Car companies, suppliers and third-party companies have layout dynamic lithium battery recovery?

Car companies, suppliers and third-party companies have layout dynamic lithium battery recovery?

“The recycling of the dynamic lithium battery should be based on third-party companies, and the power lithium battery supplier has the ability to be able to participate.. “Tianjin Life Battery Co.

, Ltd. is reported to report” my country Automobile News “reporter. In fact, in the 2019 my country (Qinghai) Lithium Industry and Power Lithium Battery International Summer Forum, the re-recovery of the power lithium battery has issued different voices.

. With the strong support of the government department, my country’s new energy automobile industry has developed rapidly. As of the end of 2018, the new energy vehicle guarantee reached 2.

61 million.. According to the statistics of the SMA Center, my country’s new energy vehicle power lithium battery in China has entered the scale of waste, and it is expected that the Waves of the 2023 report will reach 48.

09GWH.. The recycling of power lithium batteries is increasingly attached to the outside of the automotive manufacturer, battery suppliers and third-party companies.

. Is there any lack of subject responsibility? Fu Yu Li, Vice President Fu Ji, Vice President of Cummins Electric Power Division, told reporters: “The recycling of the power lithium battery should follow the 3R principle, that is, re-manufactured, reuse, recycle. Re-manufacturing is re-produced by recycling, and then sells again; reuse is by recycling, according to the state of the power lithium battery for other purposes, such as energy storage equipment; recirculation is to recover the power lithium battery, the material is performed Use again.

The core of the three is to take advantage of the power lithium battery through different applications, which is the direction in which Cummin is currently studying.. “She also emphasized that the recycling of power lithium batteries is the problem that the automotive industry, and even more industries should face and solve.

. At present, my country has initially formed a dynamic lithium battery recovery and ladder utilization system as the main body of automakers, batteries and third-party companies. As of the end of 2018, the construction of the retired battery recycling service outlets reached 3204.

According to the government departments of the State Council, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the “Producer Responsibility Extension System”, “Interim Measures for the Administration of New Energy Automobile Dynamic Battery Recycling Management”, “Provisional Regulations on Recycling of New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling”, Automotive production company has the main responsibility of power lithium battery production, use, recycling, reuse, etc. condition. At present, BYD, Beiqi Xin Energy and other vehicle enterprises are important to undertake recycling tasks through 4S stores, and they are used for energy storage or base station alternate power, or dismantled recycling.

. However, it is said that this recycling model has some shortcomings..

Kong Qingxi, deputy general manager of Tower Energy Co., Ltd., pointed out: “More than 98% of the power lithium battery recovery network is completed through the sales system of the automotive company, but there are several ways to limit.

From the policy level, the 4S shop does not consider the qualification conditions necessary for battery recovery; from the economic level, the 4S shop will charge an additional fees when receiving the service of the car, leading to the operating cost of car enterprises. Added; In addition, the 4S store is generally unified in the country..

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is currently paying attention to these issues, which plans to launch recycling outlets in the second half of this year to standardize and adjust. “There is also industry insiders pointed out that after the 404 store recovers the waste dynamic lithium battery, it is necessary to consider the ladder, dismantling, etc. Complete with other companies.

The market has not yet matured the card, which has started my country’s powered lithium battery recycling market is still in the early days of development, immature, not standardized phenomenon.. Perhaps the tremendous opportunities are hidden, many companies have begun to meet them.

. In October 2018, Geely Group and Shanxi Co., Ltd.

, Zijin Mining, established Fujian Changqing New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Fujian Changqing”).

The joint venture company official website shows that this is a battery recovery, a former company manufactured by a front drive. Some market analysts pointed out that the so-called “precursor”, namely nickel-cobalt-manganese hydroxide is the basis of manufacturing ternary composite positive electrode materials..

Fujian Emqing is expected to recover the power lithium battery used or scrapped by Geely Automobile. After dismantling, the valuable metal salt is separated, such as cobalt salt, reproduction is a three-dollar precursor, supplied to the Battery Factory of Geely Automotive. And another shareholder of Changqing, Fujian, Shanshi, is also my country’s largest battery positive material material supplier.

Many power lithium batteries have also joined the army of recycling, such as CATL, Tianjin Ziqi, Honeycomb Energy, etc.. Ma Zhonglong, deputy general manager of Honeycomb Energy Technology Co.

, Ltd., believes that the recycling of the battery should be made around the battery factory, and finally make the material of the waste battery back to the battery factory, supply raw materials for the battery factory. Wang Jianjun is more optimistic about third party recycling company.

He told reporters that Tianjin Lifan may look for a third-party partner in the future, or acquire a potential third-party recycling company, at that time, the recycling scope is not limited to the battery of Li Shen.. It is understood that compared with the vehicle manufacturer, power lithium battery supplier, third-party recycling company deep-trail-ranging battery resource recycling field for many years, professional regeneration technology, equipment, process, qualifications and recycling channels, etc.

Some lead companies, such as Bangp Group, Greenmeal, etc.. They have both relatively stable lithium ion battery recycling channels, and have sales channels for recycled lithium materials.

. However, the battery recycling system still needs to be further standardized..

Zhao Xiaoyong, general manager of Beijing Said US Resource Rehabilitation Research Institute Co., Ltd., pointed out that in the last three years, the battery recovery company has increased more than 300 more than 20, but it truly has a factory.

There is only three or more people who have an environmentally friendly acceptance.. “From the current point of view, battery recovery is a good industry, because the amount will be very large, but the market tends to concentrate, the lead battery company is so many, the recycling company is not too much.

“Wang Nianji said. Is the joint recovery model becomes a trend? The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Interim Measures for the Administration of New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling”, encourage automobile production companies, battery production companies, scrapped car recycling and dismantling companies and comprehensive utilization companies, etc. Power battery recycling channel.

In the view of Kong Qingxi, there are many new energy automobile companies in my country. If each of the establishment of recycling service outlets, it may cause repeated construction, and recycled dismantling company and resource comprehensive utilization company and other correspondence agencies, it is difficult to coordinate, and it is necessary to explore shared types. Joint recovery mode.

“The goal of iron towers in my country is to establish a shared recycling system across the country, establish a shared recycling outlet in all over the country, facing many car companies, the cost is relatively low, should have shared advantages. “He said. Considering the factors such as cost, technology, car manufacturers, battery suppliers and third-party companies carry out cooperation into a feasible method, currently have company actions.

For example, CATL and Yutong, SAIC, Beiqi, Geely and other car companies cooperate with the construction recycling system, and also acquired Hunan Bangpu with material recovery qualifications, classify, disassemble, and recover the power lithium-ion battery.. Beiqi Group has reached an agreement at the end of last year, and both parties will cooperate in the retired dynamic lithium battery ladder.

. Geely Group takes the lead, combined with a vehicle production company, battery production company, scrapped car recycling and dismantling company and comprehensive utilization company, cooperation, etc. Use pilot project.

More than 10 companies such as my country Tower and Chang’an, BYD, Yinlong New Energy, and Guoxuan High School have signed the power lithium battery recycling strategic partner agreement, and the purchase of retired batteries is used for national communication base station spare power supply.. It is understood that as of May, in May this year, my country’s tower accumulated ladder battery accounted for half of the total amount of retired dynamic lithium battery in the market.

. Subsequent, these waste batteries will be submitted to Beijing Saidmy and some other recycling companies. .

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