Can my country’s powered lithium battery into the European supply chain CATL faucet position can be stable?

Can my country's powered lithium battery into the European supply chain CATL faucet position can be stable?

Recently, TSLA disclosed 2020 fiscal year second quarter earnings. The second quarter of TSLA is expected to be attributed to the net profit of ordinary shareholders is $ 104 million..

At this point, TSLA has been profitable for 4 quarters, which is expected to be included in the S & P 500 Index.. Under this, the TSLA discharged from 4%.

On the same day, many TSLA concept stocks in A-share market closed against the market. CATL share price rose 2.7% in the 23rd, close to 213.

5 yuan / share. On the same day, Tslaceo Mask said, expectations and Panasonic, CATL and LG chemical expansion business cooperation. As early as February 3, CATL said in the notice, will supply lithium ion power lithium battery products to TSLA.

The company’s share price rose 3.67% in the same day, then harvested two rising limit boards..

CITIC Securities pointed out that TSLA production will continue to expand in the next 1-2 years, while the product ends continue to lead the lead, the quality of TSLA supply chain will continue to benefit. The researchers of Hengtai Securities said to reporters that in addition to the industrial chain such as TSLA, the electricity strategy and overseas relatively stable, and the high-quality supply system will also be power lithium batteries and supplies. Chain company supplies profit protection.

The rise of overseas markets in the EU carbon emissions standard development new energy car, especially pure electric vehicles are trend. Recently, Europe continues to increase the subsidy of new energy vehicles. On May 19, the EU proposal would include electric vehicles into the green economic recovery plan; May 26, France announced the capitalcing of 8 billion euros to revitalize the automobile industry, and the individual who purchased electric cars will receive 7,000 euros subsidies, purchase electric cars.

The company will receive 5,000 euros subsidies, and the purchase of hybrid can be charged to receive 2000 euros; June, Germany has passed the 130 billion euros European resuscitation plan; on July 6, the UK proposed “New Car Scrap Scheme” to encourage fuel The driver is replaced by electric vehicles, the British government considers the subsidies of the driver up to 6000 pounds.. In addition, the EU began the world’s most severe carbon row regulations from January.

. The 95% new car carbon emissions sold in 2020 must reach 95g / km, while the 2019 EU has average actual carbon emissions or 122g / km. Exceeding part of each G pays a fine of 95 euros (1 car approximately 10,000 euros), the fine is huge.

Developing new energy cars, especially pure electric vehicles, in the EU carbon emissions standards.. Almost all car companies including Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW, General, Toyota have given a clear electric signal, and have set a clear goal.

. According to the brokerage, European new energy vehicles need to reach 1.870 million in 2020 can completely reach emission standards, and 2019 European new energy car sales is only 560,000, and the current industry chain support has not yet supported such volumes.

. In addition, the European countries continue to add an electric vehicle stimulus policy, carbon emission assessment, the three-dimensional factors for the supply of the main plant quality electric vehicle supply, the future sales of new energy vehicles in the future is expected to rise, supply and demand gap will continue to expand. Recently, there is a powered lithium battery provider says to reporters that due to the European car market due to car companies, the battery factory is still going to stock, and the demand for upstream materials has not been taken, and the demand for material procurement in August will increase significantly.

. In a short period of time, the global dynamic lithium battery market will be affected by a certain market impact, but in the long run, after entering the era of epidemic, the global economic recovery, the power lithium battery market will still maintain a long-term stable rise..

Power lithium battery European market strive with European factory, CATL overseas export amount and overseas orders will rise rapidly. With the product technology and scale advantages, there is currently more powerful powered lithium battery companies represented by CATL in China to the supply chain of European batteries..

According to the data of the customs, my country’s lithium-ion battery export is 2090 million. It exceeded 2 billion in 2019, up 7.7% year-on-year, continued to rise; 3.

03 billion US dollars, up 20.3% year-on-year, continued high-speed rise. At present, Asia has become an important strategic position of the world’s recognized dynamic lithium-ion battery.

Companies that realize overseas exports of lithium-ion batteries include CATL, Yipi Lithium, Fu Can Technology, Vision AESC, Honeycomb Energy, etc.. Data show, from June, CATL power lithium battery exports first in the country, export areas include Germany, Slovakia, etc.

, important supporting car companies include BMW, Volkswagen, PSA, etc.. From the current overseas cooperation customers, CATL cooperation with international car companies include TSLA, BMW, Toyota, Daimler, Jaguar Land Tiger, PSA, Volkswagen and Volvo, etc.

. With the completion of European Factory, CATL overseas exports and overseas orders will rise rapidly..

Yi Qi lithium can also behave the same performance, after obtaining SKI’s capital and technology, Daimler, modern Kia has become a customer who is a billion latitude lithium energy.. Vision AESC has already had 1.

9GWH production in Sandland in the UK. It is understood that it is still intended to consider adding production..

