental protection is the field of automobile emission reduction.

. From the company operation, 7 acceptance companies show high rising, high profitability, of which 6 have more than 50% of the average revenue increase rate, and the net interest rate is higher than 15%..

According to the data, Rongbai Technology is mainly engaged in lithium-ion battery positive material and its precursor, its ternary positive material product has been applied to CATL, BYD, LG chemistry, etc. Lithium-ion battery factories, etc., the company’s valuation is as high as 15.

8 billion yuan. The remaining 4 lithium-ion battery companies are valued at 2 billion yuan to 6 billion yuan. Wang Liu Sheng said that in terms of new energy vehicles, the battery is one of the important costs, and the battery company controls the core technology.

. Some traditional automobiles are not strong, and the cost is more difficult..

The car companies with battery technology have more resources, and the breakthrough in battery technology will become one of the important competitive advantages of the company.. Some analysts said that Komantry boards require listed companies to have certain profitability, and “hard to hematopoietics” became a gap in front of the new forces.

The current direction of the censorship, and the new technology direction of the motherboard market are high, from the commercialized subtraction. The Book-making board is more significant in the automotive industry, or it is given a largest imagination space to the lithium-ion battery industry, parts company, travel, etc., let the entire automotive industry’s industrial chain change.


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