Can the titanate charging lithium battery project have obtained the introduction of more than 23 million investment countries to break through the market?

Can the titanate charging lithium battery project have obtained the introduction of more than 23 million investment countries to break through the market?

In the past two years, the domestic dynamic lithium battery industry has complex, severe, and capital’s enthusiasm for new projects.. In this large environment, Sichuan State created a titanate-based ion battery project for more than 23 million yuan in investment.

It is not easy …

New Create lithium battery brand financing difficulty newly added titanate project is an exclusive show? New energy vehicle field Related technology and product innovation projects have always been the focus of capital concerns. Due to the special reasons existing during the development of the domestic industry, consider the status quo of the dynamic lithium battery industry. In the past two years, the enthusiasm of the new project of the power lithium battery will slow down.

. This means that the difficulty of innovation of new powerful lithium battery projects has added new. In this large environment, Sichuan State, which has been introduced by nearly 100 million yuan, has a new energy company (hereinafter referred to as “country creation”), which is more compelling.

. The country’s creation is located in Meishan City, Sichuan Province, and the actual controller is Hu Yun..

The country’s creation is currently including Sichuan State, New Energy Co., Ltd., and Sichuan State Creation Battery Material Co.

, Ltd., the former was established in March this year, and the latter was established in November 2016..

The country’s establishment is important for new energy materials, batteries, new energy vehicles and components, new energy power equipment, research and development, production, sales, and new energy related industries.. According to the column, the country’s founder Hu Yuncheng has worked for many years in the Oriental Electric Group, serving as deputy chief engineers.

. In August 2010, when the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Committee of the State Council, the establishment of “New Energy Auto Central Enterprise”, which is composed of 16 central enterprises, and Hu Yuncheng serves as deputy director of the New Energy and Power Generation Research Institute of Oriental Electrical Central Research Institute, responsible for new Energy Automobile Related Project. After the teacher, the director of the company and became a passenger professor in Chengdu University of Technology.

. Earlier, Hu Yun also served as the Ministry of Oriental Electric’s Semiconductor Materials (Factors) Institute (Factors). Hu Yuncheng has been built in the development and application of new energy materials, batteries and systems.

. Has certain resources in the automotive industry and related science and technology. According to the column, Hu Yuncheng founded the establishment of a national battery material company in 2016, and its team is important from Oriental Electric.

. In fact, before the establishment of the country’s creation of a battery material company, Hu Yun’s team has also established the “Sichuan State Creation Electric Automotive Co., Ltd.

“. However, when I registered the establishment of “National Creation New Energy” company, Hu Yuncheng team has “National Created Electric Automobile” company. From the strategic direction, Hu Yuncheng and its team will focus on the “country creation new energy” project.

. Technical route existence application scenario strong opponents such as clouds in the current power lithium battery technology route, there is a big controversy with lithium titanate. Although this technique has a certain advantage, the short board is also very obvious, and even by the industry, it is not possible to represent the development direction of future battery technology.

. Domestic primary titanate lithium-tannedate technology line dynamic lithium battery companies are numbered, of which Zhuhai Yinlong is more typical, and micro-macro power also has titanate ion battery products..

At present, there is more new energy passenger vehicles with three yuan, the bus is based on lithium iron phosphate, and the species of special car supporting battery is relatively diverse.. From the perspective of the installation, the amount of lithium-based ion batteries in the domestic new energy vehicle market is extremely low.

. Zhuhai Yinlong, a lithium titanate route, its power lithium battery is mainly used in the home car company, and other car companies do not buy. The development of this company is experiencing various obstructions.

The weight of the micro-macro-powered lithium-ion battery installed is also very poor, and the company has several technical routes at the same time, which can make up for the lack of titanate plates.. The country creation has chosen a technology route that is not widely optimized by the industry.

It is destined to pay more. Obviously, the team created by the country is very clear about their own advantages and face challenges..

Therefore, they aimed at some special application scenarios to play the advantages of our products as much as possible.. Among them, the most important thing is the new energy mine car and special power supply, while targeting the application, and the new energy bus market where the company is located.

. Public information shows that the country creates simultaneous supply of pure electricity charge, increased transgenic driving, electric recovery, four new energy solutions for energy storage. The powerful lithium battery products created by the country are actually, whether from the application scenarios of the product, the future road created by the company, the future of the country is full of challenges from competitors, from industry giants The challenge is more developed by the company.