In addition, there are also honeycomb energy, Fu Can Technology has clearly proposed the intent of the European plant.. However, it is worth noting that domestic power lithium battery companies, in addition to CATL, important customer groups are still domestic automobile companies.

At present, the powerful lithium battery supplier of the European electric vehicle market is important for Japan’s Panasonic, South Korea’s LG Chemical and Samsung SDI and my country’s CATL.. Under the fierce competition, in order to seize the market share, the major powered lithium batteries have increased funds in Europe to expand in Europe.

. CATL, in order to prepare the European production separately, the European subsidiary has been supplied with more than 20 billion yuan..

In addition, it also disclosed that the financial borrowing guaranteed financial borrowing guaranteed more than 10 billion yuan since 2019, and the amount of funds accumulated last year and this year is as high as 50 billion yuan.. At the beginning of May, CATL announced that the investment in Germany has increased from 2.

4 billion euros to 1.8 billion euros, and at the same time, at the beginning of the year, there have been many domestic lithium-e-equipment companies to receive the equipment orders from CATL German subsidiaries..

According to the plan, CATL German factory is expected to be put into production in 2021. The production of 2022 will reach 14GWH, and the production will reach 70GWH in 2029..

In Europe’s local companies, North-Volt is in the Swedish super factory, has started, and it is expected that the output will reach 16GWH in 2021, and then reach 32GWH.. PSA and SAFT joint venture company ACC has also begun to be built.

It is estimated that by 2023, the first battery factory output reached 24GWH. By 2030, the total output of two plants will reach 48GWH..

Can CATL “open” all the way? CATL internal staff revealed reporters that the supply chain of the European project is a mixed mode, and the export of my country’s supplier is mainly. Power lithium battery supply shortage and industrial chain are weak and is becoming the maximum impression of European electricization. However, the industrial constraint means that the company means a new opportunity.

It is to see this opportunity. A largest industrial chain company is flocking to Europe, opening a powerful lithium battery “new infrastructure”. Su Chen, the analyst of Zhongtai Securities, said that the sales prediction of many major factors such as historical data, subsidies, data from January to May, 2020, the second half of the new models, etc.

, 2020 European electric vehicle sales is about 811 million ~ 907,000, add 45.1% ~ 62.4% year-on-year.

This means that the competition of the power lithium battery is actually the competition of old opponents in the consumption battery.. As a domestic leading dynamic lithium battery company, CATL is facing domestic companies, European local companies chasing, Japan and South Korea leaders competition and the triple challenge of car companies homemade battery.

According to the data of the Grand University Research Institute, European car companies have basically completed the first round of fixed-point, customer card, Ningde and LG chemical coverage, less than Samsung and Panasonic customers. Ningde, LG chemistry and Samsung, Panasonic product force There is no substantial difference, and the landing of gaps is imported from the difference in strategic planning..

LG chemistry is currently the biggest competitor of Ningde. In addition, the vehicle enterprise stepped up the pace of self-producing battery, but also brings a large variable for competitive patterns..

When CATL Chairman, Zeng Qun, in May and investors, “the international market, in the automotive industry, from the customer jointly develop products A, B, and C-like to mass production generally experience 36 ~ 48 months, Customers generally start designation at the second sample stage, and many projects have ended, we have achieved impressive achievements in Panasonic, Samsung, LG in the international market.. “In addition, CATL internal staff revealed to reporters that the supply chain of the European project is a mixed mode.

In the early days, the export of my country’s supplier is mainly, local supplement, and the production plants will be local, local part. Will be a European output and European local supplier combined with my country suppliers. In the face of challenges, the cost advantage of Ningde Technology and China Supply Chain will become the key to the future competition.

. As of now, LG chemistry that is considered to CATL’s largest opponent, the market share has soared from 10.8% last year to 24.

2%, and 22.3% over CATL..

In the past six months, the stock price of LG chemistry has risen more than 50%, reaching the highest point in the past 10 years, CATL and LG chemical competition is increasingly fierce. However, when the reporter analyzed the financial data of both parties, 2019 CATL revenue was 45.79 billion yuan, up 54.

63% year-on-year; net profit of 4.56 billion yuan, up 34.64% year-on-year.

The 2019 financial report announced by LG chemistry shows that the company’s operating income is 28.6 trillion won (about 168.2 billion yuan), up 2% year-on-year; business profit is 895.

6 billion won, down 60% year-on-year. Although LG chemical power lithium battery business market share continues to increase, and in the first half of this year, it exceeded CATL to become a global leader, and its gross profit margin has long tended to zero. Even, in the past three years, it is negative.

Cost advantages and supply chain management capabilities bring greater profit space, from development trends, CATL seems to be more winning. About the auto-enterprising battery, international car company faucet, through self-research, self-produced battery, or search battery company supplies toomat, and compete for the advantages of industry chain. Currently, companies have included Volkswagen, General, Great Wall, Mercedes, TSLA, etc.

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