Charging lithium battery and Nirvana, 18650 nasal ancestors – from Sony 18650 to Village 21700

Charging lithium battery and Nirvana, 18650 nasal ancestors - from Sony 18650 to Village 21700

Lithium-ion batteries have the advantages of small size, large capacity, light weight, and are widely used in many fields such as mobile phones, computers, home appliances, electric vehicles and energy storage markets, and constantly glow.. As early as 1991, Sony announced the first commercial lithium-ion battery.

. At the same time, Sony has set a standard battery model based on multi-year development related experience, and a cylindrical battery with a diameter of 18mm and a length of 65mm – that is, the 18650 lithium ion battery we often say today..

After that, this cylindrical lithium-ion battery completely innovates the face of consumer electronics.. Small to charging treasure, big arrival car, this cylindrical battery is not a moment of not affecting the square of our lives.

Today, the well-known battery plants such as Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Bick, and God will continue to produce this product with nearly 30 years of history in 24 hours.. And the nasal ancestors in that year, Sony has gradually disappeared in people’s vision.

. Starting from Nirvani Rebirth – The current Village Lithium Lithium Business September 1, Sony official notice announced the completion of the Sony Group Battery Service to MLCC and other electronic components (hereinafter referred to as “Village”) transfer. In November of the same year, Sony was officially renamed “Village New Energy (Wuxi) Co.

, Ltd.” in China “Sony Electronics (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.

“. At this point, “Sony”, “Nirvana is reborn to” Village Lithium Electric “, and I have embarked on the road of revival..

On February 8 this year, the Village Innovation Zhizhi Garden added 111 billion US dollars to sign a contract, Wuxi High-tech Zone. Village Innovation Zhizhiyuan is investing in the village group, which is the innovative park, which is integrated with industrial resource agglomeration, industry leaders and demonstrations..

According to the plan, the Village Innovation Zhizhi Garden will build a new production and manufacturing base for the new production and manufacturing base of Village Electronic Components, New Energy Lithium-ion Battery, and the overall investment scale increased from the existing 1450 million US dollars to 25.6 One hundred million U.S.

dollars. After the project is completed, the output value will increase from the current 12.5 billion yuan to 20 billion yuan.

. On August 8, 2018, Village New Energy (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.

held the completion ceremony, the factory is expected to be officially put into production in January 2019.. It is understood that the new factory is important to supply light thin lithium-ion battery products, and the production of lithium-ion battery products can supply smartphones, mobile terminals, electric tools, etc.

, which can also be applied to cameras, tablets, laptops, electric bicycles, vacuum cleaners. , Game console, etc..

Previously, Village is achieved in the field of production and manufacturing of smartphone components. With the rise in mobile phone industry, Village fields begin to gradually expand their business, medical and new energy fields, and acquire Sony. Lithium battery will help village fields to further achieve the rise and expansion of business.

The new development of Village Lithium Electric and the new direction According to Village and related persons, the current sequence of Village cylindrical battery products is roughly divided into three-yuan cylindrical VTC series and phosphate cylindrical FTC series two major categories.. VTC Series Supply Global Excellent Electric Tools and Wireless Vacuum Corporation in China.

With the increasing development of the Village Group in the automotive and medical and other industries, the Village Sanyuan Cylinder will also explore new markets in various electric vehicles and medical aids.. In addition to the traditional ESS energy storage market, the Village FTC series also relys from 14,000 charge and discharge cycle performance, the best high temperature durability, and high security, in the logistics vehicle and the special vehicle market.

Get favored by the international forklift giant. In the future, Village will further open the intelligent logistics market such as high-end AGV, as well as a special vehicle market with extremely high requirements for safety and durability..

Left 26650FTC, right 18650VTC, is affected by TSLA development 21700, the market’s demand and acceptance of 21700 is constantly increasing, the village is also actively layout 21700 product line, the development has been close to the end, it is expected to achieve mass production next year. It is understood that the preliminary design goal of the Village 21700 lithium-ion battery is that the single battery capacity is above 4000mAh, and the continuous discharge current is above 40A..

The layout 5g / IoT market In addition, in the communication field of the traditional advantage of the Village Group, also active in the figure of the village lithium-ion battery.. It is understood that in addition to traditional mobile phone lithium-ion batteries, in order to use electricity demand for the application of 5G and IOT, Village also specially developed a high-power and wide-temperature IoT dedicated button battery, important to LPWA equipment and outdoor IOT equipment in a complex environment.

After the acquisition of Sony electricity service, the village program plans to operate the battery business as the core of energy business, and prepare for the future of entering the new energy field.. In the future, Village and Tian will further increase research and development, play technology advantages, constantly enrich product types, leading innovation trends, contributing to the sustainable development of the electronics industry.


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