Charging lithium battery boost energy innovation

Charging lithium battery boost energy innovation

Not long ago, the 2019 Nobel Chemical Award was issued to 3 scientists to recognize their research contributions to the lithium-ion battery (hereinafter referred to as “lithium ion battery”), once again attracted attention and discussion of lithium-ion batteries.. Since the establishment of the lithium-ion battery in the 1970s, in the 1990s, it has entered the market in the 1990s.

Today, the lithium-ion battery has been applied to the side, changing people’s lives.. In the future, with the in-depth advancement of related research, the development and application of lithium-ion batteries will usher in a broader future, which will promote human social energy transformation and innovation, to strengthen environmental protection and injection of new kinetic energy for economic society.

. Compared to the traditional energy supply method based on fossil fuel, the emergence of lithium-ion batteries breaks the conventional carbon-based energy supply method, reducing carbon emissions, and supply new paths for sustainable development..

Since the 1990s, the lithium-ion battery began to enter the market, gradually became the power selection of electrical and IT terminal equipment.. Smaller volume, more stable performance, better circulation, so that the lithium ion battery gradually spreads all aspects of people’s daily lives, helps humans take an important step towards the cleaning world.

my country is a lithium-ion battery industry. “Lithium Ion Battery Industry Development White Paper (2019)” shows that my country is the world’s largest country and the most important application market, the status of the global lithium-ion battery industry continues to improve. In particular, it benefits from the new energy vehicle for rapid development.

In recent years, my country’s lithium-ion battery industry has steadily rising. According to the data, my country’s lithium-ion battery accumulated production in China reached 1.399 billion, up 25.

9% year-on-year; the industrial scale reached 172.7 billion yuan, up 9% year-on-year. In 2018, my country’s lithium-ion battery market has exceeded half of global production, and the market value of the industry has exceeded 10 billion yuan.

. The world’s demand on lithium-ion batteries has also been rising, bringing new business opportunities for related fields..

Today, with the coming of automotive electricity trends, lithium-ion batteries have played. Thanks to the strong support of the national policy to the new energy auto industry. In recent years, my country’s motivated lithium-ion battery has developed rapidly.

. High-energy density, high stability of the car grade lithium ion battery, expand the prospect of the electric motor industry, get the initial approval of the government and the market. Since this year, with the adjustment of new energy car subsidy policies, the cost of lithium-ion batteries has increased, and some low-end products have been eliminated, which makes the market competition more intense, and the relevant company is more cost-effective, faster.

Market response capability, winning advantage in competition. At the same time, it should also be seen that the development and application of lithium-ion batteries are also facing unwell challenges..

For example, in the actual use process, lithium-ion battery new energy vehicles still have problems with low energy density, poor low temperature performance, long charging time, short service life, and the core technology has not yet achieved significant breakthroughs, and there is also a certain hidden danger.. In response to these problems, it is further deepened to be scientific research, and it is also inseparable from further exploration of other cleaning energy.

. Every progress in human society, all the breakthroughs and innovation of science and technology. I believe that with the continuous development of technology, human society will continue to promote energy production and consumption revolution, build a more clean and low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system.

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