Car companies self-built battery factory or become trend CATL can dominate the era

Car companies self-built battery factory or become trend CATL can dominate the era

CATL listing, not only helped its heads, Zeng Qun in the first time I entered the “2018LEXUS Lexus, Hu Run], but also achieved the 53th good results, but also 7 players. But behind this infinite scenery, the dark flow is surging, and the domestic vehicle company began to choose “Escape” CATL..

Recently, Geely Automobile 8 billion power lithium battery project announced landing in Hubei, which is expected to complete site selection and early work in 2018, and put into production in 2020.. Wang Bing, director of the expert group of the National New Energy Automobile Innovation Project, said in an interview with reporters that due to the rapid expansion of the new energy vehicle market, the demand for power lithium batteries has greatly improved, and there may be more vehicle companies to choose from Building a battery factory, which will bring new challenges to the current domestic battery companies, battery companies need to lay out in advance, further strengthen the strategic cooperation between the vehicle company.

The installed volume “One ride” product does not ask for a new energy car big country, my country’s power lithium battery production has jumped to the world. At the same time as the market is rapidly expanded, the industrial concentration of the power lithium battery is further improved..

According to the statistics of my country’s Automotive Industry Association, the top three companies in my country’s dynamic lithium battery industry have produced 24.71GWH, accounting for 64.13%.

The first five companies are 29.42GWH, accounting for 76.37%; Ten companies loaded 34.

41GWH, accounting for 89.31%. Among them, the number of production and installed volumes ranked first in more than 40% of the market share is far ahead of other companies, making it a well-deserved leader.

. According to incomplete statistics, the current and CATL cooperation not only have domestic and foreign vehicle companies, plus the new power of the car, the supplier, etc., the supplier has reached 27.

The outbreak-based rise of the order is caused by the production of the production, and CATL is called: “The existing production cannot meet the potential market demand, and the output needs to be further improved.. “One of the new energy car companies that are unwilling to reveal, telling reporters, current CATL’s battery products are inquiishing, many vehicle companies queue waiting, delivery, how much delivery, the decision is in the supplier, the whole car The company is extremely “passive” and is seeking a variety of ways to solve problems.

. In order to change this status, the vehicle company adopted the following ways, and cooperation. Brilliance BMW signed the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” in July and CATL this year.

The former has received the latter amount of equity investment rights of RMB 2852.5 billion in the implementation of domestic or overseas equity financing; SAIC and Guangzhou Automobile respectively jointly established a total 4 joint ventures. Today, in order to further master the initiative, the company like Geely begins to choose from the battery factory.

Self-built battery factory gradually trend in Wang Binggang’s view, although the current vehicle power lithium battery is concentrated in battery companies, leading to in short supply like CATL, but next with the size of new energy vehicles Further expansion, consumer acceptance is constantly increasing, or more and more vehicle companies choose self-construction battery factories.. In the past, due to the small size of the industry, the vehicle factory self-built battery factory “not very cost-effective”, but with new energy vehicles become the strategic direction of the global automotive industry, the battery is to determine the performance, quality, technical level and cost of electric vehicles.

One of the core components of many factors, mastering this key technology has become an important choice for vehicle companies.. In fact, this is similar to the engine industry in my country ten years ago.

. At that time, my country can produce fewer companies in the production of engines, and the production and sales of many brands depends on the engine supply of Mitsubishi (Dong’an Power, Dongan Mitsubishi, Aerospace Mitsubishi)..

However, with the development of independent brands, many companies have established their own engine factory, “a unique” phenomenon is not returned. Industry insiders also have worry: Zeng Hui, Dong’an Power (including Dongan Mitsubishi) is now a “non-mainstream” engine product supplier, and the stock price continues to decline in the past three years, whether the battery company represented by CATL will also step After? “Battery companies should have long-term strategic plans. At present, at this stage, the company is working closely and in-depth cooperation, using the idea of ​​lean production, improve product quality, reduce product cost, and make layouts and responded in advance.

“Wang Binggang suggested. Inside and outside the hit challenge, there is not much time left in small and medium-sized battery companies that are less competitive..

Zhang Jian, senior researcher at the Study of Hundreds of Electric Motors in my country, said that the industry has formed a consensus, and the downtrend of the domestic power lithium battery industry is being staged. In the process, it is not necessary to prevent some small and medium-sized companies from producing difficulties, some or will Active transformation, and some of them may face the destiny of large batteries or vehicle companies. For CATL, BYD, Guoxuan Haoke, and the Bike Battery and other competitive batteries, next will face the double challenge of “inside and outside the attack”.

The industry is in the case, although the vehicle company is now adopted by the battery company’s way, independently develops battery packs and battery management systems, but the future is very likely to completely get rid of the battery company, realize the integrated operation from the battery to the whole vehicle. Wang Binggang pointed out that when the annual output of pure electric vehicles reached several million, a company’s annual output is expected to exceed hundreds of thousands, the battery factory of the vehicle company and the vehicle company and battery companies are built. Factory or will become an important production force for domestic vehicle power lithium batteries.

Another challenge that cannot be ignored is important from Japan and South Battery Company. my country’s automobile industry associations have previously announced the first batch of automobile power storage batteries in the white list, Samsung ring new (Xi’an) Power Lithium Battery Co., Ltd.

, Nanjing Lejin Chemical New Energy Battery Co., Ltd., Beijing Electric Control Open Technology Co.

, Ltd. three Korean companies. A variety of signs, Japanese and South Korea dynamic lithium batteries are returning to our market.

Two years later, new energy car subsidies will be completely resort, and Japan and South Korea’s battery companies enter our new energy auto market is already a morning and evening.. Regardless of the technical level and product quality gap in both parties, once the price war stage, Japan and South Korea’s capital strength and foundation are more stronger than some domestic battery companies.

. “I am afraid this will become a major challenge for domestic battery companies..

“Wang Binggang said. .

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