Car charging lithium battery sector Japan’s accompanying

Car charging lithium battery sector Japan's accompanying

Car lithium-ion battery is a core component such as pure electric vehicle (EV), and our manufacturers have led in this field.. In the past two years, my country’s new energy vehicle development momentum is rapid.

With the dust of my country’s new energy cars fraudulent incident in 2016, 2017 new energy vehicles began to enter accelerated development trends after March, and the world was also introduced in 2017. New energy vehicle development goals, multinational car companies are more plus horsepower to develop new energy vehicles, and our country is more expected in new energy vehicles in the transportation sector. Therefore, the current total target is doubled in 2020.

Or will become possible. The rise of my country’s electric vehicle industry, let the Japanese company that have developed a first-strength. my country’s government supports electric automotive industries.

Under the promotion of huge domestic demand, my country has mastered more than 60% of the world’s market share, accounting for an overwhelming advantage.. my country’s large companies are still preparing for huge investment.

Japanese companies have been in the lithium-ion battery field, but now only Panasonic is still fighting, and other companies are increasingly weak.. According to the survey released by the Japan Economic Research Institute, as of 2016, my country’s manufacturers have accounted for more than 60% of the global car lithium-ion battery market.

. The car lithium-ion battery is a core component of pure electric vehicles, so the significance of the middle and enterprises leading in this field is extremely important..

It has also created Japan of lithium-ion battery prototype, and most of the “existence” of most companies is growing and thin.. According to the “Japan Economic News” report, the Japanese Jaji Economic Research Institute has shown that my country’s manufacturers occupy the largest share in the global car lithium-ion battery market, and the market share exceeds 60%.

. Rowing 2nd Japanese market share exceeds 20%, and the share of Korean enterprises is less than 10%. Japan’s Electronic System Research (Technosystemsresearch) Fujita Guanggui said: “From the output of battery capacity shipped in 2016, my country’s manufacturers monopolized the top five.

“The article said that the car lithium-ion battery is a core component such as pure electric vehicle (EV), and our manufacturers have led in this field.. my country’s government has supported electric automotive industry.

Under the promotion of huge domestic demand, China Enterprises have mastered more than 60% of market share in the world, accounting for overwhelming advantages.. At present, large companies in my country are still preparing for huge investment.

. Confused Japan, the Japanese companies have been leading in the lithium-ion battery, but they only have the puffy to fight, and the “existence” of other companies has become increasingly weak..

my country’s national strategy of revitalizing electric vehicles poses a support for the expansion policy of the company.. I have proposed that by 2020, pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles have reached 2 million, with more than 5 million cumulative production and sales.

. Strictly implement the amount of passenger vehicle fuel consumption limit, improve the standard limit standard for heavy-duty commercial vehicle fuel consumption, research new car carbon emission standards. After the British law, it also begins to discuss the prohibited gasoline cart in the future.

. The Japanese Fuji Economic Survey shows that my country accounts for 51% of the global electric passenger car sales..

Most of these vehicles are considered to be equipped with domestic batteries.. Nihamedia said that the prototype of lithium-ion batteries is created by Japanese, and Sony is the first to complete practicalization in 1991.

. The Japanese European market is the main battlefield for the top battery technology competition for passenger cars, Japan and South Korea, basically monopolized this market..

my country is trying to break the advantages of Japan and South Korea in this area.. It is reported that Germany BMW has recently decided to adopt the battery of my country’s CATL, which is likely to be a breakthrough in the traditional land of Japan, the traditional land.

. “Japan Economic News” is analyzed in the text, in terms of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles, Japanese car companies lead. Therefore, in the field of car batteries, Japanese companies, such as Panasonic, have always been developed and popularized.

. However, in recent years, my country has become the world’s largest pure electric car market, and began to fully cultivate car battery industry..

my country’s competitiveness in market share and cost is continuously improved. The battery decides that the era of automobile competitiveness is coming, the relevant industry is constantly rising. If there is a two-dimensional lag in my country, Japanese companies will also lose competitiveness.

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