. Let me talk about the new energy mine store. BYD has jeelous, Northern Group, Sanyi Heavy Industry and other companies, and there are already mature products;.

In fact, most of the dynamic lithium battery companies have similar competitions, not to mention the top 20 power lithium battery companies in China.. The situation of severe investment institutions “conservative test” A turn has many complicated factors in the country to complete A round finance this year, the investor is Mai Xing investment.

According to the public information, the country has been accumulated since its establishment has been accumulated by nearly 100 million yuan.. Among them, Mai Xing invests exclusive invested A rounds and earn 18.

6% of the equity.. According to the column, after obtaining investment, the first 2 million Anximal battery production line of the country’s first 2 million Anximedi is officially put into production in August this year, and the annual output value is approaching 200 million yuan.

. And in recent years, the domestic power lithium battery sector has a large number of billions, tens of millions, and the production of GWH is a new project created by GWH. There are many low-key-low-key-low-key creations.

. my country’s power lithium battery companies have currently formed four major industries in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, the Central Plains, and the Beijing-Tianjin area..

In recent years, Sichuan, Chongqing two provinces and cities have a green light in the power lithium battery and new energy vehicle other industries. Although there are also some motivation, large-scale power lithium battery investment projects, but these projects are either stagnant. , Either build a subsidy to struggle in the edge of life and death, so far, there has not been an influential power lithium battery in the industry to create new brands.

. Whether the country creation can reverse this status quo, becoming a brand in the industry, making the local government a proud brand? At present, there is a lot of questions to overcome. Among them, the most important issues have two.

The first question is, how to persuade the power lithium battery created by the car company users. “Safety” is the cornerstone of new energy vehicles, due to the fire of the vehicle, the nerve of the industry, is also an ax in the bus enterprises..

Almost all car companies have their own stable power lithium battery supplier partners, so that the car company replaces suppliers is a very difficult thing, because replacing the power lithium battery provider means more security risks. Unless supplier is before the industry is ranked, there is already a large number of products to put market, and safety is verified..

For a newly built power lithium battery brand, it is very difficult to enter the supplier system entering the vehicle enterprise.. Innovative and breakthrough unless there is new quarters in business model.

The second question is how to reserve enough funds. In terms of current situation, starting in the dynamic lithium battery industry, that is, choosing a hard battle. To win this, there is not enough funds to be difficult.

Long recovery period, the company’s operation pressure is a universality problem facing the current dynamic lithium battery company. According to the data, the 2017 lithium-ion battery industry receivable assessment rate is as high as 74%, and this situation has not been significantly improved in 2018, and there is a deterioration..

Take the power lithium battery giant CATL as an example. In the first half of this year, CATL accounts receivable as high as 8.53 billion yuan, and the receivable receivable increased by the end of September to 9.

85 billion yuan, and the year was 42.37% compared with the beginning of the year..

This situation is not a case, but the thorny problem facing the entire power lithium battery industry.. According to the column understanding, in order to alleviate the operating fund pressure brought by the return cycle, the story of the small and medium-sized power lithium battery company of the house mortgage is constantly staged in the two years.

. The previous media reported that the capital has become a total of 100 million yuan since its establishment, and there is no clear report in the investment amount of Mai Xing investment in the A round..

According to the column, Mai Xing investment does not have a large-scale investment in the country in the A round.. Some insiders believe that this may be a “conservative test” of the capital institution to the new powerful lithium battery project.

. On the one hand, the project technology has a sense of highlights, and the business model is long and short, and the team has a certain background relationship..

This gives a certain period of future development; on the other hand, consider the industry environment (previously analyzed), risk is still not ignored, investment should be cautious “conservative”. Throwing the product technology level, currently create a new powerful lithium battery brand without a lot of fund reserves, follow-up development will be very dangerous. This is not only the test of the national innovation team, but also the joint test of the new power lithium battery brand and the majority of small and medium-sized powered lithium battery companies.

. Subsidy, the return period is growing, the raw material rises, the sharp decline, how to resolve these issues, the company’s next development may have adverse effects, this is the country created by the country to face a hurdle. PS: As a primary created company, the equity created by the country is a bit complex.

. From this stage, this equity architecture may have a certain impact on subsequent financing and development.

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