Can the full solid state charging lithium battery break the battery company ‘Naked War’ situation?

Can the full solid state charging lithium battery break the battery company 'Naked War' situation?

Recently, the battery has learned from the official website of the National Development and Reform Committee that the Development and Reform Commission has developed a timetable for the automotive stocks. In 2018, the foreign share ratio of new energy vehicles will be canceled, and domestic new energy car companies will face and foreign companies. Competition, this also causes huge strategic pressure on the power lithium battery company close to the new energy car relationship.

. It is also known that it is expected that in 2020, my country’s new energy vehicle subsidy policy will be fully exited. How to compete with international giants in “no protection” and non-subsidized state, will be a major challenge to domestic power lithium battery companies.

Industry leader profit large shrink data shows that in 2017, the production of dynamic lithium battery production and the new energy car subsidies were influenced. The price of CATL power lithium battery system was significantly reduced, causing the company’s gross profit margin, from 2015 2. 28 yuan / WH drops to 1.

41 yuan / WH in 2017, accumulated by 38.26%. In terms of net profit, from 2015 to 2016, it is rising, 2016 is 2.

96 billion yuan, but in 2017, it fell to 2.47 billion yuan, down approximately 16% year-on-year..

According to the 2017 annual results report released by BYD, it is affected by the new energy subsidy policy, resulting in 19.5% year-on-year, and the gross profit margin fell by 3.93% over 2016.

. The negative impact of new energy car subsidies to BYD earnings is more obvious in the first three months of 2018. According to statistics, the net profit section is only 200 million yuan to 150 million yuan, and the net profit will be previvable.

Decreased by 75.2% to 91.8% year-on-year.

It is understood that in addition to CATL, BYD and other powerful lithium battery industry leaders have a large performance decline, profit shrinking, Xiong shares, polyfluoro, star source material, Anda Technology, Tianci Materials, Guoxuan High Class, Kangkang Shares Home industry chain company also has a slowdown in performance, and the decline in net profit. It can be seen that the overall benefit of the power lithium battery industry is not optimistic, and 2018 will be a fierce and unusually difficult change..

The three-yuan battery manufacturing cost is greatly climbed. The mainstream of the battery of the new energy passenger car assembled in the A0-class, that is, lithium ion batteries of lithium nickellate or nickel-cobalt aluminate, which is cobalt. Metal as key materials play an important use.

In my country, cobalt belongs to a very scarce resource. my country’s currently proven cobalt reserves account for more than 1% of the world, most of which depend on imports. Congo (Gold) has nearly 70% cobalt mines around the world.

According to overseas media reports, in January 2018, the Government of the Congo (Jin) government revised the mining tax law, will levy double tax on cobalt mines, of which the patented tax of the base metal will increase from 2% to 3.5%..

And with the global dynamic lithium battery company aims at the three-yuan material, the price of cobalt continues to rise, causing the cost of ternary batteries to rise sharply.. According to information, the price of cobalt in 2018 will exceed 800,000 yuan / ton.

Power lithium battery energy density technology needs to break through well, the higher the energy density of the power lithium battery, the longer the car’s life is of course, the energy density of the power lithium battery is high, and its technical level is higher.. Wan Steel, the former Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, pointed out that it is necessary to strive to increase the energy density of the power lithium battery unit and reduce the battery cost, so that the unit battery energy reaches 300Wh / kg or more, cost reduction to one yuan / WH or less.

According to my country’s “Energy Saving and New Energy Automotive Technology Road Map”, it is clear that my country’s powered lithium battery should reach 300Wh / kg in 2020. The system energy density reaches 260Wh / kg; 2025 single energy density reaches 400Wh / kg , System energy density is 350WH / kg; to 2030 single energy density reaches 500Wh / kg. Declaration of power lithium battery technology.

The technical breakout of the full solid-state lithium ion battery is considered from the perspective of technological development potential. The three-dimensional lithium-powered lithium battery has a great difficulty in the improvement of energy density. The industry authority believes that in theoretical full solid-state lithium-ion battery energy density improvement Vast feasibility.

Experts say that in addition to the traditional lithium-ion battery advantages, the full solid-state lithium-ion battery has a very improved improvement in safety, energy density, and its energy density can reach 300 ~ 400Wh / kg.. It can reach 45,000 cycles, and its maximum operating temperature is expected to reach 300 ¡ã C or even higher.

Its electrochemical window is expected to reach 5V, it also has advantages of flexible and convenient recycling.. Industry authority experts said that “energy density should be further improved, and now consider full solid lithium ion battery.

Long-term development of electric vehicle industry should carry out technical reserves, all solid-state lithium-ion batteries are expected to be the next generation of vehicle power lithium battery leading technology routes. “Battery my country network learns, BYD, Zhongtian Technology and other companies have launched a layout in the full solid-state lithium-ion battery..

Technology leading is the fundamental guarantee that the company can stand in the market. In the face of new energy subsidies, battery cost materials are rising, and the new situation of foreign companies “Naked War” can strengthen innovation, constantly break through the existing technical bottleneck, will be the top priority to the domestic dynamic lithium battery company to solve. Can all solid-state lithium-ion batteries bring a new generation of power lithium battery technology revolution, and the power lithium battery company can achieve technology leapfrog development, we will wait.

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