Can the company self-help help the power lithium battery industry go out of ‘cold winter?

Can the company self-help help the power lithium battery industry go out of 'cold winter?

In the winter of 2019, I just started, I haven’t entered the coldest stage.. However, some powerful lithium battery companies have already felt “cold winter” in advance .

.. Multi-power lithium battery companies have been in the evening of November 19th in advance, * ST Lion announced the announcement, the company wholly-owned subsidiary Hubei fierce Lion New Energy Technology Co.

, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hubei Squash”) recently received the “Notice” of Yicheng People in Hubei Province recently, according to the application of Hubei Nong Firm, Hubei Province Yichang has accepted Hubei Rural Commercial Bank to Hubei The bankruptcy application of the lens, the Hubei Swage will officially enter the bankruptcy process. After entering the bankruptcy process, Hubei SMP is taking over the designated manager.

The company will lose its control, and Hubei’s slings will no longer be included in the company’s consolidation report.. On the evening of November 18, Rilevo would announce the announcement that November 15, 2019, the company received the civil ruling issued by the Sub-government Watma’s Shenzhen Academy of November 2019.

Book, Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court Renained Acceptance of Natural People’s Bankruptcy Application for Watma. Notice shows that Huang Zi Ting is from Watma, and the Shenzhen Zhongyuan applied for Watema bankruptcy..

Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court Renained: Accepting Applicant Huang Zi Ting to the bankruptcy application of Shenzhen Watma Battery Co., Ltd..

Rilevo can say that Watema has entered the bankruptcy, which will have a positive impact on the company’s crisis.. However, it is still unable to relieve the risk of the company’s bankruptcy reorganization process, which is unable to resolve the company’s suspension, and even end the risks of the listing.

. In addition to some companies bankrupt, the Bike battery is also the focus of the industry because of the disputes of many companies..

November 7-12, Rongbai Technology, when the science and technology, Changxin Technology, Hangjia Technology, Xinling, etc., etc., to the Bike Battery.

On the evening of November 12, the BC Battery announced the official statement responsed.. The bik battery is said that it is not important to pay for the company because the company is currently focusing on a certain cash flow pressure.

It is important to be affected by the Thai Automobile and Huatai Automobile, and therefore therefore the vendors.. In fact, under the influence of “external”, subsidies, subsidies, subsidies, restrooms and raw materials continue to rise, my country’s power lithium battery market has been accelerated, and competition is becoming increasingly fierce competition.

. 2020 movement lithium battery companies only more than 20? According to the data, in 2016, there were more than 200 powerful lithium battery companies to enter the Industry and Information Technology Directory. In 2017, it fell to more than 90, in 2019, the surviving battery manufacturer has dropped to 60.

. Some experts predict that by 2020, only more than 20 power lithium batteries companies. Most of these companies, mostly, gradually eliminated by large companies without having a significant competitive advantage in terms of product technology, financial strength and other aspects.

. Watma, * ST Switch is equal to a relatively representative company, once is a leading figure in the lithium market, now falling to the current point, can’t help but sigh the cruelty. Small companies have gradually disappeared from the field of vain, and the performance of big companies is also declining.

. On October 25, CATL announced the third quarter of this year..

The earnings report showed that compared with the first half of the year, the growth rate of CATL revenue and net profit in the third quarter slowed down. The quarterly revenue was 12.592 billion yuan, up 28.

8% year-on-year; net profit attributed to shareholders 1.362 billion yuan, down 7.2 %.

CATL said that the third quarter results decline in year-on-year, the company’s sales prices decline, the gross profit margin has decreased, and the development of R & D in research and development in the third quarter increased, the cost of management, the cost of income increased. In an environment in an overall environment, the backward battery companies have not given up their efforts, seeking self-help in a variety of ways..

Seeking self-rescue * ST Sweeping in the notice. Hubei Sweet Lion is intensing with relevant people to actively negotiate and solve the method, and it is proposed to reorganize the solution as soon as possible and relevant people will agree on the solution..

Rilevo can say that if Watma lost control, the current listed company has additionally has 7GWH phosphate lithium battery production, if the conditions have, can be extended to 12GWH production in a short time. Under the premise of legal compliance, the company has helped relevant production bases in the early stage of production start and gradually recovery by funding the establishment of a new operating entity. The current production utilization rate is approximately 6%.

. Watma enters the bankruptcy program, the company’s main business involved, the lithium-ion power lithium battery service does not change. However, the company can restore production scale, sales scale and profitability in the future of the main business of lithium-ion power lithium batteries, and have significant uncertainty.

. Bike is actively consulting with both companies and is fully guaranteed by legal means..

At present, the company is actively optimizing business and customer structure, expanding small power and energy storage business, business development, technology research and development, and increased efficiency, etc., the company’s normal production and operation is not affected..

It is also possible to see that the strength of the cold winter should be seen that these battery companies are still confident in their future, in order to get out of the difficulties as soon as possible, they are doing various efforts.. However, the power lithium battery industry is a large industry.

It is necessary to support many links. If you want to get better, the efforts of the light against one or two companies are not enough, and the cooperation of the whole industry will cooperate, and then let the entire industry develop. An industry insiders said that in the current changing environment, the dynamic lithium battery company must improve its strength and develop more advanced technology so that there must be conditions to deal with the fierce market competition.

. We can’t predict future, and we can’t understand whether these company’s self-help can make them reinstall the brilliant..

But everyone wants to be good, no matter what yourself, or the whole industry. What we can do is not forgetting, adhere to your dreams, no matter whether the final result is so bad, I don’t regret it in the future!.

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