Charging lithium batteries Important metallic metal future polliers have improved nickel proportion

Charging lithium batteries Important metallic metal future polliers have improved nickel proportion

Lithium-ion battery technology has obtained Nobel Chemical Awards to be said to be named, and the lithium-ion battery is the center of gravity of 3C equipment, electric vehicles and energy storage systems. The future demand will climb year by year, but lithium, cobalt, nickel battery necessary metal Is the material enough? Many electric vehicle plants have begun to take into account this issue, start slowly changing the material ratio of the battery..

According to the previous information of Woodmackenzie, with the rise of electric vehicles, the increasing number of electric vehicles, the key material of the car may have a shortage in the end of 2020.. Therefore, some caterers consider the low global content, high cost and toxic problems, and decide to improve the nickel ratio of the earth’s content, reduce the cobalt content.

. Lithium-ion batteries can be divided into lithium cobaltate (LCO), lithium iron phosphate (LFP), and tri-material (NMC), and metal according to lithium, nickel, cobalt. According to the proportion of the formulation, many manufacturers want to increase the ratio of nickel, change nickel: cobalt: the proportion of lithium to 8: 1: 1, that is, “811 battery”.

my country’s Battery Factory CATL (CATL) has developed an 811 battery prototype and successfully commercialized this year. It is more than 304Wh per kilogram than the capacity, according to the Adamasintelligence of Mineral Consulting, China in August my country In the middle, about 13% is an 811 battery, compared to the proportion of January, only 1%. In view of CATL in my country, the first and good results in China, and Adamasintelligence pointed out that with CATL continuous shipments, other battery manufacturers have a commercialization, expect 811 batteries, market occupation and sales The range will increase significantly in a year and a half to two years.

The high-nickel ratio of the battery is not only 811 batteries. TSLA has increased nickel in the battery, reducing the cobalt ratio, to achieve greater continuity, like TSLA, pointed out in early May 2018, Model3 lithium ion batteries have been significantly reduced under cobalt To achieve high energy density, although the battery is added, it can still maintain good thermal stability..

TSLA battery supplier Panasonic (Panasonic) has also been previously stated that the company has begun to develop cobalt electric vehicle batteries in response to cobalt price increase and future cobalt supply shortage.. At present, 70% of the global mining nickel mine is used to manufacture stainless steel.

There is only a small part to use in the vehicle battery, and as the high-nickel battery needs new, the situation will change, and the Silver Group analysis also pointed out that high nickel batteries It’s getting more and more popular, because nickel can still be stable at high temperatures, and can confront overcharge. However, it is not that each lithium ion battery will be used in cobalt. It is like a lithium iron phosphate ion battery without cobalt and other valuable elements.

The performance is good, the price of raw materials is low and phosphorus, lithium, and iron is also very rich. There is a fever problem, the current industry industry believes that the lithium-ion battery that is more compliant with environmental protection, safety and high performance requirements, but unfortunately, its energy density can not exceed the ternary battery, relatively low, but enough to use in other devices. .

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