Car production expansion, lithium supply you chasing me to catch up with the danger of danger?

Car production expansion, lithium supply you chasing me to catch up with the danger of danger?

According to the statistical analysis of my country’s Automobile Industry Association, in May 2018, the car production and sales is slightly declined, and it remains up again. From 1 to May, the production and sales of automobiles have risen, and the growth rate is slightly improved than 1-April..

In May, the automobile produced 23.444 million units, down 2.26% from the previous month, up 12.

84% year-on-year; sales of 22.877 million units, decreased by 1.37% from the previous month, up 9.

61% year-on-year. Among them, + new energy vehicles have completed 96,000 vehicles and 102,000, up 85.6% and 125.

6%, respectively.. The new energy vehicle production, lithium production is gradually expanding in new energy vehicles, and the demand for new energy vehicles has also begun to increase significantly.

. SMM recently announced “Forbidden Fuel Car Position Continued Forward Electric Vehicle” Green Channel “”, “Green Channel”, is pointed out that although it is affected by new energy car subsidies, the low-life electric vehicle is shielded, but due to major companies The difficult relationship between the new technology, the research and development of various high-end battery, but sales still in the rise. As major cities regarding traffic control, there are more difficulties in the “green channel” enjoyed by the “green channel” enjoying the new energy car, whether it is a “green channel” enjoying the “green channel” enjoyed by the new energy car, whether it is the “green channel” enjoyed by the new energy car.

Policy booted electric car. Not only the policies are guided to preference new energy vehicles, but the entire industrial chain of the car has also begun to steadily move toward electric vehicles..

According to the latest news, Guangdong Electromechanical Equipment Tendering Center Co., Ltd. publicized the bidding results of Guangzhou Bus Operations Company 2018 pure electric passengers.

This year, the total purchase of 3043 pure electric passengers, the total amount of orders is as high as 3.8 billion yuan. Among them, BYD is a winning number of winning a winning person to 2984, and the order is as high as 3.

7 billion.. Secondly, 95 orders obtained from Yutong Bus, with an order amount of approximately 1.

31 billion yuan.. In addition, the bidding results show that the Hunan Middle Cars, Shanghai Vientiane’s several companies also ginseng and bidding.

In the case of the surge in the production of new energy vehicles, the yield as an important raw material – lithium is also significantly increased.. According to the MiningNews.

net website, although it is expected to rise by 16% of the annual growth rate of 16%, Citibank analysts believe that lithium production has increased faster, it is possible to bring over the lithium market.. Recently, there are some lithium-ore projects that have or soon, such as Tawanarell, Baldhill, Baldhill, Pilbaraminerals, and Alturamining, Pierre.

Pilgangoora, lithium mine project, and Wodgina, Wodgina, Mineralresources. In this regard, the bank believes that if the mining company does not consciously control the output, by 2025, the increase in the production of existing mining will enable the annual growth rate of the global supply of lithium supply to 24%, which is significantly higher than 16% demand. speed.

Citibank predicts that the global lithium production will increase from current 200,000 tons / year to 400,000 tons / year in 2020. In 2017, the lithium supply exceeded 5%, this number will be expanded to 11%, next year to 27%, 2022 is 38%, reaching the peak. Since this year, the price of lithium carbonate has fallen by 20%.

It is expected that 99% of the lithium carbonate is $ 17389 / ton, and it will fall to $ 14,000 / ton in 2019. 2020 is 12,000 US dollars / ton, 2025 $ 9,000 / ton. On the one hand, it is a continuous supply of source.

In the case of a large number of lithium deposits in my country, it is produced by optimistic market capacity, and foreign mineral enterprises have also diverted a large amount of production; on the one hand, it is a sharp rise in demand, not just a power lithium battery, In the field of energy storage, the demand for lithium-ion batteries has also begun to increase significantly.. On June 18, the large-scale lithium-ion battery reservoir project in the joint investment construction of Fujian Province, CATL, etc.

, the project officially landed in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province. The project will build large lithium-ion battery energy storage projects in Jinjiang investment, and the total investment of 2.4 billion yuan, and it is implemented in three phases.

. The first phase of the project is planned to build a 100 MW time-level lithium-ion battery energy storage power station. The second phase will expand 500 MW time-level lithium-ion battery energy storage equipment.

The three phases will expand 1000 MW time-level lithium-ion battery energy storage equipment. At the same time, it will also be supported to build mobile energy storage equipment, as well as mobile charging facilities..

In the event of a boost and demand, there may be a case where it is available or supply. According to the statistics of Roskill Information Services Co., Ltd.

, although the 2018 and lithium mining will be available, considering the expansion of the consumer surface, the supply of lithium refining products is still relatively tight.. But the CEO of the Canadian company Nemaskalithium, Guybourassa, will hold a distinct point of view.

. He said that the lithium supply market will be very nervous in the next four to five years, and the reports have been exaggerated..

The company’s chief financial officer Carlosventens said that the mass consumption of electric vehicles will form scale and stimulate the demand for battery materials between 2019 and 2021.. Emerging lithium-ion battery companies may begin mass-wide production in 2021.

The market is about this problem, but it is generally believed that the supply of lithium can be turned into excess shortage, then the predicts of lithium supply will come true? Please let us continue to look, I believe that the time will give us too much spider mart. .

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