Car enterprise accelerate the layout of hydrogen fuel power battery car: technology is multi-way

Car enterprise accelerate the layout of hydrogen fuel power battery car: technology is multi-way

Hydrogen fuel power battery car is getting hot in 2019. This year’s two sessions of the country, the representatives of the people in many automobiles and related industries, and the Committee of the CPPCC have proposed a number of motions and proposals for hydrogen energy, which once again causing concerns and discussions in the industry..

From the perspective of technical routes, hydrogen fuel power batteries are the future of future development, and the hydrogen fuel power cells are also considered one of the most ideal new energy cars.. On the other hand, with the new energy car subsidies for pure electricity, mixing and other technology routes, the policy advantage of fuel power battery is highlighted.

Under the industry-based good expectation, many domestic cars have arranged hydrogen fuel power batteries, traditional energy companies, auto parts companies, and industrial capital have also accelerated in the field of hydrogen and fuel power cells, and concentration focus on the two sessions Also reflect the desire to support the hydrogen support policy from the side.. Compared with pure electric vehicles and plug-in mixed cars, my country’s hydrogen fuel power batteries have relatively slow and unbalanced, and Japanese and South and other countries have a significant gap, and hydrogen can be used in unstripe, and more industries People also stated that the 21st century economic report reporter said that the hydrogen fuel power battery vehicle has been developed to land, and it is difficult to estimate.

. Regarding the majority of practitioners, more research and development of new energy automobile technology paths is based on policy support and market demand, and the layout of most car companies often covers multiple technical paths, including pure electricity, mixing, hydrogen fuel. Power battery, etc.

. Hydrogen Fuel Power Battery Car Rejects Past Week, many national tables, members joined the ranks of hydrogen fuel power battery car proposals. Chen Hong, a representative of the National People’s Congress, Chairman of the SAIC Group, increase the research and development support of the fuel power battery industry, and establish a national special support fund or formulate a fiscal preferential policy, and encourage the company to increase investment.

. He also suggested that supporting the construction of hydrogenation stations and hydrogenation costs, encouraging social capital and hydrotation station construction, encouraging operations companies to purchase fuel power battery car put into operation. Previously, Yue Yue Yue Yue Yue Yue Yue, Chairman of the National People’s Congress and Chery Automobile also put forward the proposal for hydrogen development.

. He pointed out that the national level should be planned, and hydrogen can be upgraded from the key direction of national development to the national development strategy..

In addition, during the two sessions of the country, the representatives of hydrogen energy development, including the general manager of my country FAW Group, Mi Guohua, the chairman of the Beiqi Group, the chairman of the Guangzhou Auto Group, Zeng Qinghong, and the vice chairman of the Great Wall Auto, Wang Fengying, etc. In addition to the person in charge of the vehicle factory, there is also the general manager of the National Energy Group, the deputy general manager of my country Petrochemical, Ma Yongsheng, etc..

From the perspective of motion and proposal, the development of hydrogen energy and hydrogen-fuel power cells involves multiple levels: macro, some representatives recommending hydrogen energy into the national development strategy level, and clarify the competent department of hydrogen energy industry to formulate industrial standards Microscopically, hope to improve the construction of hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen storage station and fuel power battery, etc., and encourage marketization operation. Behind the number of motions and proposals, the company’s mains in many countries have been layout in terms of hydrogen energy, while hydrogen fuel power batteries are also ideal scenes.

. At present, many car companies such as SAIC, BYD, Yutong Bus, etc. have been involved in hydrogen fuel technology, small-scale commercialization in the commercial vehicle field.

. In recent years, many passenger companies have also started layout..

The 21st Century Economic Reporter learned from Chery Automobile, although there is no large commercialization, the current Chery has already mastered three specifications of fuel power battery system in passenger cars, logistics cars and businesses, complete vehicle integration technology, Chery It is also in colleges and universities with core technologies in China to study and develop core parts such as electric stacks and air compressors. At the same time, it also carries out the research and development of hydrogen storage systems in colleges and universities such as Xi’an, and the local energy chemical company Hydrogen station construction. Chery has clear planning in passenger cars: the next step in developing full-power hydrogen fuel power batteries (large SUV), planned to be available around 2025.

However, it is that the current hydrogen-fuel power battery vehicle development is still in the early stage. In the case of local government support and industry enthusiasm layout, there is still a hydrogen station infrastructure is not perfect, and the cost of hydrogen fuel is high, and the core technology is difficult to break through. Waiting for many problems.

There is data show that last year’s national fuel power battery car sales only more than 1,500, accounting for only one thousandth of the total number of new energy vehicles.. A plurality of technical routes are in fact, and the hydrogen fuel power battery is only one of the technical paths of the new energy vehicle.

. Even from the long-term perspective, many industry insiders also said that the 21st century economic report reporter said that the fuel power battery and pure electric movement is not an alternative role, but a common development..

“In long distance, large commercial vehicle field, hydrogen can be more advantageous, but in terms of short-haul, small cars, electric vehicles are expected to become mainstream. “Guangqi New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.

Party Committee, Huang River] said that the economic report of the 21st century said that hydrogen energy belongs to secondary energy in the automobile, theoretical efficiency is not the highest, there is a big problem is cost: First, battery costs, Second, the cost of hydrogen energy itself. The hydrogen fuel power battery vehicle will be important in the commercial vehicle area in a short period of time, which has formed a certain degree of consensus in the industry..

The important proposal of Xuheyi, the chairman of Beiqi Group is “Accelerating New Energy Logistics Automobile Promotion Application”, because he believes that new energy vehicles will first play significant use in the field of logistics automobile, and he said that the north is full of efforts. Development of hydrogen energy products in commercial vehicles. Regarding many passenger cars, although the hydrogen energy field can be laid out in research, it is difficult to form industrialization scale in a short time.

. The Yellow River believes that in the next five years, the passenger market is estimated to be mainly based on pure electric and plug-in products. After ten years, it is believed that the hydrogen fuel power battery will reach a certain scale, but it is expected that important applications are on large cars.

. It is worth mentioning that although the foreground is optimistic, in this year’s product declaration, the number of fuel power batteries is almost zero. It is reported that the latest announcement of the second batch of “New Energy Automobile Promotion Application Recommendation Types”, the number of fuel power battery vehicles is zero; the first batch of new energy vehicles announced in January “new energy vehicle promotion application recommended models “The same, there is also no fuel power battery model.

This reflects from the side, and the car companies have a big gap in the development of fuel power battery vehicles and other technical paths.. In the new energy car layout, each car enterprise is important to concentrate on pure electric and mixed fields.

. In fact, in the case of the new energy layout, in addition to the hydrogen fuel power battery, it also layout the full size, full range of passenger vehicles, and plug-in hybrid technology platform..

In the long run, Chery will adhere to the “Pure Electric-Excluding-Fuel Power Battery” Technology R & D route. In the independent brand, like Chery is unhappy, another typical representative is Geely. It is understood that Geely has a layout in fuel power batteries, oil and electricity mix, alternative fuel and pure electric.

Last year, the Dean of the Geely Automobile Research Institute Hu Yinnan once franked in a salon. “There are too many technical routes. In fact, we can’t see which road is true, any investment may have a certain risk.

. “.

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