Breakthrough research announced: TSLA is expected to carry millions of miles

Breakthrough research announced: TSLA is expected to carry millions of miles

On September 27, according to foreign media reports, Jeffdahn published in the “Electrochemical Society” (JES) a groundbreaking papers pointed out that TSLA may soon be able to have their robots Taxi and long-distance electric trucks with feasible batteries. Dann and his research team are TSLA’s battery research partners, Darn said, “This type of battery should be able to supply a total of more than 1 million miles for an electric vehicle.”.

In the paper, Dann and its research teams supply all the details of new technologies to create a baseline for further research.. They use a cathode material from the nickel NCM cathode material series, and its specific capacity is 20% higher than the cathode used in the lithium-ion battery powered by the mobile electronic device.

. The paper pointed out that “the selected cathode material NCM523 (50% nickel, 20% cobalt, 30% manganese) is stable, and it is a good reference and starting point for further development..

Other key components that explore include a mixture of graphite anode, solvent, additive, and electrolyte salts.. JES battery and energy storage technology editor Doronaurbach said: “The battery described in the paper can be used immediately in electric vehicles.

. However, since the purpose of this study is to supply reliable reference and reference for lithium ion battery technology, the described battery is not the highest than energy density than the energy density than the energy density..

Based on this study, the lithium-ion battery will be developed soon, so that the charging to charge is more than 500 kilometers (more than 300 miles). “.

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